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And I Saw A New Earth now on Kindle

And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth

If you would like to read And I Saw A New Earth on your Kindle or I-Phone I have just put it on Amazon worldwide. I chose the name for this book after singing Edgar Bainton’s I Saw A New Heaven (check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE7zTYcn3Rw) in a choral society and the words and images stuck in my head. Some of the final words are “and there were no more tears.” That’s what appealed to me.

©Candace Caddick

Paradigm Shift Book Review

And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth

Last year I sent a copy of my book And I Saw A New Earth to Paradigm Shift Magazine and they’ve reviewed it online at http://paradigmshiftreviews.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/and-i-saw-a-new-earth-2012-and-beyond/

What I like about this review is the lady’s final line of “One of the best channelled works I have seen – it has certainly given me much on which to ponder.”  I felt the reviewer really understood the book, and when writing I go to a lot of trouble so people will receive the angel’s messages. Channelled books should be accurate and it’s a privilege to be in such close contact with angels and beings of light.

Check it out. I’ve copied it onto this website’s Reviews page also.

Changes You Never Even Imagined

Cracks in the shell

I left town and drove to the seaside in the rain on Sunday. When you’re away from built-up areas you can see cracks appearing in the energy around the Earth. What none of us realised was how solid the energy field was around the planet. The energy shell around the Earth was put there eons ago to keep this planet cut off, so that humanity and the other species here learned in isolation. We had linear Earth-time, and as the rest of the universe learned and moved forward in timelessness we moved on at a snail’s pace. Learning in isolation has proved to be very slow. (All of this was explained in the books in much more detail, Planet Earth Today, The Downfall of Atlantis, And I Saw A New Earth. The books are background, the articles are current events.)

It’s one thing to welcome the connection to the Universe through Avebury and see the information pouring through as a blizzard of symbols. It’s something else to see the Earth shaking and cracks forming in her outer shell. I walked down a valley to the coast and underneath the cracks I could look up and see the stars, and other times I was under the cloudy sky. The flow and movement of the winter ocean has allowed quite large areas of space to appear over the sea where the cracks have joined together. The cracks will have completely dissolved the energy shell in about seven weeks. They are caused by the shaking of the Earth’s energy.

We have been sealed in on the Earth for a long time, and humanity has progressed so slowly. Meanwhile the universe looks full of life and activity. By dissolving the solid energy field around us and exposing us to the life and flow of the universe we will change more quickly. We will finally have new growth and be able to progress to be more than we were. I think we will connect better with each other, and if we become closer everything could change. Our social systems are fairly callous, and what doesn’t feel right now will feel more and more wrong as time goes by. It feels like as this shell opens we will evolve again.

Earth-time will become irrelevant as we return to universal time. Let go of expectations and enjoy the ride.

The Last Four Months of 2012

And I Saw a New Earth

By the Archangel of Light

Your golden summer is over, and the pace is going to pick up now. You had a breathing space and found out that life could be fun, but for the rest of the year the speed of change is going to accelerate. In our book And I Saw a New Earth we described the end of this 26,000 year cycle which is four and a half months away. After that everything will change, because the Earth itself has renewed itself for the final push towards ascension. Your feet will walk on a planet that has completely changed and is giving out energy laced with light and love.

There is a young man from Tottenham, where the riots began last summer in London, who is a barefoot runner. He could feel the Earth beneath his feet and thought “This is IT” he sold his home and moved out to a new location and thought “When is it all happening?” It has begun already in patches and will complete the Earth’s transformation in December 2012. The Earth is going to transform gently in order not to lose anyone who wants to stay on.

Here’s how this could affect you: you may feel pressure where you have unresolved issues. Once you had time to deal with crises in your personal lives, but that luxury has gone. Suddenly its become life and death to see if you can let go and move forward. You will not be moving backwards and it is safe to run ahead with the help of the prevailing energy.

2012 is the year you get ready to move forward in 2013. Position yourselves somewhere new where you will be happy, and let your new lives unfold. Not doing this will increase the pressure on you until something gives.