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End of the Old World, and Beginning of the New. The Role of Elohim in 2012.

Elohim Collective

“Elohim are a collective of angels. We exist in the greater universe as carriers of energies of light. We have divided out from the one who is similar to our parent (the First Elohim), and hold and ground our various vibrations in our own bodies. That means that Joy holds joy intact for the universe; Peace holds that deep and lovely vibration – the sound of peace; Victory, Grace, Hope and many, many more anchor their own vibrations.

We are all here now, surrounding planet Earth at exactly the right time. We have been incarnating in human bodies en masse. Think of us as large air balloons with one toe in a thimble – our human bodies. One Elohim is about twice as big as Earth. How does that make you feel? Hopefully not too small as you have a similar relationship with your own human bodies, but we are almost the largest angels in size. Angel size does not matter; we’re just giving some information about us.

Here we are, incarnated in human bodies (some of us grandparents now) and some far younger, but 99.9% of us asleep and not knowing who we really are. That was how it needed to be up until now but our time is coming! We are the 2012 angels with the special role of capturing the coming wave of energy and pouring it, anchoring it into the Earth.

The wave of energy that is coming is universal, passing across the universe as the very out breath of our creator. It will touch everything before it has completed its journey. Your planet will be touched next year, and we will perform our role of drawing it in and keeping some of it here for her. And this is where being large is handy, as we can spread a little farther out into space and capture more for her, think of a daisy with petals around a centre.

Once we have anchored energy for a year (Not one day! Please think about the lack in such a short time span.)  The Earth will have topped up her reservoir of light, a little bit like someone after a series of Reiki treatments. Anyone who’s had a series of Reiki treatments will know that you are changed by the experience. Your planet will have had more than a year of healing energy pouring into her and she will not be the same when it finally passes by. This is what 2012 is all about, capturing love and healing and pouring it into Earth. You who live on her will feel the winds of change as this happens, but you are not the prime beneficiaries. You could find it all too much high-powered energy. For this reason some of you will be oblivious to the direct energy and wonder what all the fuss was about. Those who practice their Reiki self-treatments daily will find it easier to blend and absorb the healing energy and we strongly recommend that you do so. (I do not mean to exclude other methods of healing, but Reiki does have the advantage in that it teaches self-treatment and you are changed daily by this. You are slightly different because you spent time giving yourself a treatment and because it is daily you keep moving forward without falling back to the way you were.) Those of you who are able to absorb this energy will fill their souls with light in a way you have only dreamed of in the past. And that would be a good thing!”

What I can see is the effect of the energy on those who are flexible will be beneficial, while those who are inflexible will find it terribly hard as the world changes energetically around them.  Think of a sailing ship with the wind in its sails blowing ahead on the water. Now think of a ship where the sails are too tight for the gale force winds and they are ripped to shreds. Or think of a small river swollen by flood water bearing down on a stick which snaps as the water hits it, or think instead of fish being carried along with the water. Be a fish!

Lucifer, the Archangel of Light

I am Lucifer the angel of Light, not the fallen angel of mythology or ruler of a realm of darkness. I rule no one, no angel does. We are holders of flavours of energy, or a shade of a colour. There are so many of us and none are exactly the same. We’re all a little different, like the colours of paint on a paint chart, shade after shade after shade. My own particular colour is searing, bright white as befits the Archangel of Light.

How did it come about that I am cast as the ruler of hell? Trickery and deceit occurred to point at me and say “There’s the one you must fear! There’s the troublemaker! Be afraid and run!” You cannot see me, and if you could you would never have fallen for the lies. White is black and black is – hidden. The attention of the blind humans was successfully diverted to me, and the angels of darkness went about their business in the shadows.

