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How Do Shifts in Energy Affect the Earth?

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth.

I want to talk about the crevice between New York City and the island of Manhattan. This deep crack in the energy begins in NYC, then extends northwards through the arctic ice where there is a large ice shelf getting ready to break away. It will be the biggest ice shelf to break off in the North to date. Southwards the crack in energy heads down the Atlantic seacoast.

Arctic sea ice melt

These shifts in energy can be hard to explain because people don’t see them, only seeing the results when they are incorporated into physical events.  Because the impetus for Earth angels to take action started with NYC the remainder of the crack becomes weaker the farther away it goes. If you had an old solid rubber ball, so old that it had begun to have cracks in it, this is similar to what is happening in the energy of the Earth. You could dig your fingers in and pull it apart, it has lost the strength and cohesion to resist. We are talking about digging our fingers into energy here, not the physical Earth.

Go forward in time a few years and what was once energy now affects the physical planet itself.  For example, if you have an idea of something to do, first you have the idea and then you follow through. Energy always comes first, then the physical. This is how you create on Earth, you have a thought then you manifest it in the physical realm – the idea is pure energy. (That’s the most important reason to avoid worry in your life and always look for the good in everything.)

A long time ago the Earth underwent the unimaginable wrenching away of a major archipelago in the destruction of Atlantis. That was necessary to correct a falling away of humanity from its purpose here on Earth, it was generously gifted with a second chance to learn what it was to be human by living and having experiences. This crack is not a human creation and you will have to wait to see how and when the Earth incorporates it into its physical body. The easiest and first physical manifestation will be the ice shelf breaking away in the Arctic. Under the ice shelf? Something new, or rather something old.

There is a renewed interest in Atlantis because we are remembering what it was like to live there. The Archangel’s first two books, Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis talk a lot about what happened then, and why we are here on Earth. Books are available from online retailers or from my website.

©Candace Caddick

Changes You Never Even Imagined

Cracks in the shell

I left town and drove to the seaside in the rain on Sunday. When you’re away from built-up areas you can see cracks appearing in the energy around the Earth. What none of us realised was how solid the energy field was around the planet. The energy shell around the Earth was put there eons ago to keep this planet cut off, so that humanity and the other species here learned in isolation. We had linear Earth-time, and as the rest of the universe learned and moved forward in timelessness we moved on at a snail’s pace. Learning in isolation has proved to be very slow. (All of this was explained in the books in much more detail, Planet Earth Today, The Downfall of Atlantis, And I Saw A New Earth. The books are background, the articles are current events.)

It’s one thing to welcome the connection to the Universe through Avebury and see the information pouring through as a blizzard of symbols. It’s something else to see the Earth shaking and cracks forming in her outer shell. I walked down a valley to the coast and underneath the cracks I could look up and see the stars, and other times I was under the cloudy sky. The flow and movement of the winter ocean has allowed quite large areas of space to appear over the sea where the cracks have joined together. The cracks will have completely dissolved the energy shell in about seven weeks. They are caused by the shaking of the Earth’s energy.

We have been sealed in on the Earth for a long time, and humanity has progressed so slowly. Meanwhile the universe looks full of life and activity. By dissolving the solid energy field around us and exposing us to the life and flow of the universe we will change more quickly. We will finally have new growth and be able to progress to be more than we were. I think we will connect better with each other, and if we become closer everything could change. Our social systems are fairly callous, and what doesn’t feel right now will feel more and more wrong as time goes by. It feels like as this shell opens we will evolve again.

Earth-time will become irrelevant as we return to universal time. Let go of expectations and enjoy the ride.