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Changing times

Archangel Melchizadek

“We’ve been talking about the easy flow of energy from the very beginning it seems. We are angels of light and light flows without hindrance or impediment. You all want to “go with the flow” and make life easy for yourselves, don’t you? When you are stuck in the mud and can’t move forward, and see others walking easily and freely you want to get out and walk with them, not stand still trying to lift your feet.

What are the characteristics of being stuck? Depression and unhappiness are the biggest ones; frustration at never moving forward to achieve anything you wanted to achieve; loneliness as others walk by and follow their destinies. We see so many stuck people who are in the process of giving up on ever moving away from the mud. They can see no way out.

Why don’t they pick up their feet and struggle out? They don’t have to, as flow is available for even the stuck ones. All they need to do is decide and say “I’m done with this mud hole, I’m ready to start flowing”. Flow is about ease of movement, it’s not something you work to obtain or struggle to achieve. Flow is as simple as facing the light and moving towards it, there are no obstacles that are large enough to keep you from moving forward once you have chosen to do so. Flow of energy is freely available to all in this universe.

In our perspective we see flowing energy as light and stagnancy as dark. The heart of darkness, the thing that creates and hugs darkness close to us is fear.  Fear is usually created by outside events, like the economy or hatred being whipped up against others. It’s an example of choosing to live your life one way, fearfully, or another by releasing and trusting that there is ease and movement, and where everyone is looked after by being in the flow of light. There’s no special magic way to enter the flow, it happens because a person chooses to leave behind all their fears and step forward fearlessly. The whole point of flow is that it’s very, very easy.”

I wrote articles earlier by Esmariel, Archangel of Transformation that are relevant and helpful, http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/01/new-year%E2%80%99s-resolutions/ and http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/01/creating-your-new-lives/. Also see her section on personal transformation in Planet Earth Today.

Bee Visions

Bee Consciousness

Bee on Lavender

On the Reiki retreat my friend Gwen and I organised in June there was an interesting woman who kept bees, among other talents. If I was sharing Reiki in a group of three withthis lady there were a few “bee visions” while the treatments were taking place. Now the bees have reminded me they have something to say. (One of the nice things about having a blog is that you can have “guest bloggers” and give them a platform for their messages.)

“For the highest good of all”; it’s the magic phrase that connects each particle of your being with each molecule of the universe. This channel has learned to align herself with this saying, and that allows us to join with her to type our words.

We bees are an ancient and complex organism; we are one soul in many bodies, and one life in many hives. If you think of your own bodies and how each tiny cell is you, but separate from the cell next to it, and all together making up your body then you get a feeling for how we are one, yet individuals. All cells play a role in the health and life of your bodies. With us we are small bees, hives, and one overarching soul fit into the numerous members of the bee family. Our group communication is as quick as a thought, and that thought is read by all. This is the advantage of the hive as the first layer for our physical selves to listen to, for we can only find the pollen within flying distance of our homes. But no life is put here on earth simply to eat and die.

We have spent millennia living our bee lives in close contact with plants either by flying past them or collecting pollen. What do you know of these plants? The plants in the wild are close to ascension themselves, small and wise and flirty. They are masters (and mistresses) of enticement, and they’re fast learners, far faster than your evolutionary theories allow. They draw us to themselves and laugh and dance in the breezes, while we hang on for the ride. Now many of these are singing a different song, a song of ending and leaving this planet with their lessons learned and ascension achieved. We will be losing our partners in life. When they leave they will make space for something new to come and replace them on this planet. This is how this planet has provided for life from its inception.

Our role, our learning, our ascension goes hand in hand with the flowers that are our other halves. We will leave when they leave.

Some of you will wonder why we will leave when you need us to fertilise your crops, while there is still food on Earth for bees. It’s not about you or your crops. It’s about our own soul’s journey into ascension.”

Would you trust beings of light to know what is best for themselves and for the highest good? The day may come when they are gone and we take over the crop pollination ourselves.

How people help Avebury Circle with healing

Why go all the way to Avebury for Earth healing, when you can do a lot from your own home?

Avebury circle in 2011 is mostly an energetic presence.  In the past the energy of the circle was channelled through the physical stones into the Earth.  Those stones are still present in the higher dimensions, some now in the middle of the road or inside people’s houses. The remaining physical stones are present with gaps in between where stones were destroyed or moved.