Enough history, this is about reality and judging for yourselves what is truth and what is light. The light does not express itself in a lie, which is the role of the dark side. You are lied to continually by your governments, by news givers, by all those you feel you must trust in your societies. They step up to the microphones and lie to you, and will continue to do so as long as you allow it. You are born with inbuilt filters that can tell truth from lies, and right from wrong; but few of you seem to be using them. Americans may refer to them as “bullshit detectors”, and you need to decide to be truth detectors and then act on the truth. Hans Christian Anderson wrote about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and the citizens laughed at the emperor until he was ashamed. We like Hans, he makes us laugh and we relish joy and laughter. But he was a story teller and told you an easy way to behave in the face of ridiculous lies; to join together and all act at once. This isn’t about rioting, this is about refuting lies.

Human beings are wonderful, creative and joyous, but you are a slave race.  You don’t need anyone to rescue you; you are capable and fully-equipped to rescue yourselves. This is one of your own challenges, are you ready to take it up?


The Spinning Planet

Archangels Melchizadek, Uriel and Esmariel

The Archangels have been excited about writing this article; they’ve been building up to it over time. It’s always about the energy, and energy is everything.

A new plan is being woven by the Earth; she weaves it out of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, colours and songs. She takes scraps from a rag-bag and picks the ones she wants to take forward and lets the others go, making a new physical planet out of the energy of what is available. This is where you come in as creators of the thoughts she can access. You are all powerful enough to think, and your thoughts float away from you and almost have a life of their own. They can combine with similar thoughts and create a great consensus and physical action. A good example of this is the American Revolution over two hundred years ago. Thought led to actions that changed the world for the better at that time.

Your thoughts spin away from you in threads and are picked up by the Earth – who can choose to weave them into her future and your future. She has a lot of black and grey to work with, and we would like to see a diversity of thoughts. Bright and happy thoughts carry a completely different vibration and colour and allow her to pull these into a brighter future. You’ve had a fear-filled start to this millennium where there have been wars and terrorism followed by economic insecurity. These events made it hard to be positive, we know. We want you to look at your own lives, are you hungry or homeless, or are you being fed and sheltered? Did all the bad things you fear come to pass? Starting with the computers ruining the world in the millennium bug scare, you’ve had one thing after another trotted out before you to make you worry and generate sad and fearful thoughts.

So today we want to mention some positive things for you to look forward to, so that you can think some happy thoughts and change your future for the better. The Earth is awake and preparing to resume her role as “mother” and take charge again.  (articles on Earth waking up see http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/03/earth-and-spring-2011/), http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/03/new-dawn-the-beginning-of-the-next-age/) There is nothing else that can have as big an effect on your lives as this. There are strong beginnings of renewal of two-way communication with her, with more and more respect for the planet and more healing groups. There is a groundswell of consensus to protect the planet, especially among younger people. There is acknowledgement of planetary support, planetary generosity and (incredibly after all this time) the dawning realisation that you need to care for her if you’re going to have anywhere to live. This is an about-face on old attitudes.

Once there were only a few torchbearers in Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, and now there are a great many that are changing their ways of looking at how they live. Clean air, clean water, clean soil are all moving up in people’s consciousness and attitudes are changing. We can see the change in energy from our perspective, and you are moving away from a position of uncaring. Concentrate on the good things that are happening and more will happen in your world that is light.  It’s time to be happy everyone.

Transformation before ascension

Archangel Esmariel

Transformation is an irresistible force, and is another word for change and growth. All things change and grow, but they do not have preset directions. You may understand that the planet is on her way to ascension, and it is her intention to ascend at the right time.  There is no guarantee that this will happen. We wrote last week about becoming one with all life on this planet, and it includes having goals that are the same as other species and working together with them. As long as humanity is divorced from the rest of life there is doubt introduced regarding successful ascension.

There is an overwhelming majority of humans who don’t know or care if the planet ever ascends. A few care and work as torch-bearers leading the way for others to follow. What would humanity have to gain by joining in and working with the planet and the other life here? How about happiness for all, sense of purpose in being alive, integration and end of loneliness? Many would love to have this as their daily lives, but people really don’t know anything about any of this. You are starting your journey from down in a hole. You don’t know you could be one soul group together if you wished to be, or one with the other lives here, animal, plant, insect, etc. So we look and we see a writhing mess of unhappiness and loneliness. Many people just exist without any function besides eating, sleeping and staying alive.  Their lives are grey with unhappiness.

