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How Is Reiki Different on Earth?

Reiki Hands

By the Ascended Reiki Masters

This is from a group of ascended masters who have dedicated themselves to helping others draw Reiki through their hands. Reiki exists in the universe, and they make sure that when one wishes to channel Reiki, it is connected without any difficulties. We take their help for granted.

Reiki is universal life force energy. When you first learn to practise Reiki you may hear this definition, and as you continue to practise your self-treatments you begin to understand what it means – that without this energy there would not be life animating all the beings in the universe. Reiki comes from the Source of all life as an out-breath of the Creator, and is part of His undertaking to provide the conditions for life for all of us. He did not create a lifeless universe, and He provides this energy for all. You walk in it, breathe it, absorb it and create it yourselves because you are a very tiny part of Him. We are using “Him” to avoid the clumsiness of “Him/Her” in sentences. The Creator has all sexes as part of His being (notice we did not say both sexes.)

Reiki is the basic building block of the universe and it is a fine and high quality energy. This  energy has been present here on Earth at all times, or there would be nothing here. Reiki is a modern name for an old practice of opening yourselves up to this energy and focusing it into yourselves or someone else. If you poured sugar into a bottle with a funnel, you would narrow it’s flow. When you draw Reiki through your body and out of your hands you are doing something similar; you are narrowing and concentrating the flow. As you practice your Reiki you are able to do this more easily and often with a greater flow.

In Atlantis, you channelled the original universal life force energy regularly for the Earth. (Written about in Planet Earth Today) While treating the planet or another person you benefit from Reiki’s presence in your body and energy fields. Unfortunately the people of Atlantis did not continue the practice, and it became easier to fool them with lies. They ended up in a failed society that was dangerous to all, and it ended disastrously. Channelling Reiki is the same as channelling light, and filling yourself with light makes it easier to see through lies which always carry a dark energy. Reiki adds to your ability to discern the truth.

After Atlantis there were more episodes of Reiki being introduced and used, and then falling out of practice.  When Mikeo Usui reintroduced Reiki over 100 years ago it was not identical to the Reiki of Atlantis. Where that was high and spiritual, a light gold in colour, Usui’s introduction included a component that was very Earthy and it appears thicker, a deeper shade of gold. It is unique to Earth, and when used here it is keyed to match Earth’s residents in a way  universal energy is not. It helps the spirit, but is also very effective in helping the body. This introduction is matched to the needs of the planet’s population at this time, just as the Atlantean Reiki matched the needs of Atlantis. On no other planet in the universe will you find this exact vibration of Reiki, present on Earth to help maintain your physical health as well as your spiritual health. Reiki is a gift for you.

Although this article has been about Reiki, it is not alone as a spiritual healing practice on Earth. What’s important is that you feed your spirit and soul with a healing practice that suits you.

©Candace Caddick

The Process of Connecting to a Heat Source Energetically


The authors of this article shimmer and look like angels made of crystals

Humans extend their auras through reaching ever farther into the unknown. When you are reaching sometimes it looks like wires or spaghetti, and they stretch out- searching. You can see this is stop-motion photography of sweet peas or runner beans climbing. This is what some of you are doing now. Do you have any idea of how brave you are to reach into the unknown and trust that it will be ok? And because you trust, you have pre-selected that it will work out good for you.

As far as heating yourselves by connecting to the Earth and crystals as a source of energy, you are pushing these connecting wires out, hundreds of wires, and  you are selecting energy and heat as your goal.  As you practice you create new wires, stronger and more focussed, dedicated and attuned to the Earth. When we wrote that the Atlanteans knew how to do this they developed their many wires as infants and were barely aware of them.

We would love to see you practice regularly and not give up until you have created a forest of wires to connect you to the Earth. You are cheated of ease and comfort by being disconnected.

There was a comment on the last article about connecting to the Earth energy through the yoga mudras. There are many ways to connect and different cultures have achieved connection in diverse ways. The important thing in every case is to practice until you have come home, back to a full connection to the Earth. Remember the Earth is now reconnected to the Universe, when you have integrated with her, you are a conscious part of everything.

