Inauguration into a New Era

By the Archangel Melchizadek.

I think everyone on this planet knows that you are interconnected as humans, even if all do not admit this. If you can see the world without political boundaries you will simply see a planet with people on it. People have chosen to draw political boundaries which work to hinder movement and flow. They are also difficult to redraw, and to change them in the future you will need to change how they function, not where they are located. Movement and flow is not only an angelic goal, it is a goal of the greater human soul.

How do you bring about a change from stagnation into flow? It takes energy to get anything moving, and the energy is present here on Earth now. You are all able to tap into it and live with health and flow, its just that you haven’t been taught how to do this. Trust us that not only is wave after wave of energy coming to you on Earth, but the Earth itself soaks up the energy of the universe and fills her guests with it, except for human beings who have forgotten how to do this. We can only refer you back to our previous words on this website:

The most powerful, most wealthy, and at the same time, the most fragile country in the world is halting its own movement forward. Its skidding to a halt and getting ready to hunker down and stop all flow and movement. We see flow as the goal and the future of this planet and universe, so if you stop and squat down with arms crossed over your head and ignore the gifts of light and love, the interplay of life and the outward focus of the rest of the Earth you will stagnate. At this time in the lifeline of humanity, stagnation is a dead end. Isolation pulls the roof down on your heads (hence the arms crossed in protection) and from then on you will rely on help from outsiders. Remember that the outsiders scorned today will help through love and common humanity.

If you feel that you want to be part of the flow and not stagnate then you will need to work at it, preferably in groups. While the breaks are being slammed on – keep walking forward, there are many ways to do this. In a time when love has no value make it the heart of every second of your day, let if form every decision for action. Do nothing that does not include love. This is indeed the end goal of your entire human race and you will tap in to an accelerated stream of movement as soon as you do so. There is a human plan, and if only you knew what it was you would join others creating the momentum of the plan, where the end was anticipated and desired. The obstacles will be fewer and progress faster when you step into the stream of people all moving in the same direction.  Base your life on acts of love and step into the fast moving stream, leave others to either follow you and find the way, or not.

As a Reiki Master I thought I would send Reiki healing to my relationship with the election of Donald Trump. As soon as I woke up the next day  I had clarity and a way for me to look at what is happening. I think this would be different for everyone and it is worthwhile to sit and do. 

©Candace Caddick

After 2016 – what do we do next?

By the Archangel Melchizadek.

2016 was a tumultuous year because the speed of change is increasing.  You KNOW what’s wrong in the world, what is dragging it downwards and backwards. What is unfair and unjust, murderous and unkind; thieving and grasping, heartless and cruel. Many of you observed with your own eyes that little was improving and 99% of lives were becoming too hard. Any trust in government had faded away, and the only hope was that your government would not make it worse.  How would you, by yourself, have corrected these problems?

End of a significant year! 

The two biggest world events, and they are not the same, nor will have the same trajectory or resolution, were the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump. They are different and yet the same, born of the same frustration and distrust. Two new pathways are now in existence and other pathways are erased. Where on these pathways will you set your own feet? That is all that matters to you now and this is your instruction booklet on how to correct these problems. You correct all the problems with your own actions because these are human problems and you are human. So for instance, every time you stop to help another person anywhere, in any way, you are changing the new pathway. You pull it towards the light. If you are worried that the world is heading towards unpleasantness, then act in love. Even the smallest act of love changes the path, and if you are able to join with others in the many, many ways humans treat each other with love then you will have a greater pull on the pathway towards the light. You in the USA did not stand in the way of the darkness when it came knocking and your task is more important, to stand up for the light, for love and safety for everyone. Don’t be led to act against your conscience, don’t be fooled again. You know that government has not responded to you in the past, it’s your turn to not respond to the government. There were those in WW2 who hid the Jews from their own governments. Do you see how big a change that will be? You have the opportunity to form the future for light or dark, it’s created through actions and words. Those who pray and send light have an affect also, but it is not enough unless it inspires right action.

I’ve noticed the Archangel Melchizadek has been taking a hard line in the last couple of months, so I asked him why the change in tone? He says this is how you speak to grown-ups, people who are responsible for their actions. We’re not children. Also look forward, not back, and take action for the future.

©Candace Caddick

Different Paths to the Same End

By the Archangel Collective.

You may feel worried, or you may feel confident in the direction humanity has chosen to follow in 2016. In the US people wanted to be heard and felt that Donald Trump was listening, he had their support. There were many without a vote who live in other countries that consider the US President to be the leader of the free world. They would have liked to vote in an election that affects everyone and are worried about his Presidency. Fear is in the air in many parts of the world.

