Guidebook to the Future

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World


This is a channelled book about change, by the Archangels who make up the Archangelic Collective. We share a common angelic soul and purpose. In the past the Collective divided into separate beings so as to communicate our teachings more easily. Earth-time has no effect on us and we are able to see your past, present and future. We wish to guide and help you to look forward with happy anticipation to this new 26,000 year galactic cycle.

What kind of changes can be expected on Earth in the first years of the new cycle? In December 2012 the Earth was reborn in a manner that allowed her to subtly change her personality and alter the way she relates to humanity.  Earth is now a planet that intends to look after herself as well as her guests, and she will be providing conditions to bring the current game to an end.  The goal for humanity was to ascend together with the Earth and continue learning as a soul of light at a higher level. From now on each new change will occur at an ever-accelerating rate.

People do not often like radical change, but what if new events lead to a fairer world where you live in greater contentment? In this book we (the angelic authors) are trying to reassure you that change can happen fast, and can be very beneficial. In fact, the more you are able to accept new changes the quicker you arrive in a satisfying life. We want to help everyone move forward to happiness without fear about what the future will bring.

One of the biggest changes to take place after 2012 was the dissolution of the energy shell around the Earth. This allowed humanity and Earth to reconnect to the rest of the universe and to learn from the other life present there. The energy shell kept both you and the Earth isolated for long ages. It is such a fundamental event to move from isolation to reconnection that this will drive forward many changes in your lives. We write to prepare you and to help you rethink issues such as the energy behind the way your food is grown, rapid change in finance and societies, and how you live with animals. These are exciting times and we want to help you to enjoy them.

The Archangelic Collective

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This book is going to make you dig out every old diary or journal entry you made in the last few years; you are going to want to know what you were doing, what you were thinking about on each of the relevant dates, and you will be seeking confirmation that you are along for the ride. Exciting times ahead for Mother Earth and all who join her.   Amazon Customer 

Table of Contents:


Getting the Most from Life on the New Earth

Society Turns Upside Down 2013 to 2015

Expected Changes in Food Production 2013 to 2018

Political and Financial Changes 2013 to 2015

New Patterns of Living 2013 to 2040

Scientific Discoveries and Changes in Travel

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