Avebury I Flyer 2017

Sat 4 Nov,  2017

This day introduces you to the individual stones and their healing functions. People have visited the great stone circle of Avebury for years to balance themselves energetically. The stones allowed them to connect down into the Earth, and up into the universe. When each person has located the stone that resonates with them and spent time with it, there will be a chance to experience the circle as a whole. Everyone will be helped to understand their relationship to their stone with a personal channelling. This workshop has a “wow factor” as each person is drawn to their own special stone and personal healing.

Although focused on people and individual stones, once you are inside the Circle you become a part of something much larger, and the great amount of energy flowing there can change the way you view the Earth. 2017 is a year of bumpy transition; Avebury Stone Circle can help you along your path.

The day is planned to start at 11 a.m. at the National Trust Coffee shop in Avebury. If you are planning on coming from Redhill or Surrey I would like to organise ride sharing. These are very enjoyable days out.

This is the first of two different Avebury workshops.

Last weekend I was lucky to take part in Candace’s Avebury workshop. It was a great day out and lovely to spend time outdoor connecting with the stones. Candace is a very interesting lady with a wealth of information to share!

The workshop was very relaxed and I really loved having a channelled reading from one of the stones – Candace being the channel – and was even given homework to do from the stone! Very cool! 🙂     Vibeke Francis

“Thank you so much for the amazing visit to Avebury, it was a magical day. It was lovely to meet you, I had a memorable and wonderful day. I’m going to find some pictures of Avebury to stick onto my planner to try and hold on to the wonderful grounding memory.”    Thelma N.

“I was there – and I can attest to the very high energies that were present. It was an amazing day which left me ‘buzzing’ for hours – thank you Candace.”               Gill H.

Please contact Candace Caddick

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel

Cost £55

Part of Avebury Stone Circle

Part of Avebury Stone Circle

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