Mamta, I would love to hear if this works. Another way I have of heating a room is to lift the flame from a candle, divide it into 4 and put it in the corners of a room with the request to burn big and bright and heat the room. That often works, it’s a case of higher dimensional flames heating through all the dimensions.

©Candace Caddick

Guinevere’s Fountain

Candace and Guinevere

A while ago I was meditating when Queen Guinevere appeared and took me to her fountain, where she then invited me to bathe in the water. This was not only cleansing of negativity and the type of yuck that can get stuck in energy fields, but energizing. I was told I could go back anytime, and then hardly ever revisited her fountain.

Last week I had such a head cold, and headache with it until I remembered washing my hair in her fountain and off I went with Guinevere again.  Lying in bed I could feel the energy rising and lifting the headache away, while my hair felt like it was rising and curling away from my head with the healing energy. I wondered what I looked like before and after, and the before hair was like dead straw, and the after was my nice hair again.

I wrote quite a lot about Guinevere in the section about Arthur in The Downfall of Atlantis. She was the original fairy incarnated as a human, and along with Arthur established a new important bloodline. Sometimes I spot some of her descendants, and get to meet them. They share with her a love of the green and natural world and are here now to champion the cause of the Earth.

A Word From Guinevere

My fountain is a fountain of energy, and it looks like natural rock forming a basin for rushing water. This is my promise, that anyone who asks me to go I will take to my fountain to clean you of the static of everyday life, and clouds that impede your clear vision of the real world. People are struggling to find clear sight of today’s events and the world around them. They want to make the right choices in their lives that will lead them to contentment. They know there are decisions being made by others that jar with their sense of rightness, but they feel like they are peering through a shifting fog when trying to make sense of what is going on. There is A LOT  of deception around at the moment, and clear sight will help you not to be confused.

My fountain simply cleans your body and energy fields, and the mere fact that you ask me means you would benefit from visiting there.  There are no further rituals or prayers, just the respect due to me as  you would respect any other being.

Fairies are tied to the type of plants they groom. We do not make the plants grow or flower but we live in them and freshen them up, do a bit of housekeeping as it were.  We are considered magical, but we work with the Earth instead of being oblivious to her and that allows us to tap into her power. We are not particularly powerful, but the Earth is so powerful that she can do anything (natural).  When any being can tap into that power they will appear magical to you. Merlin is a good example of a human who understands the Earth and Earth power. Merlin learned all he knows from a wide number of beings, he is the greatest wizard who studied in the Atlantean style of wizardry.

©Candace Caddick

The Golden City of Atlantis – Under London?

The Downfall of Atlantis

How many of you have travelled by train out of London and been depressed by the sheer dreariness of it all?  Look closely at what lies beneath the layers of modern city and you will see a golden city shining through.

The Guardian of London

“I am the guardian of London, a city ancient beyond your wildest imaginings. Once upon a time there was a beautiful, fruitful island, which was a distant part of an archipelago. Britain was considered a backwater of the sophisticated Atlantean system, an island of orchards and farmland. Comparatively rustic and rainy, it served as a supplier of food to the larger islands where the central cities were situated. It was lightly populated and, like Ireland, did not vanish with the rest of Atlantis. Why not? These two northern islands were not part of the cloning disasters and civil wars that tore the Atlantean civilisation apart. (Please see “The Downfall of Atlantis” for whole chapters on that sad story.)

The Golden City of Atlantis was the local capital and beautiful as all Atlantean cities were beautiful, with streams of running water in verdant gardens and white buildings of smooth stone. The light of universal energy is golden, and the location of this city on this remote island served to connect it to the Earth below and outward to the heavens. This was a special place, a transmitter to the universe of the voice of the Earth. The city was shaped with lower lying buildings on the outward edges building to a single, high pyramid of slender dimensions in the middle. This wasn’t a pyramid for grounding the energy of the universe, it was one for transmitting. The vast, sprawling city of London, England today sits on the site of the Golden City.

