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The Beginning of the Wind of Change

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth.

On a recent Avebury workshop the centre of the stone circle was crowded with elementals, some large and heavy duty workers along with many, many smaller ones. I asked them what they were working on, and they showed me how they were taking the lines of light, dissolving them and spreading the light out evenly. This will make light flow smoothly and evenly across the surface of the planet. At time of writing you can see a patchy flow across the surface of the ground. It will become stronger and higher. Candace

Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle

I am the Archangel Michael and I want to talk about what is happening with the Earth. All of this is happening as the background behind your current violent events on the surface. I will recap a little first.

In 2012 the Earth was reborn into a new 26,000 year cycle, and although she looked the same, the energy of the old Earth was gone and she had changed into a new version of herself. In computer terms, it was like she had new operating software. The pace of change picked up and everyone, including Earth was learning how to live with each new change. All life is adjusting to the new way she is, and her increasing development. Some beings are better at adjusting than others.

In September of 2015 she was ready for her own ascension and took with her all of life here except humanity, who were not yet ready to ascend. This is not a problem, it is better to see it as flexibility. Her ascension was a quick out-and-in, she (again computer analogy) managed to download more of her higher self, or soul, into her physical body. The same happened with the other life forms present here.

The Earth has her own plan and is taking each step to remove the layers of darkness on her surface and become a planet of light again. The new flow of light is a step beyond the ley lines, energy grids, etc. It is more advanced, a little like when wifi was developed and you stopped plugging your computers into a socket. She doesn’t need the lines anymore. She started this work at Avebury as the centre of her power outflow, and will finish it before the end of the summer. Her energy flow of light will be greater in volume, and you will be standing in this increased flow.

Many people will soak up the energy and delight in it, and they’ll grow stronger with the support of the light. Others will clash with the light – they count on the dark to hide their acts. Many, many will find it exhausting without knowing why. This is the wind of change that we wrote about in our books by this author, and this wind is picking up speed. Even the stones at Avebury know of the change coming.

Our general advice to all of you reading this is to expect change, change, change. It will be easiest if you let go of unnecessary baggage of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual kind. Streamline your lives so you have less to hold on to and look after. Practicing Reiki or another form of healing will help to ease you into the flow, as will bringing the energy of the Earth up into your bodies (http://www.candacecaddick.com/2015/06/grounding-on-the-new-earth/). Time will seem compacted and shortened, you will find the hours fly by and any simplifications will allow you to enjoy your days without feeling rushed. There is no turning back time on Earth, but time can be speeded up. Work to fit your lives into the new environment of time on Earth.

The Archangels wrote about this wind of change in And I Saw A New Earth, please see http://www.candacecaddick.com/books/and-i-saw-a-new-earth/ (Only the first chapter is about 2012.) One of the things I’ve liked about channelling these books is that no matter how confusing life becomes, they always present info in a way that explains what is happening, why it’s happening and how it’s all for our highest good. Then I don’t worry about it. Candace

©Candace Caddick

After Ascension at Avebury

Light burning off darkness. Messier 96. Picture courtesy of NASA

By the Archangel Michael.

One of the functions of Avebury stone circle was to bring the energy of 2012 to the Earth (www.candacecaddick.com/2012/12/12-12-12-what-happened-inside-avebury-stone-circle/, and www.candacecaddick.com/2012/12/12-12-12-the-end-of-the-world/) and be the location where the Earth would ascend in 2015. A week before she ascended there were structures in place that she could use to move herself on, some may call them portals. There was also a link from her core to the surrounding universal energy grids, and the circle itself was moving quickly sending a lot of energy down new ley lines. Two weeks later the energy has calmed and the structures have played their parts. The circle spins and sends out energy, much as your heart pumps life around your body. Every part of the circle is humming with energy, as is your new, ascended planet.

Into this hive of energy we led a workshop with Candace. The attendees had previously connected to the circle making it an ever-present part of themselves, therefore we were able to upgrade them on the day. How do you upgrade a living human being? By extending their antennae further out into the universe, multiplying the number of these connections, rewiring their spinal columns, detoxing their physical bodies, and more. We did this because humanity is entering a period of such rapid change that people will benefit from assessing new events quickly and with more confidence, using the increased amount of information that is reaching them. We want people to have less  hesitation when moving ahead into rapidly changing times. Inside Avebury circle, the centre of Woodhenge or Stonehenge are places where it is easy for us to help you. Just enter through the correct dimensional doorway and the work can be done. Not everyone has forgotten how to use these circles as they were once used in the past. We will continue to lead this workshop for another year or so before introducing additional upgrades for those who are ready.