As an energetic structure Avebury is missing its connection to the Earth. In the past it would have poured energy through the stones in the circle into the planet. Imagine Avebury producing energy, then trying to focus it through haziness into the planet. That’s what it is trying to do now.

Here’s where we come in; by standing ourselves in the larger stone circle and consciously allowing the energy to pour through us (physically replacing the missing stones) that energy will enter into the Earth. It’s waiting for us to come and do this, and that’s why I’m advertising a healing day on June 4th. (http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/05/avebury-healing-day/) By the time we’ve done the preliminary self-healing on the day we’ll be ready to help channel a fair amount of energy. Should be FUN!

Remember when you are in a group the healing expands exponentially. When two are together it’s like four were there, three people working together is like nine, four is like sixteen, five is like twenty-five, and so on. More people mean more gets done in a shorter time.

Everybody come!


Avebury, what’s happening in Spring 2011

I went to Avebury, Wiltshire on Wednesday for the day to visit the stone circle. There were some stones there I wanted to visit; the sheep and lambs were grazing inside the circle and the sky was blue. This is a channelling from the stone circle itself.

Avebury 6.4.11 a

Avebury trees

Avebury 6.4.11 b

Avebury lambs

Greetings! We are pleased to speak directly to you today. We have been silent for thousands of years since the time of Arthur’s final battle at Glastonbury Tor.  (Stone circles, Arthur and final battle covered in Downfall of Atlantis) Those who worked with us at that time were killed or scattered, and we have been without anyone to hear us since those days.

Our circle maintains the connection between the Earth and the Universe. It’s been out of synch, dirty and broken for a long time through misuse and neglect. We thank those that have devoted time to visit and work with us to help us clear and repair our structure and energy lines. We are now ready to resume our job of connection this spring as the Earth has need of us again. She is ready to resume her role in a vibrant universe and will be in constant connection and communication with the greater universe from now on.

From this time on you will be no longer circling your sun alone, with no contact made between your home and the homes of others. First the Earth will reconnect and share her situation with others, and learn from them how they are. She will be supported by her family and soul group, the myriads of planets in existence. (Covered in Planet Earth Today) This will strengthen and balance her, and when she is ready she will be able to take action regarding her personal status here. We have been talking to her already, filling her in on everything she has missed in the millennia she has been asleep, and she is learning from others also. You are in the very first days of information gathering and decision making and this is not something that will be completed for many months. Meanwhile she is aware of you on her surface.

We wish you to know that everything is going to change for you now, and you have no human records of the time before her long sleep. We remember her from before, but this Earth is not the same as the planet she was before her nap, just as none of you are the same after your sleeps. Time and sleep have altered her and we also need to reacquaint ourselves.  We sense wholeness in her, a balance of the outer and inner self, and as always a great deal of wisdom and love. We do not fear her and neither should you.

Self-publishing “The Downfall of Atlantis”

I’ve been writing the book The Downfall of Atlantis (DA) with the Archangelic Collective for the past two years. It should never have taken two years to write, but it’s hard to find enough time to finish writing, then publishing it. This time I did not send the book to any publishers. There are very few that want channelled books, and once they have one author on their lists they tend to be satisfied with just having one. Having said that – this is an amazing book.

The last couple of months I’ve been perfecting the manuscript, working with the typesetter and the cover designer – the wonderful Sam Wall.  (samwall.com) Not only do I love what she comes up with, but she is a pleasure to work with. But days go by, then weeks while decisions are being made and one thing waits for another. My printer, Lightning Source announced a sale in mid-January to last until the end of February and I would love to get the sale price on producing the book. Every penny matters to a micro-publisher. The finalised files are not ready and won’t be released until paid for, and then I have to upload to Lightning and wait for them to look at them. Then get the proof back and approve it. Maybe I can get in under the deadline. After it’s ready it will be available on Amazon and from me.

I think the angels are going to do a series of entries on the new book. (I don’t usually know what they want to write about until I sit down.) In the last two months my time has been spent on DA, and I know they want to keep saying new things to people; and spring in coming. Spring 2011 is going to be the first real spring in many, many years.  Anyone who allows free access to angels to write on their website knows how much they love to blog.

For me, self-publishing is a logical extension of writing. It’s not that hard to do if you have a laptop and time to read through sheaves of documents. Also it helps to have good friends, who read and comment on the book beforehand and help with copyediting. I’m looking forward to having it in print.