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Heating Houses with Crystals – excerpt from Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I’ve been working on heating myself using crystal energy, especially now that I’ve moved to a house where I have a separate wooden building in the garden to write in.  Immediately I was told to keep a heating diary and wait to write about it until I’d figured out how it is done, and that this is now something that we can do. Meanwhile, here is what they wrote in Planet Earth Today about heating with crystal energy, and wouldn’t you know it, the answers are all there – but I understand them better now. I am persevering with learning how to do this in my own life. Candace

Under the continent of Atlantis lived the crystal kingdom of sentient crystals, living their lives as crystals do, in a continuous exchange with the planet.  The role of this kingdom was to clarify earth energy as it passed through each crystal in a two-way flow.  The energy that the crystals passed to the planet was made up of the energy showered onto the outer planetary surface from the stars in the universe, combined with the energy of the species that lived on the surface.  The flow back through the crystals was of the love and nurturing energy of the planet.  This energy was grounded into the crystals and released back to the life above.  Here was a partnership of life, crystal life and planet that allowed all to grow and share the experiences of each other…

…The crystals drew energy from the earth and lived on pure universal life force energy; they contained this energy in solid form.  Because the life energy was concentrated in the crystal kingdom the crystals themselves were a source of power and energy for the new humans, instead of fossil fuels.  They had played this role before for the other soul groups that had finished their games and moved on into light.

The quality of their energy and light was of the highest quality, the frequency of their vibration was strong enough to radiate out and be a source of fuel for the farthest flung dwellings.  This energy caused no diseases as the modern forms of vibration can, but was a source of completeness and wholeness for the land and people who lived on it. Crystalline energy was of the Earth, and the Earth’s energy was from the universe.  Universal life force energy comes from the Creator of this universe.  It is the energy that provides life and connection back to the Source.  Every planet and star is connected and nourished by this energy, every life form lives because of it.  It showers down onto each and every planet at all times.  You think here that you have life because of the Sun’s light reaching the Earth every day. The Sun itself lives because of the energy of the Source of all.  There is more to life than scientific explanations.  Life has life energy, all life is connected to this energy, and it connects all living life forms in the universe in an unbreakable bond.

You are approaching a time when the crystal energy will be renewed…When that day comes the way of seeing your lives will have changed so that you are ready and able to accept this energy and partnership with the Earth once more.  That day will not come upon you suddenly, but will be part of a renewal of your commitment to the health and well-being of this planet you live on.  Until that fundamental change has filtered through your lives and ways of living here the crystals will not be providing you with energy.

And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth

I’ve written a third book called And I Saw a New Earth, and it’s another one channelled by my angelic guides. I knew it was coming, but I had to wait until after the New Year in January and start it in the new energy. I also had to finish before the next energy change took place in April. The second I finished it I realised that the three books were basically a trilogy, but they can be read in any order. They tell the story of the Earth, and the final book is more about us and our partnership with her. She is at the end of her 26,000 year cycle and ready to renew, and that will change everything for us who live on her. The story takes us through all the explanations of what happened the last time and what may happen next for us as a soul group. Nothing is set in stone, but we have the potential to be very happy people in the future with balanced, enjoyable lives.

The book covers what is happening right now, and that’s why it had to be finished on time. There are events beginning to take place now in April that I was writing about in February. The change in energy must result in change everywhere. This book is to give you hope that as some things fall apart you can be reassured that you are going to have something better rise out of it; a new world of beauty, fairness and purpose.

A long time ago in Atlantis the Archangels used to sit on a stone and gather people around to teach them about who they were and their place in the universe. This book is about who we are and our place in the greater universe, that we are getting closer to rejoining every day.

I just finished writing this book on time, and the typesetting and cover are being finalised. After that it’s a lot of form filling and uploading files. You can produce a lovely book now from a laptop at the kitchen table.

It has been an honour and a privilege for me to write these books. And I Saw a New Earth should be available in May from online retailers or myself.

ISBN 978-0-9565009-2-2

Self-publishing “The Downfall of Atlantis”

I’ve been writing the book The Downfall of Atlantis (DA) with the Archangelic Collective for the past two years. It should never have taken two years to write, but it’s hard to find enough time to finish writing, then publishing it. This time I did not send the book to any publishers. There are very few that want channelled books, and once they have one author on their lists they tend to be satisfied with just having one. Having said that – this is an amazing book.

The last couple of months I’ve been perfecting the manuscript, working with the typesetter and the cover designer – the wonderful Sam Wall.  (samwall.com) Not only do I love what she comes up with, but she is a pleasure to work with. But days go by, then weeks while decisions are being made and one thing waits for another. My printer, Lightning Source announced a sale in mid-January to last until the end of February and I would love to get the sale price on producing the book. Every penny matters to a micro-publisher. The finalised files are not ready and won’t be released until paid for, and then I have to upload to Lightning and wait for them to look at them. Then get the proof back and approve it. Maybe I can get in under the deadline. After it’s ready it will be available on Amazon and from me.

I think the angels are going to do a series of entries on the new book. (I don’t usually know what they want to write about until I sit down.) In the last two months my time has been spent on DA, and I know they want to keep saying new things to people; and spring in coming. Spring 2011 is going to be the first real spring in many, many years.  Anyone who allows free access to angels to write on their website knows how much they love to blog.

For me, self-publishing is a logical extension of writing. It’s not that hard to do if you have a laptop and time to read through sheaves of documents. Also it helps to have good friends, who read and comment on the book beforehand and help with copyediting. I’m looking forward to having it in print.