We are here to read the energy of the times for you. The United States has changed from the early days of its history. A nation of farmers became an industrial powerhouse. Vast sums of money were accumulated and eyes turned towards money as the only measure that mattered in the world. Once again we should say, as this pattern has been repeated over and over again throughout human history. We angels do not value money in any way – we have no pockets! We value joy, kindness and drawing together in common humanity. We see the riches of the soul. What can you take with you when you die? Only your soul – and the poorest souls are those that only accumulate money, because of the damage they do to others through greed.

The US was on a trajectory under previous presidents that had stagnated. There was some good on the surface but there was black underneath, a cesspit of special interests and individuals who held power in their own departments. The citizens knew this, they knew it was no longer working as it was set up by the founding fathers. A 90 degree corner has been turned by this election, a choice for chaos and upheaval, throwing the government into the air and breaking it into pieces. Will this actually happen? It certainly could, and at the point of reassembling the nation out of chaos what direction will be taken? This is the point of danger where the new US emerges from the wreckage, and this is where lightworkers could begin to send their healing light from today. To the future United States, so that when that day arrives the light will be there waiting to bless and heal.

Would you have created a new US without Donald Trump? Yes, but people are taking the fastest path to that point, and it is the riskiest pathway. Where are the people like the founding fathers who stepped in and created for the generations ahead? You need to take seriously this new pathway, and step up to get the government you deserve. If you are apathetic now the government you receive will walk all over you. This applies to every country on the planet today.

©Candace Caddick

Virtual Reiki Circles with Reiki Foundation International

Together in Reiki online circles

Last Friday evening was the second virtual Reiki circle hosted by Reiki Foundation International with Reiki Master Stéphanie Bonnaventure leading the circle in French, with a little English here and there. I thought, I learned French in school, I can do this! And I could, because in the end the language was irrelevant and only the shared Reiki mattered. These circles are so simple, we each gave ourselves a self-treatment simultaneously while connected online. As we began the amount of Reiki in my living room grew into something substantial, I felt like I could touch and feel it. The size of our circle stretched from Kazakhstan to Oregon (maybe further, this bit was in French) and I feel that this large circle provides a space for a lot of Reiki to be brought through to our world. This is a good use of the internet! That night I slept for over ten hours, so I must have needed the help of Reiki to catch up on my sleep after busy times at home.

There are more RFI circles planned for the future. I know I won’t be able to make all of them but I will certainly try to join when I can. There will be one hosted in the UK on 11 Nov. Join their email list!


©Candace Caddick

Elaine Andres
Reiki Foundation International

Observing the Election Energy

By the Archangel Melchizadek.



Greetings to all in this whirlwind Autumn of 2016, on a planet using emotion to heighten energy.  The Spring began (ages ago it seems,) with a calm surface and movement underneath. Then there was the Brexit vote in Great Britain with England voting out of Europe. What did you observe about the energy post-ballot? There was greater movement that surfaced to disturb the status quo, changing the direction for the UK and for Europe. Does it matter which way the vote went? Yes and no. At a time when you had planned to come together you have separated again, lengthening the human game. On the other hand voters were seen and heard and brought their concerns out into the open, these concerns were not new but the central government had not listened. Now they will have to.  The quiet surface is gone, the whole is disturbed and it will not settle back in exactly the same way. Europe will feel the effects of the break-up as a close political partner. European countries have concerns to bring to the surface to do with how their democracies work. You have begun to participate in your own governance again.  Can you continue to do this? Absolutely. In our book Guidebook to the Future we talked about changing your world from the bottom up, and this is a preliminary step. Next participate in your own local governments using this energy of change. Local and regional governments have also failed to listen to voters. This change in energy from partially stagnant into chaos we consider increased energy.

Next up is the American election with two candidates that have polarised the voters. Have you ever seen such involvement in an election? American voting figures had been decreasing. What was the point in voting when it didn’t seem to make any difference to the way you were governed? This year the voter turnout will be high as people vote against the other candidate rather than for their own. A high voter turnout carries a completely different energy from apathy. The apathetic are easy to push around, active voters carry the weight of democracy when they cast their votes. We don’t like the fact that it is hate getting the vote out because we are angels. But God is all things, there is nothing that is not God, even hate. We do not criticise God. Moving from apathy to engagement is a huge jump in energy.

What is the planet going to do with all this movement and flow, and the increased levels of energy? It’s going to change. Hold on tight.

Guidebook to the Future

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©Candace Caddick