Why did no one know about London and why are we bringing through this information now? Times are changing so rapidly, and your rollercoaster ride has begun. By giving you this information now and bringing it from the misty past into your present consciousness we give you the power to uncover the city and make it ready for resuming its original function. It’s tied in with the great stone circles in Britain and Ireland, and will transmit because they are providing the energy. The city as it stands will begin to transmit broken signals. But the information it will transmit is stronger than your depressing buildings. This message is about letting go and allowing flow to take place, not trying to rebuild the present but looking for the next form of city. You can not stop the voice of the Earth being heard again in the heavens.

The events that are so close to you now include restarting the Earth’s engine and pumping her energy along the ley lines, followed by her shaking herself off like a wet dog. Yes, that vigorously. Don’t be frightened; be happy to be part of a return to the light, to wholeness and health. Give up attachment to temporary possessions, and remember that you are a soul with a physical body. Your soul is safe whether the body is dead or alive. And as spring follows winter, life follows death and the new life is lived on a planet of health and plenty. The good times will have returned and you will be a part of them.  (Pyramids, Earth’s engine, ley lines and stone circles are covered in “The Downfall of Atlantis”.)

The resumption of service to the stars will stress your current city, but it is the correct location for this transmitter city. The transmission is made up of an energetic blend of Earth and humanity and in the past this was understood. The benefits of living in the flow of universal energy were known to be so desirable that the people were devoted to maintaining the structure and forms necessary. This is why this island was not destroyed with the others, and why the cloning and civil wars never took hold. Those great evils were unable to get a foothold in Britain.

Holding an Earth Healing Circle

I’ve been holding an Earth Healing Circle at my house for some months along the lines of the Atlantean ones described in Planet Earth Today. (I have put an excerpt from the book on the Reiki page which describes how these circles were done in Atlantis.) When I attended The Reiki Association’s AGM in Birmingham this spring we also did Earth healing in the same way as an entire group. This was made easier as we were seated in a circle when we met.

The way I start these circles is to say aloud that we are now going to channel through healing energy (as not everyone who comes does Reiki, and may do another form of healing or none at all) for the Earth to use however she chooses. That’s it.  Then we open up and channel the energy through and we have a chat, keeping half an eye on how the energy is flowing. After a while, between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, we consciously finish and close the circle.  We all take a look to see what the Earth has done with the energy.

As a Reiki Master with years of experience I have often said “make space in your life every day for some Reiki.” It’s the way you benefit the most from Reiki, to use it on yourself and others regularly.  In these Earth healing circles I am saying the opposite; you don’t need to make a separate space for Reiki, that healing and living with the Earth can be part of your everyday life.  Healing can happen while you are having a chat, and enjoying the evening doesn’t stop you. We heal for a long time once we’ve started; we could not sit together in dark rooms, in silence, holding hands with new age music playing for this length of time. If you wait for mystical circumstances to be set up and push your healing into separate compartments do you heal as often?

At The Reiki Association weekend a large group met four times and held the energy for at least four or five hours. The Association did not ask for anything in return, but freely gifted their time and energy to the planet, while holding discussions. The weekend was called “Roots and Shoots” following on from last year’s “Seeds” and they are seeking to ‘grow’ a vibrant, strong association. At the end of the weekend there was the shape of a very large, golden oak tree in the middle of the room, an energetic skeleton of light on which they could now hang the physical structure of the Association. This was a gift back to The Reiki Association, freely given in return for their gift of healing. Working with the planet makes all our lives easier, acknowledging that we are in a two-way relationship with her opens up healthy lines of communication and oneness.

I can put up a page on my website (www.candacecaddick.com) that reports back from Earth healing circles, who you are, where you are, and anything interesting that’s happened. It is my particular interest, and I would like as many groups to form and do this as possible, and if it helps to list where you are and contact details then I would be happy to do that. You may have to form your own circle.

Enjoy yourselves!

An extract from this blog is in Touch Magazine, Summer 2011 (http://www.reikiassociation.org.uk/12.html)