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What Were the Energy Changes in 2013?

The End of the Beginning, 2013

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

Archangel Michael is primarily an angel of the Earth along with Uriel. Michael also has a fiery sword and the ability to use it, and is not an exact duplicate of Uriel.  He is one of the two Earth angels. and like all angels he is an angel of love and hope.

It’s the end of 2013, the first year of the new cycle. Perhaps you think that there should have been more changes and advancements towards love and fairness than you experienced. Human society, and even the planet itself, was so sluggish up through 2012 it seemed that nothing would ever change.  2013 was the complete opposite, and there was so much energy for change and movement that many, many new events and ways of living have begun. There is always a beginning, and that is what has been taking place. You only need to keep following your heart to progress these changes. If something doesn’t seem right to you, oppose it.

The incongruence of your expectations for 2013 and what really happened last year are based on your perception. From our point of view you have exceeded expectations and attacked unfairness in so  many places. You made a start at uncovering secrets that are not for your highest good. Beginning a job is the first step, and if you had not taken the first step you would be nowhere. One of the most important changes was people speaking up about trickery and exploitation. They speak the truth from their experiences and points of view, and that is good enough. You have changed the energy around unfairness every time you speak up either verbally or in writing. Don’t let anyone lie to you and quietly walk away from them. Lying is one of the greatest problems you have right now on Earth, and you all know who the Father of Lies is; why would you not oppose them?

Here are some success stories of 2013: Edward Snowden and his exposure of one government’s surveillance of the rest of the world, continued exposure of the corrupt practices of banking and newspapers, exposure of the damage fracking causes to communities and the Earth, exposure of the lies behind the “trickle down” theory of economics, exposure of your tax money being paid to the friends of the current government for their private enrichment, exposure of the callous disregard and negligence towards many who are being left cold and hungry in the West and countries like Syria. If you were to completely change even one of these so many people would be better off. Do you love your own species enough to fight for everyone? When you help any other human being you are helping yourself.

Article on 2014 tomorrow January 1st.

©Candace Caddick

2013, a Year of Transition

By the First Elohim (who looks particularly happy today.)

It’s exciting to come to the end of a year of transition. A year can end on any day you want, but to have everyone take part lends importance to the change-over. When the year numbers change the energy changes too, and this was the most noticeable when 1999 changed to 2000. The Earth travels continually around the Sun and you are the only species on her that celebrate the end of each rotation; it’s your day and highlights for you the change in every year.

Each year has a special vibration or flavour, and 2013 was the first year of a new 26,000 year cycle. Many of you covered a lot of ground in your lives. The Earth also began a process of moving forward with enthusiasm, but her time scale is different. She made a beginning, while you travelled further forward. The Earth’s beginning was like a sprinter starting a race, first the rise upwards to a running position, then the speeding forward. It happens in the blink of an eye for sprinters, but for the Earth it has taken all year. That means she is ready now to cover some ground herself.

When you celebrate the New Year you will be giving her some of your own energy and she will use it to help boost her along. (The opposite would be to cling to the past.) You have no idea what is coming, but when the Earth is upright and  begins to gather speed towards her own changes you will see it. She is not going to whiz around the Sun, she is going to readjust herself to be something healthy and whole. It is more akin to a person changing their outlook on life.

November was quiet and still, December provided a firm footing for moving forward, and the end of  January provides the oomph to carry you far ahead again. We’ve written about waves of energy, where you can catch the wave and ride it like a surfboard. That’s what’s coming, and we want you to be ready to jump on your surfboard and be carried forward. When you slow down and stop you will be a long way ahead. What do you need to do to be ready?

Changes You Never Even Imagined

Cracks in the shell

I left town and drove to the seaside in the rain on Sunday. When you’re away from built-up areas you can see cracks appearing in the energy around the Earth. What none of us realised was how solid the energy field was around the planet. The energy shell around the Earth was put there eons ago to keep this planet cut off, so that humanity and the other species here learned in isolation. We had linear Earth-time, and as the rest of the universe learned and moved forward in timelessness we moved on at a snail’s pace. Learning in isolation has proved to be very slow. (All of this was explained in the books in much more detail, Planet Earth Today, The Downfall of Atlantis, And I Saw A New Earth. The books are background, the articles are current events.)

It’s one thing to welcome the connection to the Universe through Avebury and see the information pouring through as a blizzard of symbols. It’s something else to see the Earth shaking and cracks forming in her outer shell. I walked down a valley to the coast and underneath the cracks I could look up and see the stars, and other times I was under the cloudy sky. The flow and movement of the winter ocean has allowed quite large areas of space to appear over the sea where the cracks have joined together. The cracks will have completely dissolved the energy shell in about seven weeks. They are caused by the shaking of the Earth’s energy.

We have been sealed in on the Earth for a long time, and humanity has progressed so slowly. Meanwhile the universe looks full of life and activity. By dissolving the solid energy field around us and exposing us to the life and flow of the universe we will change more quickly. We will finally have new growth and be able to progress to be more than we were. I think we will connect better with each other, and if we become closer everything could change. Our social systems are fairly callous, and what doesn’t feel right now will feel more and more wrong as time goes by. It feels like as this shell opens we will evolve again.

Earth-time will become irrelevant as we return to universal time. Let go of expectations and enjoy the ride.

How are You Feeling?

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

One of the effects of the change in Earth energy is that you are adjusting to new energy rising up. You are walking and living on a planet of light, and light is rising through your feet and bodies. It strengthens and cleanses you, and there are viruses and bacteria that are being ejected.

When you have a cold it is a time for your body to find all the bacteria you have deposited in places where they will give you the least trouble, wrap them in mucus to keep you safe, and eject them out your nose. Mucus is made in the lining of your gut and travels to your head. Quite wonderful, really.  Your dirty handkerchiefs and tissues are full of a number of different germs. You do not go down with every passing cold unless your immune system is weak.

The light is making you stronger and the bacteria are moving out. One day you will feel quite a bit better, as it is only a month into the new 26,000 year cycle at the moment. If bacteria find it hard to hold their place in your body because of the light, then we want you to realise that those who look for dark corners to keep their actions secret will begin to have the same trouble. There’s more than one way to have a good clear out.

Change is Beginning

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The Earth will go through many changes over the next three years or so. We cannot predict down to the day or month when things will happen because Earth time is your local time, and we live on universal time. It can be frustrating for people who want a clear answer on when but we deal more in time as “soon” or “a long time ago.”  We aren’t just saying this to be vague about dates.

Looking at the new Earth we can see the tectonic plates shifting, continents rising and falling under the sea and earth quakes. This has always been the way on Earth, but this time is looks faster to us. Continents drifting and submerging took hundreds of millions of years in the past, and we do not see a full remake of the Earth within 26,000 years. What we do see is the beginning of the remake, so that perhaps half of the planet will be remade before the next cycle. That is tremendously fast, and you have a lot of people living here now. This is your wild ride on the back of a tiger, and you will adapt to it.

The upheavals will not stop at plate tectonics. The energy bubbles up out of the planet, new energy for new societies and social change. So if you want guidance on what the next three years will be like we offer you this: those people currently on top will fall down, and at the same time those at the bottom will rise up. That levels the playing fields and allows everyone to have an even chance at happy and successful lives. Storms will increase and some coastlines will be too battered to live on. Some rivers and streams will flood so houses and towns become barely liveable and the water of the Earth will go back to flowing unblocked. If your home is obstructs nature and prevents her from behaving as she needs to, then it could be time to move.

©Candace Caddick