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How Do Shifts in Energy Affect the Earth?

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth.

I want to talk about the crevice between New York City and the island of Manhattan. This deep crack in the energy begins in NYC, then extends northwards through the arctic ice where there is a large ice shelf getting ready to break away. It will be the biggest ice shelf to break off in the North to date. Southwards the crack in energy heads down the Atlantic seacoast.

Arctic sea ice melt

These shifts in energy can be hard to explain because people don’t see them, only seeing the results when they are incorporated into physical events.  Because the impetus for Earth angels to take action started with NYC the remainder of the crack becomes weaker the farther away it goes. If you had an old solid rubber ball, so old that it had begun to have cracks in it, this is similar to what is happening in the energy of the Earth. You could dig your fingers in and pull it apart, it has lost the strength and cohesion to resist. We are talking about digging our fingers into energy here, not the physical Earth.

Go forward in time a few years and what was once energy now affects the physical planet itself.  For example, if you have an idea of something to do, first you have the idea and then you follow through. Energy always comes first, then the physical. This is how you create on Earth, you have a thought then you manifest it in the physical realm – the idea is pure energy. (That’s the most important reason to avoid worry in your life and always look for the good in everything.)

A long time ago the Earth underwent the unimaginable wrenching away of a major archipelago in the destruction of Atlantis. That was necessary to correct a falling away of humanity from its purpose here on Earth, it was generously gifted with a second chance to learn what it was to be human by living and having experiences. This crack is not a human creation and you will have to wait to see how and when the Earth incorporates it into its physical body. The easiest and first physical manifestation will be the ice shelf breaking away in the Arctic. Under the ice shelf? Something new, or rather something old.

There is a renewed interest in Atlantis because we are remembering what it was like to live there. The Archangel’s first two books, Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis talk a lot about what happened then, and why we are here on Earth. Books are available from online retailers or from my website.

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Why are Rats Fleeing New York City?

By the Archangel Michael

I met a Reiki Master who lives and practices Reiki in NYC, on the island of Manhattan. He asked me what had happened there last November, a shift in energy that he is still feeling now six months later.  It had unsettled his students and friends and many were wondering what had happened to the world.  Many of them had also seen rats in broad daylight on the sidewalks, coming up from the sewers and running away.

Manhattan Island

Living in Europe, I hadn’t noticed this shift in November. So I looked to see what I could detect, and asked my guides to explain. The first thing to see was a downward chop of energy between Manhattan and the rest of America. This went very deep into the Earth and the energy felt like it would push the island away from the rest of the continent into the Atlantic. Once detached the Earth was preparing to crumple it up and discard it like a used piece of paper. The rats were leaving Manhattan, I could not detect any remaining mothers and babies, only male rats who were bringing up the rear in the exodus.

We know that wild animals are not caught in tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes or other life-taking natural phenomena. They leave days before it happens. They know.

I asked the rats what they were up to. The rat consciousness replied “We are survivors, more than any other species on the island we are focused on survival. Living with humans provides us with plenty of food, but when we felt the island cut loose, tip and become unattached below we began to leave. We have our rat-runs that lead us out of the city. When we get to the other side we keep going to be out of reach of the tsunami that will result from the movement of such a big piece of land.” The rat runs have all become one-way, and that way is out.

From the Archangel Michael:  Manhattan is the centre of the greed and lust for money and power, and it is warping and ruining the lives of many, many other people. This rapacious preying on other humans is not restricted to any one country but has become global. In the past we removed Atlantis because we could see there was no coming back from its descent into darkness. Today it is a combination of doubt whether the humans who worship money will ever reform, and if there is enough time to wait for such a change. We angels did not take this decision, we are helping the greater human soul who devised this plan to help reach ascension. The human soul is monitoring and taking decisions on a daily basis and creating changes so you can reach the light.

We sliced down through the energy that bound Manhattan to the continent. The energy always comes first, then the physical. Humans are not used to paying attention to energy but animals are. They know that physical change is coming and this is their warning call. We value the life of every rat as much as we do every human, as a loved creation of God. Rats are very good at surviving hence they are leaving. Other species will notice and make their way out. The human soul is calling home those that are working against its common goal. Other humans on the island will die, and they have chosen this as their way to help the soul group. These rate human ascension higher than one lifetime on Earth.

This is an advance warning of an event that is prepared. We do not give the date. Sometimes, as in Atlantis, drastic measures are called for.

I’ve written quite a lot about Atlantis in the Archangel’s first two books, Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis. I can’t look closely at the southern tip of Manhattan at all, the energy is too putrid.



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Stepping Through the Looking Glass

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Over the last three years I’ve been writing my fifth channelled book “Stepping Through the Looking Glass”. It’s become so that the Archangels are old friends now, with different voices and different ways of expressing themselves. I write down their words, and their message is often the same: don’t worry, you are loved, look after the planet. I feel that this message is so important that I need to share it, that worry and lack of love affect 99.9% of the population on Earth. What affects one person affects us all, it creates the environment in which we all live. The books explain our true world in such a clear way! They are books about hope and looking forward to a bright, bright future.

