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The Making of Modern Russians

Lake Baikal

Guardian Angel of Russia

I did not know that countries had guardian angels the same as we do, although I can feel the individual differences in countries when crossing a border.

Russia is in the news for upsets in Ukraine and the Crimea, and I was curious about what was happening there energetically. I could see a thick grey cloud over the heartland which would affect everything that happens on the surface. I also felt that President Putin was a product of this cloud, and if he were not there another would take his place. Russians themselves look so beaten down, like they have been buffeted by a blizzard for so long that they cannot look up. The blizzard has eased but they are snow blind and literally can’t see what’s happening around them.

The Angel of Russia

I have in my care a particularly beautiful part of the Earth, a vast land of mountains and forests, seas and grasslands. It is a country made to be kind to those who live there, and for a long time it was very kind to all. Russia is a story about people and the society they structured around themselves. There is so much natural wealth in Russia that there should be enough for all to live, even the large population of today. The beauty of the land was reflected in the buildings they built to live in, beautiful buildings of stone or polished timber surrounded by gardens of flowers and vegetables. Not cities, because the climate is cold and the growing season short, and people needed to be near their food and wood supplies. Once they lived in villages with their winter stores close at hand to feed their families.

It began to change a long time ago, after the first time they were raided and the people were taken away as slaves. It created an imbalance, and planted the idea of slavery and having someone to do the work for you. Russia is not alone in this! Vikings, great land owners, and communes were all forms of gathering other people’s labour and using it for only a few. The majority raised food for others, and people in a land of wealth became hungry and deprived of the beauty of life. They now live in cities where the ugly buildings are discordant with the surrounding land. Discordant is the right word to describe the way the vibrations of the buildings clash with the vibrations of the land.

The absence of beauty withers the soul. The assault on the senses of an ugly life or building placed into an area of beauty saps people of the energy they were born with. The beating down of a people is made up of many small blows, including hunger, fear and ugliness. The Earth was made exquisitely beautiful, and every time it is marred by ugliness, from litter to industry, people lose perspective and energy. They become lost and blind, and are no longer able to see the world around them.

©Candace Caddick