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What’s Been Happening This May

Walking back

By the Archangel of Light

Sometimes there’s so much happening that one is left simply confused. The weather can be unusual, and events can make no sense whatsoever. The May elections have taken place indicating that people want to build walls around themselves, remaining in their little boxes where they have control over what happens.

You are one species and one soul, so always we wish to see you remember this and embrace each other with love. We have learned lessons of patience and compassion while watching you on Earth, and as you become ever more fearful of others we know that this will not last forever. One day you will look into strangers eyes you meet and see yourself looking back at you.

This month when many voted to isolate themselves into small and comfortable groups, some of you may have felt that humanity was turning around and walking back down a path you’ve already explored, and that everything’s getting worse. You are not yet at the point where you will walk ahead together in a straight line, although that will be in your future. You are still zigzagging, and are taking one step back before moving two steps forward. It’s what humanity does, it’s your way of learning by retracing your steps and then moving forwards. How many times will you retreat and walk forward? As many times as you need to learn something until it is never forgotten.

We angels don’t want anyone to despair if they feel society is heading in the wrong direction. You aren’t finished learning yet and today’s direction will not last forever. You are a soul of love and light, and one day humanity will have learned everything it needs to and then every step will be dictated by love. It won’t be long until that happens.

©Candace Caddick

Archangel Uriel and the Earth

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

I am the Archangel Uriel and my relationship to the Earth is very close – we are sisters from the same soul group. In the beginning of the timeless universe the planets were all formed of beings with separate consciousnesses. They are beings of light with their own souls, and very many of them are of one type of angelic order or another. The Earth is at heart an angel of light and my relationship to her is one of holding hands. It’s as if my hand reaches into her outer crust and my arm makes a bridge and connects her to myself. We travel together connected heart to heart, and soul to soul. You each are born with a guardian angel in close relationship to you, and I act as the Earth’s guardian angel.

For many years the Earth has been able to access the outer universe through a few breathing holes such as the Lake District in Cumbria, Uluru, and Table Mountain in South Africa.  She also had me and my role became crucial to keeping her alive with universal energy. I am grounded in her with my head above the hard shell containing her surface, and I funnelled energy into her. Sometimes she was limp under my hand, but I continued to support her. Humanity has been here a very long time, and the game of you reaching your own ascension has taken much longer than first envisaged. That meant she has stayed in a fixed position far longer than she ever did in the past. During this renewal of her galactic cycle she is stronger than before, shaking off the hard energy shell and exposing herself and life here to the universe and all that entails.

Shaking off an energy shell is a little like a dog shaking off water. The shaking is enough to crack and destroy the shell, and her energy is shaking more every day. If a being of light needs to shake and move to maintain her life and health that is a good thing for everyone on this planet. But remember that first the energy changes, then the physical. These are unsettling times where Earth changes from a position of stasis into a new position of comfort. Can you tap into that energy and move your own lives from stasis to comfort? It’s going to be very hard to continue exactly as you were on a planet of change.

How Does Channelling Work?

By Candace Caddick

Sometimes I read other people’s channelled articles, and they all sound different. Some sound more accurate to me than others, and this is important to remember about reading channelled information: if it doesn’t sound right to you then use your discernment whether to believe it or not.  For me there is a clear ring to the truth and a solid clunk to something when it is untrue. There may be gaps in information where a channel has missed the point the angels, spirit guides, the Earth, trees, crystals, animals, etc. are trying to bring through. You can find these yourself when reading, if they sound like they are going to say something very interesting and then don’t say it, they did not bring the information through. That is as far as the ability of that person to channel extends, and it is also the hardest part of channelling, to let go completely and bring all the information through, and recognising when something has been missed.

A word about channelling from the Archangelic Collective:

“Of course we don’t speak. We speak in vibrations of energy, as all sound is energy, and as it comes through a person’s consciousness it splits into different languages around the world. The choice of words used is up to the channel as they understand the energy.”

Some information, such as the names of the Archangels in Atlantis, is sometimes spoken about in English. These names are a rendition of the quality of their energy. They do not need names, but it helps us humans because we work in names as a form of short-hand to identify others; they are useful and not a bad thing.

©Candace Caddick


The Other Side of the Chasm

By the Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel are the two Earth angels. Michael has a further reputation as the holder of the fiery sword. He’s the same angel.

You crossed a bridge into your own future yesterday, and I realise some on you felt ungrounded and for that reason it was a good day to hold off on major decisions. From today you are embarking on your own futures, and now the decisions you make that move you forward are infused with light and potential. We Archangels would encourage you to make personal decisions that are really big and to aim high, and start today.

Let me be more specific. If you can believe that there are no outer limits, that the limits you impose have been created by yourselves only, can you plan your ideal life? Take positive steps to choose what you really want, say them out loud and repeat them. Don’t settle for anything other than your ideal life. You are heading into the new Earth, and in many ways it is a blank story waiting for you to write your lives onto it. When the Chasm appeared it was the END of the old world energetically, and the new energy was ready to begin. This energy will build and grow over the next months until 2013. You can use the first day of the new energy to ride to the life you want to live. You have to start with the idea and what steps will take you there – and then do the work and take the steps. Instead of no energy, or opposing energy you can use this to go forward. Where do you want to be in January? Start your plans and actions now and move toward it with a flow of energy pushing your forward.

We wrote in “And I Saw A New Earth” about the timelines converging to the end of 2012 into a single big knot. Afterwards the lines that move forward are new and made by humanity. You have the chance from today to choose a happy timeline for yourself. You also have the chance to choose for your society by your actions a forward path of light. This is the time when everything is new, and the energy of light is building on Earth. Your clearest and safest route into your own future is one of happiness and joy, and let the rest go.

We angels have waited a long, long time for this rebirth of the planet Earth. By the time it comes in December many of you will have put yourselves where you need to be next year. This is for you, not the planet. It’s your chance to get off to a flying start in the new year by working thoughtfully this year. Your actions that take place before Christmas will be important to set you up for next year.  We love you and wish you happiness.

Angelic Help

Archangel Melchizadek

Throughout the ages we have had people who could hear us and write down or speak our words. We are willing to help humanity, and in earlier times we were more visible to you. There are a number of reasons why you stopped seeing us, and the most usual one is that you don’t believe you can see angels. There are a few who have unblocked their eyes and ears, and we teach them so they can pass on our teachings. We are beings of light and our teachings share our love of everything that exists right across the universe, where we can be present on any planet. We do not have limitations of time or space, so we can be present on many planets at once.

We have the ability to perform many roles, and we do multi-task, but we have tended to concentrate on certain aspects of our personalities so that everything has an angel who focuses their attention on it. There are angels of transformation and joy, beauty and freedom. By focusing their attention on one aspect of life they make sure it doesn’t get neglected and keeps its presence in the universe. We look after life by taking care of the details of life.

We are available to you, we’re all around you at the moment as 2012 advances, and we offer our help. At the moment we are dictating these channelled articles in the hopes they are helpful and assist you in preparing for the near future. It’s not going to be very long now until an explosion in the numbers of people who can see angels again, and we are just waiting for you to ask us for help. Call upon us for help in your everyday lives, because all the small events are what make up one whole life. You’ll be surprised at what we’re able to do.