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November Will Never be the Same Again

Energy Up!

By the Archangelic Collective

This November in the Northern hemisphere you observe the winter coming and feel the cold sending the world to sleep. What if 2012 was the last time it happened exactly like this? We keep talking about a new world and changes, but we don’t think you can quite understand how different your lives may become. The physical changes you observe are only part of the story; we want to talk about a major change in energy in November 2013.

By November 2013 you will have had a year of new energy, fresh and hopeful with the buoyancy and speed of springtime when it sends new plants up out of the ground. Those people who chose light last April and stuck with the roller coaster ride to land on the New Earth will be making their way by leaps and bounds through 2013. Come November these people will hit their upward trajectory that takes them sky high. They will finally be able to live as people were always meant to live. Instead of trying to do something, or a lot of “it depends”, suddenly they can just do what they want to do successfully, without obstacles. In fact, it is the opposite of life now where we struggle to get anything we want accomplished, and there’s never enough money or time. The other thing about this upwards trajectory: it won’t necessarily be straight up. It could be sideways/up, or like a balloon blown up and released to fly around the room. The point is that the energy supports movement and flow, not stagnancy, and there are no limits to how far and in what direction you can take your life.

Some people who got onto the roller coaster did not finish the ride; they got off and turned back and are now on the other side of the chasm. http://www.candacecaddick.com/2012/10/the-chasm/ and http://www.candacecaddick.com/2012/10/the-other-side-of-the-chasm/  There are different reasons for this, and all these people deserve your compassion and love. What happens on Earth next year will help to correct some of the structures that make it so hard to live happy a happy life.

Travelling Toward the New Earth

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

It’s been a week since the chasm opened up in front of humanity, and closed again. The old Earth is behind you now, still populated by those who did not choose to come. Those of you who chose light earlier this year are moving very swiftly towards 2013. You look like you are moving over the earth, all ready to plant your feet firmly on the ground when you arrive. The Earth turns below you. You are moving forward effortlessly.

We have watched over many of you all year so you would have this experience, this gift of moving without effort or drag. Sometimes we gave you a little push in the right direction. When you land next year you need to land solidly on your feet and take up your lives. That will be in early January. Before that happens the next set of changes are aimed at the Earth itself. She will renew herself and you will not be troubled by this, as you are coasting on your paths just above her.  This is deliberate so that it will be easy for you, and you will be flowing into your new lives without obstacles.

You have two months to keep going, take steps, and make decisions on your own behalf. This is one of those times when self-focus will pay off. For these months make sure you do what you need to do for yourself. We know that life is not just about selfishness, but just for two months make sure you take the most important steps for yourself, even though you interact with and help others. Help them as you are able, but make sure you help yourself. No excuses.

The Other Side of the Chasm

By the Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel are the two Earth angels. Michael has a further reputation as the holder of the fiery sword. He’s the same angel.

You crossed a bridge into your own future yesterday, and I realise some on you felt ungrounded and for that reason it was a good day to hold off on major decisions. From today you are embarking on your own futures, and now the decisions you make that move you forward are infused with light and potential. We Archangels would encourage you to make personal decisions that are really big and to aim high, and start today.

Let me be more specific. If you can believe that there are no outer limits, that the limits you impose have been created by yourselves only, can you plan your ideal life? Take positive steps to choose what you really want, say them out loud and repeat them. Don’t settle for anything other than your ideal life. You are heading into the new Earth, and in many ways it is a blank story waiting for you to write your lives onto it. When the Chasm appeared it was the END of the old world energetically, and the new energy was ready to begin. This energy will build and grow over the next months until 2013. You can use the first day of the new energy to ride to the life you want to live. You have to start with the idea and what steps will take you there – and then do the work and take the steps. Instead of no energy, or opposing energy you can use this to go forward. Where do you want to be in January? Start your plans and actions now and move toward it with a flow of energy pushing your forward.

We wrote in “And I Saw A New Earth” about the timelines converging to the end of 2012 into a single big knot. Afterwards the lines that move forward are new and made by humanity. You have the chance from today to choose a happy timeline for yourself. You also have the chance to choose for your society by your actions a forward path of light. This is the time when everything is new, and the energy of light is building on Earth. Your clearest and safest route into your own future is one of happiness and joy, and let the rest go.

We angels have waited a long, long time for this rebirth of the planet Earth. By the time it comes in December many of you will have put yourselves where you need to be next year. This is for you, not the planet. It’s your chance to get off to a flying start in the new year by working thoughtfully this year. Your actions that take place before Christmas will be important to set you up for next year.  We love you and wish you happiness.

The Chasm

by the

Crossing the Chasm

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We have two short channelings this weekend about the changes to the Earth taking place tomorrow on the 13th. Many you have put your whole focus on the coming light of the New Earth and trusted your instincts about the individual preparations to move from the old Earth to the new. Most of you were ready to let go and move forward and so chose this path, and others did not. It was referred to as a roller coaster because it was a fast, thrilling ride for many, and it’s not over yet. You have reached the point where your ride leaves the track and takes a flying leap over a chasm to land on the far side.

This is the end of the road for those who did not get on the roller coaster. They do not die, but they aren’t even approaching the edge to look over, but turned back and are continuing with their lives and milling about in a crowd. The rest of you are ready, and you will each cross this chasm by putting one foot after another and walking across, or taking a flying leap and landing far on the other side. You arrive on the other side because of your beliefs, your efforts and preparation.

Those of you who chose light have worked hard and steadily throughout 2012 to be ready and to be in the right place at the right time. Congratulations, because almost all of you made it (some left the ride). What’s on the other side? Light and the new Earth. Sunday is Day 1, and Saturday is a day of change. We can’t say more now because you need to cross under your own steam.