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Humanity’s Ascension Process

By Archangel Uriel,Archangel of the Earth

March 2016 – this is the month when everything under your feet is changing, and the knock-on effect is to change you.  The Earth is changing every molecule right now. Try to see it as one molecule flying out and another one coming in to take its place. Since 2012 she has made what changes she could, trying not to rock the boat too much for you and other life on her surface.  She knows how you value your stability and security. But she couldn’t have a complete make-over without a major change. She went through her own process of ascension in September with the rest of life here, and her energy could no longer be contained in exactly the same form. She is replacing her physical self now to match her energetic self as the physical has to be upgraded during any ascension where the ascended body is still living, simply to hold the energy.  This energy is swirling around and renewing every part of her.

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

Why aren’t you able to see this?  Your vision stops short of seeing this dimension, all of this activity is eleventh dimensional work. But many of you have felt it coming in waves all month long. It’s effect on you has been tiredness, fogginess and excitement all rolled together. Every step you’ve taken in March has been against a background of wildly fluctuating energy. Instead of walking on a level path as in February, you are climbing up and down steep hills all day long. We urge you to rest and go to bed early this March.

There are a few of you who are in the same process of renewal, recreating yourselves with new, higher-grade cells in your bodies. Because you personally are in charge of this you will most likely have recreated any existing health problems in your new body through ignorance or simply not being finished with the lessons your body is teaching you. But this is truly a time where everything is changing and your physical body is not required to be stagnant. It is responding to change every day. Your new bodies will be able to hold the higher energy frequencies of ascension.

Does this mean you will have ascended? Ascension normally takes place in-between lives and if an ascended master or mistress chooses to reincarnate, as some do, the new body is born with all the ability to hold the higher energy. This March is changing those of you who came along on the new Earth so that you can continue living here, to prepare you for ascension later if you are ready. The Earth’s change in energy is so great that you would find yourselves being left behind as she moved forward, spending all your effort in keeping up. These changes allow you to proceed in alignment with her ever-changing energy.

Imagine the process you have been going through for the last two weeks, and accept that you could need some rest. The Earth will finish this phase of her renewal in mid-summer, slowing down the rate of change from mid-April. You will both have changed at the same time, each holding a higher vibration than previously, ready to keep moving forward.

Earth’s ascension is explained more fully in my latest book “Stepping Through the Looking Glass”, http://www.candacecaddick.com/books/stepping-through-the-looking-glass/. I notice Amazon is saying 2-4 weeks delivery, but that’s not true, it takes about a week to come. 

©Candace Caddick

A New Era on Earth

Earth picture courtesy NASA

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth.

The Earth has relaxed. This week has been calm, the quivering energy from gearing up for change is quiet and steady now. You live on a planet of light, and among the plants, animals and insects, etc. that ascended with her to the next phase of existence. They are all adjusting to the new vibration.

The Earth is a few days into a process that will take her between six and seven months to fully consolidate. She is adjusting and getting used to her new abilities and strength, and smaller changes will continue to take place until Spring 2016. You can still adjust part-way with her by spending time outside, living balanced lives and celebrating her new life. It’s your best chance to move forward with her.

For humanity, you have had many years of existence that were much the same year by year. Your higher self recognises that this has not worked for you, that it resulted in you missing your first chance at human ascension. There are changes on your horizon, all of which will try to gather you together and point you towards the light of ascension. To us, humanity now looks like many small beings of dense physicality, living on a planet where literally everything else has released this heavy energy and is lighter and  more free flowing. All looks light except people, and the other non-ascended soul group (who are far less numerous than you!) There will be changes, and those who change easily will cope the best. Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, and enjoy the ride.

I was wondering if I had done anything particular to help the Earth ascend, and they said that my work in putting the whole ascension process into my books about the planet helped to hold the energy for ascension on the physical plane. Earthly ascension is the biggest story here, and they spent four books carefully explaining all about it, and our place in the process. It was new to me when I wrote down their words, but I’m pleased I understand what is happening right now. The fourth book, Guidebook to the Future, covers these months of financial turmoil and mass movement of refugees, among other things. It’s a book they wrote to set your mind at ease and stop you worrying.

I’m enjoying the feel of the new energy, the relief of moving through lighter and higher energy is palpable. The Earth looks solid again and no longer shaky. Another change is the clarity now  of the Earth’s energy as it’s vibrational rate has risen.  

©Candace Caddick

Earth Ascension – How it Affects You

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

By Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

Do you understand the world as a place where everything is alive, and being alive all have a soul? To an angel the idea that something lives and without a soul is complete nonsense, it implies that all your animals and insects are zombies. The Earth provides a space for souls to learn about life and who they are; soul groups enter with a plan to achieve this and use their experiences to increase in wisdom and love. Each life form here is working towards this knowledge, and with knowledge comes ascension. When the soul leaves a living body, the body is dead whether human, animal, or plant.  Each soul is equal to each other soul in size by the way we measure souls, which is by the amount of life present in the spiritual body, not size of the physical body.

Consider the largest physical body here, that of the planet Earth. It’s her turn to ascend now along with all but two of the life forms present on her surface. Humanity plus one other are not ascending at this time, but will be living on a planet that has finished learning everything she could at her present level of experience. She is taking a step into her future and into a higher vibrational state of being, with a greater outpouring of light. You will be living on a planet that has changed as much as a planet can change from the inside.

At the beginning of humanity’s time here the plan was to go with her when she ascended, but you are not yet ready. It doesn’t mean you can’t be ready in the future, but that you will not be delaying Earth and the others. You’ll keep working towards your own goal of ascension, in order to catch up with her. Where will she be? The analogy most of you will recognise is one of your computer games, where once a level is finished the player goes up a level and continues playing. She is going up a level. Her vibration is accelerating swiftly and her light is increasing. Your path is to accept and use the light in the form of love and truth and to work with it. Look around you and see where you can take action using love and truth, and then do it. The light will hold you steady while you look at humanity’s problems and act. Even though you have missed your first chance, it doesn’t mean another won’t appear. Earth’s ascension will help you rather than hinder you.

