The Downfall of Atlantis

A History of the Tragic Events Leading to Catastrophe


In the story of humanity on Earth, the time spent living and learning on Atlantis cannot be ignored. During those long years the darkness gathered around human beings, and science developed a heartless approach. There were slaves made of combinations of animals and people and ultimately cloning to keep the wealthy and important alive indefinitely. Cloning was the final crack in the system that led to ruin and the end of Atlantis.

Those who refused to go along with the new science escaped the end and settled on the surrounding land masses forming the new post-Atlantean civilisations. The Atlantean influence is explored in the cultures of Africa, Egypt, Britain and Celtic Europe, North, Central and South America. They learned much from these people in return.

Their civilisation remained intact for a long time in Britain because of the ancient sites of power at Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor. When the Shadow in the East pushed westwards into Europe the light of these venerable societies vanished until only the now mythical King Arthur and Merlin were left to protect the Earth from darkness. Their story explains the true significance of the great stone circles, and how we came to forget the real story of Arthur and the sacrifices he made to destroy the invading armies. The connection in a straight line between Atlantis, post-Atlantean civilisations, King Arthur and the Time of Legends is explored so we can remember those things we have forgotten, and not repeat past mistakes.

The Downfall of Atlantis £9.99 plus £3.01 p&p

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ISBN  978-0-9565009-1-5



  1. The First Three Atlantean Ages
  2. The Fourth Age
  3. The End of the Fourth Age
  4. The Stone Circles
  5. How We Forgot the Past
  6. King Arthur and the Time of Legends

Book published in February 2011.

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