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Reiki Experiment To Try At Home

By Candace.

I heard about an experiment where an apple is sliced in half, the two halves are sealed in plastic bags and then one half has Reiki for ten minutes a day. Because I was taking a stand giving Reiki treatments at a holistic fair, I thought this could be something on my stall illustrating why I do Reiki. My object was to test the difference between the person who self-treats every day, and someone who does not.

At the beginning of the experiment.

I sliced an organic apple and put the two halves in labelled bags, and sat with one of the halves and Reiki’d it for thirty minutes until I felt I could put it down. For the next two days I gave it ten minutes a day. Then I missed two days, and when I came back to the apple the two halves were both light brown. I thought about my Reiki stand, and decided to not take the apple or do any more Reiki on the good half.

By the day of the fair (day nine), I had one half that was light brown, and one that was multi-coloured and decayed. Rotten fruit is not a good look, so I left the apples at home. I’ve been thinking about them since that day, and here’s what I learned:

  1. Reiki an injury quickly for best results, the effect was noticeable.
  2. Reiki made a very visible difference to the apple, which helps because we have a problem seeing its affect inside our bodies.
  3. Take photos if I ever try it again.

Mrs. Takata said a little Reiki is better than no Reiki, and I believe my apple has shown exactly that!

┬ęCandace Caddick

With thanks to Reiki Masters Ian Jarvis and Jan Robinson for the idea.