Avebury II flyer 2017

Saturday 14 Oct 2017 –

This workshop is for those who began their acquaintance with the stones and the Stone Circle on the introductory day. This is another workshop channelled by the Archangel Michael, and is designed to increase your knowledge of how to work with the energy of the entire circle.  You will take away from the day personal healing and a better acquaintance with the largest of the stone circles. The workshop also helps to bring the physical body into alignment with the rapidly changing energy on Earth today.

The day is planned to start at 11 a.m. at the National Trust Coffee shop in Avebury. If you are planning on coming from Redhill or Surrey I would like to organise ride sharing. These are very enjoyable days out.

Please contact Candace Caddick

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel


Cost £55

“Was amazing to be there with you and witness this incredible date first hand. Thank you for a memorable day.”  Sue M. after 12-12-12 visit

“Thank you Candace for arranging such positive and uplifting healing days”   Gill H.

I have visited Avebury for many years but the Avebury workshop with  Candace brought about a deeper awareness of Avebury and its meaning.  A memorable day with a lovely group of people and much knowledge shared. Whether new to the Stones or a regular visitor, there is much to be gained from spending an afternoon on this workshop.   Hazel H.    2016

Last weekend I was lucky to take part in Candace’s Avebury workshop. It was a great day out and lovely to spend time outdoor connecting with the stones. Candace is a very interesting lady with a wealth of information to share!  anon. 2016

The workshop was very relaxed and I really loved having a channelled reading from one of the stones – Candace being the channel – and was even given homework to do from the stone! Very cool! 🙂     Vibeke Francis    2015

 “Thank you so much for the amazing visit to Avebury, it was a magical day.  It was lovely to meet you, I had a memorable and wonderful day.”   Thelma N.

Avebury by Skagman

Avebury by Skagman

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