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Looking Ahead to 2012

Archangel of Light

There is a lot of turmoil in your news right now in December 2011, and I’m here to say that this is just the beginning. You have a wave of light coming starting the 1st of January until 21.12.12 when it will finish. Think of it as an arc, a slow start, full strength, then finishing by tying up loose ends in December. When I say full strength, imagine a fire hose turned onto a football/soccer ball. This wave has been scheduled from the very beginning of the universe. Its properties have been known since then; it was built into the universes’ plans by All That Is. You are ready for the challenge of moving forward if you are the kind of person that reads articles like this.

You may be afraid that economies, governments, currencies, etc. may crumble away and be gone. What exactly would you be losing if they did? You would be losing something man-made. The world that is valued by all the other species alive on this planet would be untouched by these failures as would the Earth itself. You are the only species that would be affected. You would be losing social and economic structures that you put into place and maintain for yourselves. How well do they serve you? In my view they stopped serving you a long time ago. The vestiges that are left barely serve the people who do the work to pay for them.

Can you leave behind a failed system and just walk forward without clinging to it? We showed this channel what was coming, and she said “It’s Narnia.” A world of great beauty and love, a world unlike the one you have lived in, is waiting for you. It’s a world of light and balance, with fairness and respect among the species. Earth was meant to be a beautiful paradise here and now, never something to be achieved once you’re dead. You have only seen your real world through the eyes of fiction writers, and C S Lewis is worth revisiting for the descriptions of happy Narnia, and for the end of the old world in the final book, for that is where some of you will be next year. When you have read about his vision of the new Earth it may help you move forward with joy rather than fear.