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After the Change in Energy

By the Archangel of Light

The energy changes taking place at the moment are gentle, and were part of your long term post-Atlantean plan. Atlantis was the first plan to take the human soul towards ascension, and when that failed you could either give up or find another way. Think of your greater common soul above the Earth in timeless space; it can see ahead and choose the most likely path for success. In this case you could see the flaws in your original Atlantean plan and how best to try to overcome them. Also, existing in timeless space surrounded by the stars and planets you knew the way to work with all the various bodies in the universe, and how they could support your actions. Then you began a great gamble: could you live in complete ignorance of your true selves and manage to survive until the new galactic cycle beginning in December, 2012?

You came close to wiping yourselves out at times, but always managed to pull back from the brink. Your most serious efforts at self-destruction occurred recently as the Earth’s ecosystems diminished. You may think that industrial pollution will harm you, but it is the lack of plant and animal species that will hurt you most deeply. 2012 was the final year of waiting until the conditions were right again for you to head off in a straight line towards your soul’s ascension.

Last weekend the energy changed once again as a large leap towards a faster vibration, and some of you coasted ahead towards closer alignment to the planet and the universe. You are the people who are ready and have the energy for more life. Do not think badly of those who are tired or unaware of the swirls and flows of energy. All humanity plays a role of some kind and together you make up a whole. But from now on there is one path and one direction and those of you who are travelling are serious about working together as one.  That means developing greater intuition and telepathy over the years and remembering that you are all one soul. This is the beginning of the next stage and you had to wait this long to have a second try at ascension. Nothing is guaranteed but it should be easier for you now. It will take a few years for all of you to come together, and then you will move ahead toward your goal.

©Candace Caddick