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How people help Avebury Circle with healing

Why go all the way to Avebury for Earth healing, when you can do a lot from your own home?

Avebury circle in 2011 is mostly an energetic presence.  In the past the energy of the circle was channelled through the physical stones into the Earth.  Those stones are still present in the higher dimensions, some now in the middle of the road or inside people’s houses. The remaining physical stones are present with gaps in between where stones were destroyed or moved.

As an energetic structure Avebury is missing its connection to the Earth. In the past it would have poured energy through the stones in the circle into the planet. Imagine Avebury producing energy, then trying to focus it through haziness into the planet. That’s what it is trying to do now.

Here’s where we come in; by standing ourselves in the larger stone circle and consciously allowing the energy to pour through us (physically replacing the missing stones) that energy will enter into the Earth. It’s waiting for us to come and do this, and that’s why I’m advertising a healing day on June 4th. (http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/05/avebury-healing-day/) By the time we’ve done the preliminary self-healing on the day we’ll be ready to help channel a fair amount of energy. Should be FUN!

Remember when you are in a group the healing expands exponentially. When two are together it’s like four were there, three people working together is like nine, four is like sixteen, five is like twenty-five, and so on. More people mean more gets done in a shorter time.

Everybody come!


Self-publishing “The Downfall of Atlantis”

I’ve been writing the book The Downfall of Atlantis (DA) with the Archangelic Collective for the past two years. It should never have taken two years to write, but it’s hard to find enough time to finish writing, then publishing it. This time I did not send the book to any publishers. There are very few that want channelled books, and once they have one author on their lists they tend to be satisfied with just having one. Having said that – this is an amazing book.

The last couple of months I’ve been perfecting the manuscript, working with the typesetter and the cover designer – the wonderful Sam Wall.  (samwall.com) Not only do I love what she comes up with, but she is a pleasure to work with. But days go by, then weeks while decisions are being made and one thing waits for another. My printer, Lightning Source announced a sale in mid-January to last until the end of February and I would love to get the sale price on producing the book. Every penny matters to a micro-publisher. The finalised files are not ready and won’t be released until paid for, and then I have to upload to Lightning and wait for them to look at them. Then get the proof back and approve it. Maybe I can get in under the deadline. After it’s ready it will be available on Amazon and from me.

I think the angels are going to do a series of entries on the new book. (I don’t usually know what they want to write about until I sit down.) In the last two months my time has been spent on DA, and I know they want to keep saying new things to people; and spring in coming. Spring 2011 is going to be the first real spring in many, many years.  Anyone who allows free access to angels to write on their website knows how much they love to blog.

For me, self-publishing is a logical extension of writing. It’s not that hard to do if you have a laptop and time to read through sheaves of documents. Also it helps to have good friends, who read and comment on the book beforehand and help with copyediting. I’m looking forward to having it in print.

How cloning led to the destruction of Atlantis

Archangelic Collective

Two years ago we started a book The Downfall of Atlantis with this channel to discuss the impact of science on the advanced civilisations of Atlantis. We wrote about the horrors of cloning and how it degraded the human souls that performed the cloning operations, as well as the souls of those who chose to be cloned. This one strand of science was all it took to tip the balance of good/bad society into bad; bad for everyone, cloned or not. If you do not understand how cloning affects the soul of the animal or human that is cloned, you have no business playing with souls.

Those days ended in the most dramatic way possible, with great damage done to all life on this planet and the planet itself. A continent can not be removed without changing everything else, the shock of the removal was immense and the after effects are with you today. It was shocking, the planet was in shock, and all life was in shock, stunned by what had happened even if they lived on the far side of the globe. This changed the underlying temper of the game of life here, when the planet changed in such a dramatic and painful way, it affected everyone.

Cloning led to the destruction of Atlantis. Without cloning things would never have become so bad; your human soul would have made some progress instead of stagnating in nothingness. You became less than human and your actions were inhumane. Do you really want to start down this path again?

Channelling as a way of life

Archangel of Light

We’ve been working with this channel for some years now, and much of her work has been written down in the form of guidance and help for others. Because she writes it down there is now a body of work, a history of the struggle and changes that have happened in these final years of the old age, before the new days rolls in with the 2012 light bath. We trust her to listen carefully and remove her consciousness out of the way when we are speaking.

How to channel – for those of you who know you can hear voices and wonder if you’re hearing correctly. Channelling is not hearing voices in your head that urge you to hurt people or tell you something bad about yourself. Is it a positive message of love? Do the words encourage you to move forward in your lives? Angels are beings of love, and we do not yell at you or tell you that you are bad. If you hear a voice telling you that you’ve done something wrong, there’s a good chance it’s your own.

There are three ways of channelling information from us:

1.       Listening to our voices

2.       Seeing pictures or watching short “films” we show you

3.       Knowing, or feeling that you’re right

When you listen or see (clairaudient or clairvoyant), hear the word(s), acknowledge them and let it go so there is a space for the next word(s). The same method applies to pictures, see one and let it go so the next picture can come through. Words and pictures can come towards you in a straight line and you only see the word or picture at the front of the line. There’s usually more coming behind. When you’re a beginner we keep it simple and short. There are some of you reading this with a great aptitude for channelling.

Knowing or feeling that you are right works a little differently as it may come as a response to a question within yourself. You know the answer, and you know it’s right. At that point don’t let anyone else dissuade you from what you know to be the truth. Sometimes it shows in choices you make, such as taking a different road home one night and finding your usual road had a huge accident. When you know, you know. How did you know about the road? We were telling you to go another way, and you didn’t hear us in words but you felt the message.

We want to reassure those of you that have the talent to channel that it’s safe for you to do when you specify only beings of light – and you’re not crazy. Find a way to practice, perhaps team up and channel for each other? It’s often easier to channel for someone else where you are less emotionally involved with the results.


From Candace

I channel a lot. I ask for ‘task management’ advice in the mornings so I’m efficient with my time. I watch ahead to see the weather so I can plan my days, and I listen. My best channelling comes when I say “Is there anything you want to tell me today?” Then I get the information I couldn’t make up for myself (another test to see if you’re channelling yourself or angels.)

Angels are loving, supportive and encouraging. Sometimes we get a few technical discussions going about what is possible in a given time-frame. They love email because it’s instant and when I have fast-tracked individuals on their behalf in the past they prefer the quickness of email, and the permanence of writing so people can reread their advice. Channelling angels through tarot is easy because the pictures do part of the work.

There have been moments of “I think I must be crazy” over the years, so I ask for a demonstration and then they produce a marvellous example of my interconnectedness with the universe and their presence in my life. If anyone reading this piece wants to learn to channel, find a way to practice this skill, and practice, practice, practice. It’s worth it. After you learn to channel angels and spirit guides you can move on the collective consciousnesses and individual members of the other beings sharing the planet with us. Talking to trees, etc. is done through the heart. There’s a universe full of life around us.