Stepping Through the Looking Glass” is very interesting, with parallels between our time now and ancient Egypt, concentrating on the impact the Atlantean survivors had on life there. There are chapters on magic, and how incredible feats are possible even today when you understand your place in the web of life.  The biggest difference to affect all of us since 2012 is the change in Death, how humanity has re-designed the afterlife to help us in physical life. Our greater human soul has drawn a line and those who are having trouble learning how to treat everyone with love will not be reincarnating. The laws of Karma, so useful for slowing everyone down, have been discarded. Spontaneity and speed are the news laws of rebirth. More help is on the way, as following the waves of Indigo Children and others in the past, being born right now are the Peacekeepers and the new Masters to teach of love. The world of today will not be the world of the future.

The Earth is plugged back in to the universe and is being filled with energy, where before we were running on almost the memory of that energy. It’s the beginning of a new future and advice and guidance are offered here help us understand. The Looking Glass is showing us life on the other side, where our real  world is magical and death helps humanity towards ascension, hope is here for all of us. Why would I not want to write books like these, they’re all so important!

www.candacecaddick.com/books/stepping-through-the-looking-glass/ Available online, on Kindle or from me.

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The Shard, an Atlantean Pyramid in London

The Shard in London

By the Archangel Melchizadek

We’ve written about the Egyptian Pyramids before and how they were never the correct shape. The pyramids in Atlantis were each shaped differently, as each location required a unique design. The Atlantean pyramids were not huge blocks of stone, as they had other ways of building these powerful shapes. The pyramids in Egypt were able to bring in  universal life force energy and store it, to be released as needed over the land for fertile fields. The Atlantean pyramids pulled in enough energy to feed the Earth with light, or split souls into pieces.

Atlantis was an archipelago, and its northernmost island was Britain, a rustic land of orchards and sheep.  The Golden City of Atlantis was in the Thames valley, exactly where London is now. When the main islands of Atlantis were destroyed, Britain was untouched. It was such a backwater that the overwhelming problem of cloning was not practiced there, nor were any of the other dubious scientific experiments such as creating multi-souled slaves. But it did have a massive pyramid.

The Shard sits today over what appears to be a ley line crossing London, but if you look closely it is a  higher dimensional crack into the Earth. The base of the Shard is holding that crack open allowing the Earth to breathe, and looking down into the crack you can see light. At the same time the pyramid is an antenna for light, bringing the energy of the universe down into the Earth. Out from the Shard streams golden energy, strong enough to alter London over time. The crack eases the pressure of a heavy city resting on the surface of the Earth. The Shard is here for a purpose, and a pyramid can be made out of any number of materials. This pyramid is a tool to help the Earth balance and stay healthy, one of many to come in the future.

We angels of Atlantis are here today, and  willing to help in any way we are able.

I visited the Shard last week, and sitting with a friend inside her office we looked down and talked about Atlantis. The building is an exact replica of the Atlantean pyramid in the same place, and its steel and glass construction would not have been possible even 100 years ago. Dropping the veil of time I could look out and see this Atlantean city filled with trees, more garden-like than anything we are used to today. The new pyramid of the Shard overlay the old one of the Golden City. Today there are so many trees and parks in London that a movement exists to have it listed as the world’s first National Park City.

There is more about Egypt, Atlantis, and pyramids in my newest book, Stepping Through the Looking Glass – out soon. The Downfall of Atlantis describes the beings assembled into slaves, and the consequences to the human soul of cloning. I find the new pyramid a great sign of hope, a building filled with lightworkers to keep it safe.

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Ebola, the Hidden Truth?

By Candace

I’m a clairaudient channel, and when I tune into a life form I can find the part of myself that is the same as that life, and then talk to it. There should be no exceptions, and as a very curious person I am able to talk to many, many life forms of the plant and animal kingdom. For instance, it is how I know that insects are so cheerful and optimistic. However, among all the viruses on the planet, there are a very few that have no voice. Ebola, HIV, swine flu, Lyme disease – how can they exist without a voice?

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

In the first book I wrote, Planet Earth Today, there is a description by the Archangel Arial of an assembled life form deep in the mines of Atlantis (I had to watch this, it was horrible):

“There was the grafting of body parts together from various species to see what kind of new animal they could make; as if the original animals had no consciousness to be abused! Would the animal live afterwards, or die? Some human/animal grafting took place also, of all kinds and descriptions. The stylised illustrations from ancient Egypt of their Gods were a far cry from the reality of these experiments. There was so much callousness towards the lives dismembered and put together “just to see if they live”, and if they would make a new sort of useful slave. One slave they created stood tall, at almost two metres, with a body similar to a wolf spider but with the huge powerful shoulders of a man. There were eight powerful arms that each ended in a human hand. This creature lived in the heat at the bottom of a mine where his power and dexterity allowed him to handle the ropes and levers like a living machine. Surrounded by humans he bellowed his confusion and pain, he had no idea why he was made like this or treated in this way. When people create a child they treat it with love, but these poor creatures were never given love and respect by their creators. These people should never have created these forms of life. We could see by this more than in any other way that Atlanteans had lost their ability to live and act with love and respect. Rest in peace all those created during those last days.”

If viruses are being assembled in a lab as the beginning steps in learning how to manufacture useful life forms, then they will have no voice. If these killer viruses are then found in Africa or an isolated pig pen in Mexico, then I suspect they arrived as part of an experiment using the local populations as guinea pigs. The reaction of western governments is to throw tax money at the drug companies to protect us from these viruses, at the rate of about one new scare a year. If you follow the money, the people who are profiting here are the big pharmaceutical companies.

I have confidence in my ability to channel life, and the fact that only these viruses are silent, yet obviously alive, makes me doubt their naturals origins.

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