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Where Are We Heading?

spring primroses

By the angels of spring and fresh starts

I always ask who’s speaking, and in this case I could see many beings with many different voices. These angels have different heights and characteristics. Together they give us the flowers and bird song, new buds and leaves.

Spring has arrived again in the Northern Hemisphere, and everything that was asleep protecting itself is awake again. In 2013 spring took a huge leap into the future, the kind of leap a young foal takes and then lands precariously, only partly balanced on its feet. From that crooked landing the summer and autumn progressed in a lively but not quite balanced manner with a lot rain in the UK and Europe, and snow and freezing temperatures in N. America.  It makes sense to think of the natural year beginning anew every spring.

This year the energy is leaping ahead again, but with a more controlled leap – less high and more forward. When you land in summer you will start advancing with stability. This is not a bad beginning, and much easier for you to build on. The energy of 2013 was wobbly, and the energy of this year is more level. 2014 is more like a horse trotting straight down a road than a foal running and playing in a field.

You live inside of the year’s energy, and it affects your entire society. Many of you wonder now where humanity is heading. Over the next twelve months societies will continue with good forward motion while humanity stays on the road until it ends in light. Once through to the other side of the light people will leave the road and begin to strike out on their own paths over the green hills, following their individual desires. First you have to keep going and allowing the forward motion to set the pace, and never stop until you reach the other side.

©Candace Caddick

January 18 & 19, Universal Wave of Energy

Think Big!

By the Archangelic Collective

We wanted to answer some questions about universal waves, especially as there is a big one washing over your planet on January 18/19, 2014.

Universal waves are part of the pulse of the universe, similar to your own heart beat. Energy is squeezed and pushed out just as your heart squeezes and circulates your blood. As above, so below, meaning that the same useful patterns are discernable time and again in many different places.  Pulses work because they keep the flow going, and prevent stagnancy.

One of these waves hits your planet tomorrow for two days, on its journey out, and later, back again. What this means to you is that you  have some help, the very energy of the flow will help you move forward. What if you’re reading this next week? You need to consider what is going on in your life. Are you moving forward anyway, or doing nothing new, coasting along as you always have been? For those of you who are moving ahead anyway, seeing what changes you need to make in your lives to be even more happy, then this wave will help you make those changes. Like walking towards a beach, the wave washes up behind you and pushes you towards the shore. This wave can take you far up the sand. Six months from now think back to mid-January and see what’s changed in your life.

Snow, Ice and Floods

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

When we write about the energy changing in the New Year there is an example right in front of your eyes. The change we are talking about is the shift to living more locally. Spending less time going somewhere else to do the things you could be doing nearer to home. This is the overall behind-the-scenes energy that is blanketing the Earth right now. When you spend your money locally it stays in the community for your own benefit. Buying from national chain stores does not keep the money in your area.

This energy has manifested as extreme cold in North America, and extreme flooding in parts of the UK. It’s either too cold to leave the house for trivial reasons, or too hard to make your way around the flooded roads. Staying home has been forced on many of you. Take a moment to see how you feel about slowing down and waiting for the weather to pass.

Is this going to be the new energy for ever? The main point about energy flowing and changing is that it moves through one quality to another. By its very nature energy has to change, or it stagnates. When you are gifted with a blanket of energy as you are right now, you know that one day it will be gone. The best way to use any change in energy is to learn about yourself in a new set of circumstances. Learn everything you can so that when it changes you don’t need to experience the same again. You will be moving forward at the same speed as the planet, and that is by far the easiest way to live. This advice is to help everyone possible to move forward easily, painlessly and at a good rate of speed. Not everyone will be able to do this and they may find themselves once again kept close to home while others are moving on. This could happen through illness or by a car breaking down, or the closure of a railway line. It’s a time for everyone to be alert to everything happening in your world, and take nothing for granted. We angels of light are counting on a number of you coming through these changing times and leading the way forward.

©Candace Caddick

2014, Increasing the Speed of Change

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

I posted an article yesterday December 31st on the 2013 energy and its effects.

The New Year of 2014 begins with 7 planets in a Cardinal Grand Cross along with a new moon on New Year’s Day. Cardinal energy  initiates change, and 2013 will seem like a quiet year in comparison to 2014. All the new beginnings of 2013 will continue forward and gather speed in 2014, and it will be easier if you are able to go with the changes. This is a tide in the affairs of man and the planet that no one can hold back. If you had not started events changing last year, it would have been even more chaotic in 2014. Some ideas mentioned yesterday will be built on, and there will be progress on all fronts. To make all of it easier add your own energy and truth into the mix, and hold your own species responsible for their actions. If you do that you are doing the best you can.

2014 may seem a little wild at times, and thinking about anything useless being cleared away for a fresh, clean start may help you make personal decisions and enjoy the ride. Your planet is newly made for you to live on, but you are still encumbered with old institutions. These are no longer of any value to you and a certain amount of upheaval will occur before something more fair is in place.  My best advice is to let go of fear and look for the light in the events heading your way. It won’t be long before the change in energy reshapes your lives.

Each year has a quality of its own, and 2014 looks like a feminine year wearing modern armour. She has a “don’t mess with me” energy, and looks like she means business. Not aggressive, but taking steps to protect herself. When your own actions match hers you will find yourself stepping into the existing flow of energy, adding the year’s energy to your own. If there was ever a year to stand up for what you believe in, this is it. This is how change happens.

©Candace Caddick

What Were the Energy Changes in 2013?

The End of the Beginning, 2013

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

Archangel Michael is primarily an angel of the Earth along with Uriel. Michael also has a fiery sword and the ability to use it, and is not an exact duplicate of Uriel.  He is one of the two Earth angels. and like all angels he is an angel of love and hope.

It’s the end of 2013, the first year of the new cycle. Perhaps you think that there should have been more changes and advancements towards love and fairness than you experienced. Human society, and even the planet itself, was so sluggish up through 2012 it seemed that nothing would ever change.  2013 was the complete opposite, and there was so much energy for change and movement that many, many new events and ways of living have begun. There is always a beginning, and that is what has been taking place. You only need to keep following your heart to progress these changes. If something doesn’t seem right to you, oppose it.

The incongruence of your expectations for 2013 and what really happened last year are based on your perception. From our point of view you have exceeded expectations and attacked unfairness in so  many places. You made a start at uncovering secrets that are not for your highest good. Beginning a job is the first step, and if you had not taken the first step you would be nowhere. One of the most important changes was people speaking up about trickery and exploitation. They speak the truth from their experiences and points of view, and that is good enough. You have changed the energy around unfairness every time you speak up either verbally or in writing. Don’t let anyone lie to you and quietly walk away from them. Lying is one of the greatest problems you have right now on Earth, and you all know who the Father of Lies is; why would you not oppose them?

Here are some success stories of 2013: Edward Snowden and his exposure of one government’s surveillance of the rest of the world, continued exposure of the corrupt practices of banking and newspapers, exposure of the damage fracking causes to communities and the Earth, exposure of the lies behind the “trickle down” theory of economics, exposure of your tax money being paid to the friends of the current government for their private enrichment, exposure of the callous disregard and negligence towards many who are being left cold and hungry in the West and countries like Syria. If you were to completely change even one of these so many people would be better off. Do you love your own species enough to fight for everyone? When you help any other human being you are helping yourself.

Article on 2014 tomorrow January 1st.

©Candace Caddick