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Almost There

I’ve been busy finishing off a fourth book, “Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World”, and it hasn’t left me much time for writing articles for my website. The publication date is 16 May, and the book is about where the current changes are taking us, and preparing us for them to make it easier to flow through them.

I wrote that spring would arrive in mid-April, and it did in the UK! Reading the weather in advance is just looking for changes in the energy, then identifying how the change manifests as heat, snow, rain, etc. Try it when you’re planning something outside, you can go quite a few months ahead.

By the Archangel of Light

You find yourself now at the end of a long series of changes in energy over the past few years. You have been prepared by the subtle and almost continual waves of ever-higher vibrations that washed over the Earth. If these waves had not lifted you a little higher each time you could not have coped with what is coming. At the end of April a wave will arrive that will lift many of you onto your real path, and this is what you were born for – the beginning of the golden years for humanity. It’s starting slowly now, and will arrive before the end of April. (We wrote about this wave in the “Guidebook” mentioned above.) Make sure to get enough rest during this period of adjustment.

A wave of light vibrates at quite a high level, and some people will find they are not ready for it and try to keep living as they always did and ignore it; but they won’t be able live unchanged. Perhaps you were unaware, but you have also been exposed to waves of darkness. There will be no more of those low-vibrational waves on Earth.

These waves of light affect you in a similar way to turning up the heat under a pan of water. First it gently simmers and then works itself up to a rolling boil. By now many of you are used to the heat and will ride the bubbles ever higher. We call it being cooked by Spirit, you change from what you were into a new, improved version of yourself. You subjected yourself to this energy, learning to live with it and now you will live on a planet that matches this energy. All people will be exposed to the same energy at the same time. This is why we recommend over and over that if you are a healer you need to practice your healing modality. It helps you adjust to the energy.

This will be a huge change for humanity, where some of you float off into new lives where everything is possible, and others become frustrated at their lack of effectiveness. Use your imagination, your intentions, and your creativity to expand your horizons. This is forceful new energy you can ride like a surfer, and go easily into your future. Where do you want this wave to take you, where do you want to be at the end of 2013 and later? Think about your goals and dreams to give yourself direction and let the wave carry you there.

©Candace Caddick

Three-Dimensional People

Ungrounded people

By the Archangel of Light

The old Earth is gone now and everyone is living on the New Earth together, but there is one big difference. Last April about 47% of the planet’s population chose light and to go forward; they began a journey towards living on the New Earth. It’s been quite a ride so far, and is going to accelerate more and more quickly over the next three years or so.  The “or so” is added because this is a big period of adjustment from the old to the new, and it will happen at different speeds in different lives. The ability to move forward and create a new future for yourself will depend on exactly where you are starting from right now. Some of you may make decisions that speed you up, or slow you down. You may live in a part of the world that will have more turmoil and it takes longer to recreate the society in a model where everyone is happy. People create their own futures and may go off at a tangent and be slower or quicker.

(By Candace) My guides kept telling me that I had to be sure to be anchored on the New Earth by taking the steps I needed to take in 2012. Now I can see that I appear to be wearing little lead boots along with many other people, and those 53% who did not choose to come into the future are not weighted down, and appear to be floating off in the light rising upwards from the Earth. Over time they will float away and be gone. They will continue to deny that anything has changed, and their actions will become increasing irrelevant. We appear to be living happy and constructive lives on the planet below, while there is a lot of hot air up above us – and then they are gone. These people are not grounded and the decisions they make will not be sensible for the New Earth. The decisions will be hard for them to support without energy behind them. Don’t do anything illegal, but work to change the laws so they support justice.

These are the 3-D people, the ones who live next to you who have no energy. You can see them, but you can’t feel their auras. When someone silently comes into a room and you turn to see who is there, you felt them enter. There’s nothing left to feel with these people, and the amount of energy they have to pursue their plans is zero.

How long will they be with us? If one of them was your child or spouse would you be in a hurry to see them go? Some people will realise what has happened and die a bit younger, others will live out a full life span. Most of the people on the New Earth right now are the youngest ones, children and young adults. There are those who are in their 90’s who joined the roller coaster to light, but as a percentage there are far fewer middle-aged and older people. One day all of these ungrounded people will have passed away and only those who chose light will be left on Earth. It will happen in the time it takes to happen, it appears very fast to angels but we expect it to occur in Earthly life spans. The main point is to make your own lives from this moment, and to let others posture and make short-term decrees.

Your future has begun.

The Beginning of the End

New Earth

By the Archangel of Light

We stand at the beginning of Earthly spring in the Northern Hemispheres, where the green hues spread and grow as we look down. The snow melts and the grass turns green, leaves fill out on trees and bushes and hide the ground. Every year is the same and we never tire of seeing spring arrive.  It is the time of year when the light is the most available to you, before the lush foliage of summer. Get outside and soak up the light, and visit with the spring flowers that need the bright days to flourish. It’s the last spring of the old world.

This year is no different until the middle of April when the universal wave of energy blasts through, picking up those who have prepared for the ride. This is the year of rebirth for the Earth, and the first major event. By separating humanity according to their energy, their light, and their readiness to flow a crack will appear in the whole – Earth and the life on her. From that point on the two parts of humanity will experience events differently, one with joy and excitement in the future, the other completely blind to what is happening. The crack allows movement and as you separate, the planet begins her process of separation also. The Earth is preparing to renew gently and this is the first step, the first crack in her old skin that will allow her to recreate herself later in the year.

The rebirth of the Earth is the big event of the year in your galaxy, it’s her turn in the spotlight. We angels are here like midwives to assist in that process, it is to our advantage to help it take place smoothly and with minimal disruption, and so it shall. But is that why you are here, to live bland and smooth lives, or did you come to enjoy yourselves and live it up? You are set to have the most fun a soul can have if you are ready in April, otherwise you won’t even be able to view the ride and miss it completely. This is a last push from us to get you to single-mindedly accomplish what is foremost in your minds, and to do the work that sets you free to enjoy this amazing year of 2012.

Follow up from 11.11.11

Archangel of Light

Some of you experienced God on 11.11.11, and some of you didn’t. God was present in the opening in the centre of the universe where he peeked in and looked at all of you, all of life, all of Creation. Some of you remembered how much you are loved, and that your ability to feel and remember Divine love is hampered and limited by your human bodies. That is part of the parameters of your existence here.

Love is the great current of flow in all universes, and where fears hold you back you experience very little movement. Frozen in your tracks like a rabbit in a car’s headlight you wait for that which you are afraid of to smack into you. As light is about movement and flow, darkness is about fear and stagnation, and it’s time to release your fears and enter the river of light. When that happens you will find things begin to happen quickly for you, with each event moving you forward and edging you into the flow of life. When I see someone in the flow I see a happy person bobbing from day to day without fear or worry as all they need floats within reach. They put out their hands and take hold of everything that comes to them. Only the items that are useful and beneficial come into their grasp, the hurtful ones are in someone else’s river. Life was meant to be this way.

What are you afraid of? If you are a healer of some description, can you run the healing energy through for yourself while you sit and think about “what am I afraid of?” “I’m afraid that if I ____, something bad will happen to me.” What it is holding you frozen like the frightened rabbit? Now I, the angel of light, offer a gift to those of you who sit down to do this and ask me for help: I will help. Stay out of your heads, focus on your hearts and ask for help getting to the bottom of your fears, and how you can let them go. This is not time to reason it all out, but to feel it out. I can help you see where these fears came from, and how they are grounded in falsehood. You can stop carrying them and let them drop off. Fear is the most limiting.

Ask me, I promise you my help.