Monthly in Redhill:

Reiki Share Group

New time – Mondays from 1.30 to 3.30 pm.  Please contact me, £5 please.

14 Aug, 11 Sept, 9 Oct, 13 Nov, 11 Dec 2017

Follow-up practice sessions to my “Listening to Your Spirit Guides Workshop”

Monthly meetings with mentoring, help and practice time to improve channelling skills. Regular practice is needed to be a successful channel. £10 per session

Monday evenings 7.30 to 9.00 pm. Please contact me and RSVP.

14 Aug, 11 Sept., 16 Oct, 20 Nov, 11 Dec.

Earth Healing Circles – once a month

Back in a new format, this evening will start with a live channel from my spirit guides setting the topic for the evening. We’ll be able to discuss the subject before ending with a guided meditation and a short live channel. We’ll use Reiki, spiritual healing, or your own way of healing during our time together for the good of the planet Starting July 25th in Redhill. £10. RSVP necessary. First meet-up 25th July.

Tuesday July, 22 August, 19 September, 24 October, 28 November

Jan 23 Talk Theosophical Society Camberley 7.30  

April 5 Talk Theosophical Society Tunbridge Wells  

Oct 4 Wed 10-12 a.m.

Talk Cygnus Cafe, Harry Edwards Centre, Shere. Open to all.

Dec 3 Sunday, Listening to Your Spirit Guides, an introduction to channelling  £60

Did you ever feel that you were able to hear your spirit guides or angels, but were unsure if what you were seeing or hearing was true and complete? This introductory course is aimed at clearing up many of the misunderstandings surrounding channelling. Set in a safe environment to practice, I help you distinguish between receiving information from your guides or another source, such as your own thoughts. Most people leave having successfully connected to their spirit guides or guardian angel and are ready to practice at home with a greater understanding of how to channel. Spirit guides are here to help us live to our highest potential and happiness. No previous experience of channelling is required.

Dec 15 & 18 Reiki II    £385

The Reiki second degree class is for those who have already completed their Reiki I and been practising their self-treatments at home. It allows the student to reach a greater depth in their practice through use of the Reiki symbols. It provides additional ways to come closer to the universal life force energy that is Reiki. This class provides a lot of practice with the symbols and new hand positions, so each student is confident they can use them on themselves and others by the end of the class.

Mar 23 2019 (that’s 2019 not 2018!) Stonehenge Inner Circle

Back into the middle of Stonehenge – I know I’m looking forward to it! Details closer to the time.




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More information on each workshop on drop-down flyers on menu bar.

Talks are often open to the public, contact me if you want to come to one.  

Live radio phone in Saturday 8 September 2012 from 8 to 10 p.m. at Wolf Spirit Radio.   Interview on the station’s archives.

Thursday July 19 2012 – 1pm Pacific Time (California USA)interview with Phyllis Furumoto

   Candace connected with Reiki 20 years ago and has continually valued the hands-on    self-treatment. As some of her personal issues shifted and fell away, she seemed to gain sight. She was able to see the nature spirits working in her garden and in the whole of nature. This one one of the first veils that was opened to her. As she continued on her journey, another veil was lifted and she found herself typing for the arch-angels….and publishing three short books that are packed with “behind the veil” images and a communication of patterns. Inspiring and giving the reader a glimpse into another world….behind the veil, the books are her offering to those who are ready to read and listen.

Missed the Live Show? Past episodes are available on demand and podcast ready. Programs are archived on the site and available indefinitely.





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