As always, it is of the utmost importance to use a form of self-healing such as Reiki, meditation, Sufi spinning, etc. to take each day’s increase in energy and consolidate it. Those of you who practise will therefore move gracefully and rapidly ahead in the new energy, and make it easy for yourselves. There will be those who instead of moving forward, will hit a glass wall and stop. This is one of the crunch times for your soul group, and you have a few surprises up your sleeve to make it a success. Don’t be afraid or worry, if you were not able to work with this energy you would not be reading this now.

Starting this weekend.

I visited Avebury last weekend to add to the preparations for this event. The Earth will use Avebury as the site it rises through to her new vibrational state, and the energetic structures were all in place to make this happen. “Rises through” means something else in the higher dimensions, the planet will not appear to be going anywhere in height, width and depth. The stones themselves were elongating and stretching high into the sky to hold their places in the new level. The ground is quivering more every day as the energy builds to something most resembling an orgasm.  

Angelic advice is to continue to ground yourselves, you can’t do this too often right now, the Earth is still supporting you. Do your best to balance next week by holding on to the things that support you with love and living in a rounded and balanced way. Be outside. Celebrate as the Earth undergoes a reincarnation-same-body experience, the small death where the new Earth is enhanced with more of her soul available for her use – more wisdom, more light, and more strength. Appreciate who she was, and all she is and will be. This is the biggest party of our lifetimes, and it would be a shame to miss it.                        

©Candace Caddick

Before Stonehenge – Neolithic Orkney Islanders

Two years ago I wrote about the Orkney Islanders and their path to community ascension in www.candacecaddick.com/2012/08/neolithic-temple-in-the-orkney-islands/. The Orkney Islands are located near the fringes of our world, where the veils between the Earth and the universe are thinner and more easily breached. The August 2014 issue of National Geographic Magazine revisited the Orkneys and wrote about what’s been discovered in the archaeological digs. If you’re going to read both of my articles, start with the older one first.

Ring of Brodgar

Archaeologists have been uncovering more details from the temple dig on the largest isle of the Orkney’s. They found the oldest examples of the pottery used in Neolithic Europe on the Orkney’s, which was a stop on a major trade route allowing their pottery to spread widely. The Orkadian’s all mysteriously disappeared at once without a trace. But first, they had a big party. The shin bones of four hundred cattle were found arranged in their large hall, and then the roof was pulled in. Following that they were gone.

A few years back I went (as my higher self) to an ascension party out in the universe. The universe likes to celebrate when anyone steps into the light, it’s a recognition of the learning and experiences that were lived through in order to ascend. These islanders reached enlightenment through community, and as a community they held a celebration party before pulling the roof down and leaving en masse.

Those who lived on the Orkney’s learned what it was to be a human being, to love every member of their society and value them as highly as they did themselves. Their personal boundaries spread to include every member of the human race, whether they were friend or visiting stranger, all were treated with love. One day they all knew they had finished learning and were free to ascend to a higher level where they would keep learning from a new perspective. They would be taking nothing with them, and rather than abandon their animals they ate them, and those cattle died for that time.

Ascension isn’t turning into a beam of light or floating on a cloud. It is playing the same game of self-knowledge with new subtleties of thought and experience, and new responsibilities. Life exists in so many different levels and forms and it is always interesting.

©Candace Caddick

Breaking news about a underwater stone circle in the Orkneys. http://www.scotsman.com/news/stone-circle-to-rival-ring-of-brodgar-found-off-orkney-coast-1-1900933

There are still places on my Woodhenge Workshop on 6 September. If you are interested in coming please contact me.

Effortless Ascension

By the First Elohim

Outside the walls of this universe there are five of balls of light that consist of angels who exist in a collective form. The Elohim are one of the collectives, as are the Cherubim, Seraphim, Principalities and Mentalities. There are many Elohim incarnate in human bodies on Earth at this time to help us. You can tell by the colour of their souls (blue) that set them apart from humanity and the other angels incarnate here at this time.

 In late April a significant wave of energy blossomed up and out of the Earth itself. The effect it had on many of you has been to lift you higher and higher. Those of you that chose living on the new Earth have energy bodies (see: www.candacecaddick.com/2013/04/an-energetic-tidal-wave/), and the others have no discernable energy bodies whatsoever. Those people continue to live on a planet that no longer exists. The wave that rises out of the Earth reaches your energy body and lifts it like a leaf floating on a stream. When it reaches those with no energy it moves through their bodies as if nothing is there. Those of you floating like leaves are lifted without any effort on your part at all.

You have left behind your old positions on a vanished planet, and are on your way to a new life on an energetically new planet. This is why you are entering into times of great changes, where many of you will be building your lives in a very determined way, and others will be milling about ineffectively. The initial changes will be those involving people and the society you have built together, not the planet. Whatever you have created as your surroundings is subject to change. You may have noticed that more and more agreements made in the dark are being exposed to public scrutiny.  This is the beginning of change in society. The old society lies at the bottom of a wave of energy and has no upward movement. Your society and cultural rules will lie on the floor and decay quite rapidly.

What are your personal goals, and where do you want to be in three, six, twelve months, or five years? This is the time when you have all the energy you need to develop your own pathways. The wave supplies the energy, and when it ends soon you will stop rising vertically and start walking forward on a planet made of that same energy. You have begun the process of human ascension, and it was so easy that many of you never even noticed.

Be happy.

©Candace Caddick