©Candace Caddick

The End Times

By the Archangel of Light

In the past you looked forward to these days as a time of great change. You formed at least one major religion looking ahead to a catastrophic war, followed by a golden age ruled by a being of light. Whatever you believe about Jesus, he is a great being of light and love. When the old Earth ended in 2012 the previous pattern of human life changed forever on Earth.

The Bible describes the end of days starting with a total war, and a world that can only be saved by one being. When anyone takes the form of a human being (and that includes all you incarnate angels out there) they must forget everything they ever knew and come in completely blank, as a baby with a new story to be written of their life. When Jesus came in he did the same, and at the time he was living as any other human. He succeeded in being true to himself, a being of love, and a teacher of how to live by showing love to others. The light of this truthful soul contradicted every dark heart and situation he came across, and even today you remember these other people as self-serving and false. The worst of these were the leaders at the time of the Jewish religion, but this type of spiritual leader has existed in every religion.

Today you are led by the secular equivalent of these leaders. To lead now is to be self-serving  (with very few exceptions.)  Jesus and others showed you how you could live otherwise, he gave you example after example, and lesson after lesson. All you have to do is follow his teachings to bring about the end days of a world not ruled by love; he doesn’t need to reincarnate here again and repeat everything he already told you.

Humanity has entered a time when you are going to fight for yourselves and for your future. This is not Armageddon, where young men fight a war. This is standing tall for truth, love, and a world that was foretold as the golden age. No one will hand this to you; we angels advise but we do not act on your planet. If you want a golden age built on love and fairness then you are going to have to make it happen. It’s no longer about thinking or feeling, it’s about using what you have learned and speaking or acting. This is the time of the human race, to either turn your own world around, or sink into a state of de facto slavery.  When 85 people own half the world’s wealth, you  already have a lot of work ahead. Where is the love present in that statistic?

And now we want to say a word about Candace, who has also changed. She would not have been able to write the above at any earlier point of her life as she was afraid of backlash, for appearing to criticize powerful authority figures. But the world has changed, the current energy supports love and this article suddenly became possible for her to write. What do you want to say or do, what do you want to change? Many alterations have come about in the past when people refused to go along with plans that are not based on love.  Violence and law-breaking are not required, all you have to do is turn and walk away from anything that isn’t for your highest good.

I am the Archangel of Light, and my role is to increase the amount of love and light on every planet. Earth has reached a delicate balancing point – the end of a pendulum swing where time seems to stand still. When it swings back it can take you somewhere new, or go back to the same situation. When it moves, do you remember how fast a pendulum can swing? That’s the speed of change you’ll be experiencing.

©Candace Caddick

Tornadoes and Taiphoons

Washington, Illinois after the tornadoes went through.

By the Archangel of Light

There are a few people currently teaching in New Age circles that have noticed the high level of darkness on Earth at the moment. Last year there was a large boost to the light and the planet was washed clean, and now here we are again covered with black fog. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, so what happened?

This particular blanket has the effect of frightening and separating you from one another, and it hides activities that you would not like. Before the blanket descended you had a brief spell where Edward Snowdon and the Wikileaks uncovered some secrets and let some light in to your worlds. There were other enlightening events also. As a result of Snowdon’s work there are countries like Brazil that are taking control of their own internet, some for the very first time.  Previously every search and email was routed through a server in another country, usually the USA.

Earth was cleaned and ready to move forward in December, and she did move forward  in a new incarnation as a new planet. Babies and new-born planets are both vulnerable. There were many angels above and on Earth looking after her well-being right from the start, but there was also complacency. If you were the opportunistic dark angels you would be looking for a way back onto this planet, and there were some people on Earth who welcomed the shadow’s return. There are always those who work best in dark corners.  We are back to talking about the inner balance and strength of a planet who isn’t receiving enough energy coming back to her in a cycle. She is covered with a species that aren’t keeping their side of the bargain to return energy to her, and she is unbalanced enough to have ever more destructive storms like the ones in Washington, Illinois this week and Taiphoon Haiyan last week. Tornadoes in November are rare.

What would be encouraging is for her to have enough strength to straighten up her axis. She is counting on you to care about the state she is in, and to play your part in Earth healing. It’s the easiest way you can help to remove the darkness and the associated human depression away from the planet and send it back where it came from.

©Candace Caddick

Celebrate the Christmas Energy 23.12.12

Surrey Hills

Enjoy the new energy and the new world right at the beginning. Today we looked down from high ground and could see energy rising out of the Earth, except under the buildings. It feels like the world is holding its breath waiting for the new energy to come through on the 12.12.12 through 21.12.12. I’m leading a half-day in the Surrey Hills on the 23rd Dec. to celebrate spirituality, and to enjoy the energy of Christmas away from the materialism that often clouds the day.

Please see www.candacecaddick.com/calendar/christmas-in-the-surrey-hills-flyer-23-12-12/ and let me know if you are able to come.