Listening to Your Spirit Guides

Sunday 3 Dec 2017

As described in Touch Magazine, Summer 2016. The Reiki Association UK

Did you ever feel that you were able to hear your spirit guides or angels, but were unsure if what you were seeing or hearing was true and complete? In the last year I have met many people who are starting to connect to the higher dimensions through sight, sound or feeling. Often they have only a partial understanding of channelling, making it harder for them to progress with confidence.

This introductory course is aimed at clearing up many of the misunderstandings surrounding channelling. Set in a safe environment to practice, I help you distinguish between receiving information from your guides or another source, such as your own thoughts. Most people leave having successfully connected to their spirit guides or guardian angel and are ready to practice at home with a greater understanding of how to channel. Spirit guides are here to help us live to our highest potential and happiness. No previous experience of channelling is required.

Candace Caddick is an author, Reiki Master and clairaudient channel living in Surrey, who writes channelled books by the Archangels about the Earth and humanity. The books are concerned with the nature of life, the universe and the human soul; the angelic authors are writing these books now to give us information about the future and to remind us of why we are here. They are meant to help people feel good about themselves and point them in the right direction for personal happiness, and include practical tips as well as explanations about the future of humanity on Earth and what is happening today.

I have written more about this workshop in Touch, The Reiki Association Community Magazine Summer 2016 issue. “Can Reiki aid Channelling?”

10-4 p.m.

Redhill, Surrey


Numbers will be limited

Please contact Candace Caddick for further details.

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel

Follow-up evenings once a month for mentoring and practice on Monday evenings 7.30 to 9.00 pm.  

11 Sept, 16 Oct, 20 Nov 

“Thank you Candace for a very enjoyable channeling workshop. It was fascinating and I came away feeling confident that I could do it. Excited about practising what I learned today. If anyone is thinking of booking a place on this workshop, just do it, it’s well worth it! ”    Alison

“ Candace’s channeling workshop included background information,
instruction and time to practice. It was informative, relaxed and
very enjoyable.  I am really looking forward to practicing! Thank you so much for a great day yesterday. “   J H

“Just wanted to thank you for the workshop on Sunday. I feel I gained something very important from the session but it’s difficult to pinpoint, more a kind of knowing, and a few more pieces of the jigsaw falling into place.”  Helen