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Athletes leave London for home

Ethiopian Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Beginning Monday 10,500 athletes and their coaches are leaving London to return home. They take with them the happiness of their stay in the city, and their share of the Olympic energy. The origin of the modern Olympics was to promote unity and connection around the world and these young athletes have woven a web of light between their cultures.

The energy of the city of London changed for two weeks and the challenge is to hang on to this. People were friendly and happy, but Londoners are friendly and happy – who says they’re not? They are continually told they are unfriendly, stand-offish and grumpy. Londoners have as much right to be happy as anyone on the planet. When society, newspapers and clever people try to take the population to a low-level of self-esteem we ask you to remember the Olympic Games, the two weeks of happiness and Londoner’s own good natures.

These were the crying games where the hearts of the athletes were free to open and the winners and losers cry without restraint. How hard it was in the past to hold those tears back and try not to feel; closing your heart down is not natural or helpful. You have to feel to cry, and the athletes and spectators at home cried. We’re encouraged by the open hearts we saw.

The energy created here is golden and light, and there is more energy than we could ever imagine.  In 2012 there will be a gradual shift in energy and it will be staggered. Because London hosted the Olympics they created the opportunity and space for this light to build on the surface of the planet, and it remains and aids the people of one of the largest cities of the world. There will be light against the dark, and light uncovering dark things hiding in dark corners. There’s a lot of light to work with now as we begin our work.