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A New Earth

By the Archangelic Collective.

March 2015 is the month when two over-lapping futures of humanity reach their starting point. Two timelines will diverge, never to reunite. Up until this point humanity has lived a unified experience on Earth, but from March there will be two separate experiences. This is going to take some adjustment for those of you who are walking forward into the future of the Earth and humanity. For those who are on the atrophying timeline, life will continue the same.

Fork in the road

The current problems of the world will continue to exist, but they will have less impact on those who are moving ahead. They will be fuzzier, and with less substance and fade more with each passing year. The troubles that exist around the world will lose their relevance to you who are reading this, as your focus shifts to other subjects and you begin to live differently. An example could be that oil and gas prices rise, but you are using crystals inside your homes for power and communication. Or medicines become unaffordable, but you are always healthy. You are going to have to trust that your lives will change for the better at a rate of one day at a time. We can’t tell you everything in advance because that can alter the way the future unfolds. It will be fine for you, more than fine. After some years the old world will be gone, and all those who lived on it will have died of old age. We explained this in www.candacecaddick.com/2013/10/why-are-so-many-young-people-dying-now/.

Two years ago we wrote a book about these exact days and what happens as the two Earths diverge. www.candacecaddick.com/books/and-i-saw-a-new-earth/. We can slow down and take a reader through the history and explanations in a book so that everything is clear. If you are interested in reading more about the old and new Earths please see And I Saw A New Earth. If your choice is to go ahead with the Earth as she ascends then you can read about where you are heading.

Go forward with joy.

©Candace Caddick

Timelines Divide in March

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The moment you’ve been looking forward to is almost here, the day when the new Earth pulls itself free of the old Earth. What does that mean for Earth, and for you?

And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth

In Dec. 2012, the Earth was reborn into a new 26,000-year-long cycle of life. She was over-laid on the old Earth and has been slowly moving apart for the last two years. Many of you may have been tired lately due to the increase in energy, as Earth raises her vibration to break free. It’s as if the new Earth is blasting off to escape the gravity of old Earth, just like a space shot at Cape Canaveral.

Another way to visualize this separation is to think of a human embryo at the point where it is dividing to become twins. First there was a simple ball, it becomes two halves with a line down the centre, and in the end it divides and two embryos exist side by side. The new Earth will move forward and the old Earth will remain stationary.

This will affect you in two different ways. Those of you on the new Earth will live in a world of colour, animals and vibrant life. Those who did not choose to come over will live on an Earth that is increasingly black and white, quiet and empty, but they will not notice. If some of you are looking at colourful fireworks in the sky on the new Earth, the few that are old Earth would see nothing if they looked up. But they won’t look up. C.S. Lewis illustrates this perfectly in The Last Battle with the behaviour of the black dwarfs.

I wrote the following explanation in And I Saw A New Earth in 2012: “You are embarking on years of differentiation, where some of you walk steadily uphill on an easy path towards the light, while others plod along below never realizing that everything has changed….one day in the future there will only be people walking gently on an uphill path and the road below will no longer exist.”

This is a follow-on to www.candacecaddick.com/2014/12/getting-ready-for-2015/. If you want to change comfortably, be sure to practice your Reiki, meditation, or other self-healing daily. You are going to be changing rapidly every day right now.

In my latest book (almost complete!), the Archangels go into a thorough explanation of how this split will affect a person’s soul after death. It is too long an explanation for one of these articles.

©Candace Caddick

Summer Days

By The Green Man

What new ideas did you have after December 2012, the beginning of your new 26,000 year Earth year? (My angelic guides wrote all about the new galactic cycle in And I Saw A New Earth – about the combinations of events that allows the Earth to lead the way for this universe’s ascension. We’re present here and are a part of it.) The weather is warm now and the mad rush of spring is over, growth has slowed and plants and baby animals are building in size and strength. It can’t be spring forever on any planet, where there is always a beginning but never a conclusion. Spring is exciting and engages your interest, but summer is where some of those new seedlings (or ideas) either build and develop or die.

Green Man From Magickal Graphics

Are you writing down your flashes of intuition, your plans for moving forward and solid ideas to build on? Summer is the time to go back and reassess these, and put in the groundwork for action. When the autumn arrives the pace picks up once again and people become more active. The purpose of summer is to give your ideas time to build and grow in strength, and perhaps let a few of them die. Autumn allows you to take the best of them forward as part of you.