It’s a new spring with new opportunities, new growth and new life. This channel already knows how to be one with all life and this planet, and there are one or two others out there who also know how to do this. It’s possible to live like this now and not wait for some distant day. In fact we are really hoping some of you will take these steps now and change the overall energy of humanity. Transformation is my essence, it’s what I do and I work with all those who ask for my help. Don’t forget that I’m here; when you are ready to change you will be entering the flow of light.


It’s easiest to take on one outside consciousness at a time. You don’t need to be in a hurry.


P.S. This is the hard part about giving over my space to archangels for writing their messages. Am I supposed to say “I can help you do this?” then teach others how to become one with all of life, or just post what they write? (I asked them, and they said there are some out there that are ready to learn, so I guess this article is aimed at you.)

New Dawn, the beginning of the Next Age

New Dawn, the beginning of the Next Age

The Seraphim are one of the five collectives of angels whose home is in the space between the universes. Their presence here is voluntary, in service to the Creator. Their golden light connects the universe together. One of the benefits of working with Melchizadek as my main guide is that he is present both in this universe and in the timeless space between. If he wants to show me something outside of this universe, off we go. (Remember the outside wall of this universe is at the centre!) When you leave this universe you end up with your back plastered against the wall looking at the five large balls of light that are the angelic collectives: Seraphim, Cherubim, Principalities, Mentalities, and Elohim. They have their various roles serving the Creator. You also see the five large balls of black energy who are the opposite of these collectives; I do not know their names. There are also large balls of shades of grey. (There is a lot more out in that space around the creator than these collectives of angels.) I have met angels of the light and black groups incarnated here on Earth at this time. You just need to look at the colour of their soul to see where they come from, i.e. Elohim always look blue, Principalities rose-pink, and Mentalities yellow. There are no incarnate Cherubim and only one incarnate Seraph. Humans look red.


The Seraphim (a collective of Angels)

(Cue lots of angelic singing.)

The purpose of the Earth sleeping was for her to develop the parts of her that are only worked on while asleep. She is not so different from humanity in that respect. In her sleep she stopped looking after you, and stopped looking after the other life forms riding on her, but she slept long enough to achieve the growth and development needed. Her next experience will be in 2012 when the light wave that is travelling this universe arrives and strips off layers of darkness that have dirtied her and tried to suffocate her while she lay motionless. Think of it as black and tarry, and think of her nature as one of bright, shining light.

You all chose to incarnate now to be here at this precise moment. You chose this so you could make a difference to the Earth and to all life here. You planned a variety of roles for yourselves. Some chose to die young and tragically, to shake people up and change things. What if the deaths in Japan resulted in no more nuclear power stations ever being built? The people of Japan have demonstrated twice the horrors of nuclear power, once in WW2, and recently as their power station teeters on the brink of melt down. The Japanese are brave people, and because they have taken this on themselves others may never have to suffer in the same way. There are still choices to be made regarding nuclear power in other countries.

Look out of your windows and say “I want to see the Earth energy.” There is energy pouring up out of the ground now that she is awake, where before there was nothing. It is a result of metabolic processes, of her engines whirring and energy flowing around along her ley lines. Walking through the shimmers of energy (looks like tall wavy grass, yesterday perhaps about ten feet tall, today waving high up into the sky) are the elementals, all so happy now.   They are busy in their work as tenders of the planet, and now have the support of the planet itself. Instead of deep sleep they can communicate directly with her and she can assist in her own care. You have no idea what she is like when she is awake.

Expect to see the following: those who behave like raiders and brigands will be squirming as the energy they live in becomes uncomfortable. It’s not so much fun living on a planet of light when you have a dark soul. Expect to see a resurgence of growth in the natural world, like a ping pong ball that has trees and greenery sprout out of the surface fuelled by the below ground energy. This luxuriance will turn your world from a desert into a rainforest. Life will begin to go back to normal, and I don’t believe any of you really know what that is or what to expect. Expect life.