Those of you who live in parts of the world where there are seasons can make your own lives easier by living in sync with the outside world. You will find yourself doing the right things at the right times. The energy is swirling around you and you can ride it like a leaf in the autumn winds. Spring is for jumping up and making fresh starts, summer is for building and strengthening, autumn really is the harvest and enjoying the results of the previous two seasons (and this can spread into the winter and early spring if appropriate.) Winter is looking inward and listening to your inner voice and getting to know yourself. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t move successfully into the next phase of your life. Meditation is the easiest way to look inside yourself.

I am one of the Green Men who walks hidden among growing plants wherever they are found. We are a numerous group of elementals who monitor the health of plants, and communicate with them and other elementals who can aid them. Our ability to communicate is why we are often the elementals who speak with human beings.

Grow with love,

The Green Man

©Candace Caddick

Earth’s House Party

Maldives, an Island in Paradise

By the Earth and Candace

When I tune into the Earth itself I can feel her indignant anger at humanity. She invited us to her home, and we came here as guests. Once inside we began to lock some of the other guests up in rooms, kill and main some, poison others and make the house uninhabitable for a great many species. It wasn’t our house to ruin. If you had a party and some of your guests began killing the others you know how that would make you feel.

Who are these other guests humanity is harming? There are polar bears, rhinos, bees, passenger pigeons, and so many more species either dead or vanishing. They were innocent victims, invited here by Earth to live their lives.

The Earth notices when humanity mines under her surface, but she’s big and it’s only surface damage. When we kill off her little ones: the plants, fish and coral reefs, animals and insects, she is angry with us. We were invited into the playground and started killing the other children. How dare we do this?

One day the Earth will ascend to light and our original plan was to join with her at that time (written about in And I Saw a New Earth.) She will still ascend, and her mood at the moment is close to “I’m not going to let you stop me.”  Earth has all the fondness for us that we might have for a serial killer.

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

This article from the Earth is different to the ones we angels usually send through Candace. One reason why we continue to write about how you can ascend with the Earth is to help you visualise how it could happen, and then you need to take the actions to bring about the picture you see. If we can help and guide you to take these actions it will be for everyone’s highest good. This is about choosing to move forward in love, and not becoming paralysed in fear because you think it’s too late. It’s not too late, but you have to take steps to live with all Earth’s children.

Earth is so very powerful, a being of enormous strength and love. You need to see yourselves as one species weighed in the scales against all the other life on the planet. Your original role was to be part of the world and the life on it, not to picture yourselves controlling and taking everything. These are not the actions founded on love.

You are only able at this time to act yourself in a loving way as much as possible, and it is far more powerful than you might believe. Even one person will make a difference by changing the way they live.

©Candace Caddick

Secrets and Lies

By the Archangel of Light

What have we seen this past week? There was a data meltdown in some of the world’s largest internet systems (Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft) through high demand, and the NSA payments to major internet companies in the USA were exposed when the US Freedom of Information Act acknowledged these large payments had been made over the previous three years (all routinely denied by the receiving companies). The UK government smashed up the hard drives of The Guardian newspaper to prevent Edward Snowden revealing more secrets and considering his actions that of a terrorist instead of a whistleblower, that paper has since teamed up with the New York Times so the data can be protected by the US First Amendment of the Right to a Free Press.

We wrote about the press in a book published in May 2011, when the Leveson committee was in full swing.  In And I Saw A New Earth we discussed the its role in unearthing secrets and bringing to light items governments wish to keep hidden. The Leveson committee in the UK could have re-established the press as an organ of trust, when compared to a current government. The press has taken on a role of public protection and openness in a time of secrecy. It’s important to have someone digging out secrets on the public’s behalf, and it’s important that the press itself is trusted. The Leveson committee exposed a network of complacency and scurrilous practice that some are now being jailed for.

How do you feel about being spied upon by your governments? It’s important how you feel about this, as they are doing it in your name. It’s also important what happens to all the personal information that is collected and stored for future use. Also, who do you trust to tell you the truth these days? Do you trust The Guardian? Or do you trust your own government? If you can’t trust your own government then it’s up to you what action you take.

I am the Archangel of Light and this week’s exposures are only the beginning. There are pockets of darkness on your planet that have led to people being ruled through fear and lies. People are not as bad as you are led to believe (remember those who are your friends). By shining light into these beliefs and practices you will stop being so afraid and controlled by others. You are in a year of transition, and as we have written in our books, this is exactly what you can expect to happen – and more.  The point of transition is to go from one state of being to another, as each secret is uncovered you get closer to the truth. The truth is that you work to provide money for others, and they remain prosperous because you buy from them and pay taxes. One possible transition would be to find a way to work for yourself, and spend your money locally.  Giant corporations wield more power in dark corners than you realise.  Enjoy the process of transition, it should be exciting.

©Candace Caddick