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The Crystal Consciousness

How well do you know crystals? This channeling by the crystal consciousness is to give you their point of view, to make their side of the human/crystal relationship more clear.

The crystal kingdom predates your arrival here by eons, we first appeared on this planet in our gaseous state on a ball of swirling gas that later became solid ground. The Earth at that time was in her first form, not as an immature planet but as an adult planet neither young nor old. We were the first lives here because we could exist here as gas, then cool alongside her into our separate forms. The father of crystals moved with the same ease you yourselves have when you move across the planet. We had our own game plan designed to  make the most of our time on Earth.

You see us on Earth in three dimensions because that is how you perceive your world.  We also exist on other planets in all twelve dimensions. We are actually in twelve dimensions here also, but you are only used to seeing three dimensions in your lives. This will change! You are changing and will one day see further than you do today.

In the distant past we were the first soul group to ascend on this planet and we faced a choice – to stay or go. We chose to stay with Earth living side by side with her beautiful soul in partnership. We are a team. In Atlantis we focused and channelled the energy of the Earth itself for the use of humans. We are clear and efficient channels of energy.

On Earth today we are re-emerging, coming closer to the surface. For a long time we stepped aside from the human game plan and stayed out of sight underground. The large crystals of Atlantis and the roles we played there have been discontinued until the time is right to show ourselves again. That time is not so far off now, we are awake and adjusting our locations. Some of us have withdrawn from previously held positions such as in Chicago.  We left Chicago in response to the needs of the Earth, not humankind. She needs to readjust herself physically. All is changing now in preparation for the new phase of the Earth’s existence.

All crystals are a part of the one crystal consciousness. Just as humans have divided their soul into seven billion splinters we have divided our physical presence into large and small crystals. The difference is that we chose to be 100% connected to each other in the way you are connected to your own fingers. You did not choose this same method to learn about who you are. If you share an experience with crystals on Earth today, we all know about it simultaneously. We gather information and share it, we watch and help you where we can. One day we will have a relationship with humans where we are just as alive to all people as the animals are, but that’s in the future. Right now we are teaching you as you are teaching us. That is how it should be.

There is much, much more about the role of crystals on Earth in my book Planet Earth Today. 

©Candace Caddick

Beneficial Side Effects of Crystal Heating

Earth Energy

I’ve been practising aligning with Earth energy in my unheated garden office. I start by saying “it is my intention to align myself with the Earth’s energy, and I ask the help of the crystal elders to amplify and focus the energy into me”. Whoosh, up it rises through my legs until the tip of my nose is tingling and I’m warm. Then I sit and type for a couple of hours. My office stays below 9 c, which is as low as my thermometer goes, and it is quite chilly. However, I don’t feel cold enough to put the heat on. I wear a T-shirt, sweater, zip-up fleece and jeans. I’m a little worried that it might get damp there, but so far it’s ok.

So have I mastered it? If I have, then it is just a matter of practice. The next step is to get my daughters over here and try a group warming to see if we can heat an entire room. I’m sure it’s possible.

In the last month I’ve noticed other changes. I am aligning with Earth energy, and I feel like a small bump on her surface. There have been subtle shifts in my physical body that have started, so it’s gone beyond energy fields now and straight into the physical. The shifts I notice have been towards balance in every way, and away from imbalance. I can feel changes in shape on my body with my hands. I’m aware that I’m aligning with something very good for me.

What if the Earth’s axis were realigned, and she travelled upright instead of tilted over? I don’t think it will be that long until we find out, maybe twenty-five years or less. Animals are more sensitive to the Earth’s lack of balance because they are always connected to her.  The Earth needs balanced and loving life on her surface to help her get upright again. If you can’t connect to her with love, but see her as a cheap form of heat you are missing the point. The connection needs to be made with love, as a child to its parent, to be able to cope with the energy she provides. Only the heart is large enough to allow this energy through.

I would like to thank my friend Reiki Master Mamta Nanda for her thoughtful comments on heating with Earth energy. If there is anyone else out there who would like to comment it helps me by directing my attention to another aspect of the subject.

How Am I Doing With Crystal Heating?

Crystals as part of the Earth

By Candace

I have been working on mastering heating myself with crystal energy. What is happening is that I can fill myself with the energy of the Earth (very nice indeed!) and when I take my mind off it I get cold again.  My free thermometer only goes down to 9 C or 48 F  and now that it’s cold outside it doesn’t rise higher than that, and it’s probably lower.

I can see what I need to do, and that is expand my higher consciousness, or my higher self, and get it to take on the job of doing this automatically so that I don’t step in and out of the energy. Once I have mastered this I can teach others how to do it, and there is the promised attunement to help make it permanent.

Meanwhile give it a go, align with the Earth energy and let it rise up so you make a start and know what it feels like to be full of energy. Try it outside.

©Candace Caddick

The Process of Connecting to a Heat Source Energetically


The authors of this article shimmer and look like angels made of crystals

Humans extend their auras through reaching ever farther into the unknown. When you are reaching sometimes it looks like wires or spaghetti, and they stretch out- searching. You can see this is stop-motion photography of sweet peas or runner beans climbing. This is what some of you are doing now. Do you have any idea of how brave you are to reach into the unknown and trust that it will be ok? And because you trust, you have pre-selected that it will work out good for you.

As far as heating yourselves by connecting to the Earth and crystals as a source of energy, you are pushing these connecting wires out, hundreds of wires, and  you are selecting energy and heat as your goal.  As you practice you create new wires, stronger and more focussed, dedicated and attuned to the Earth. When we wrote that the Atlanteans knew how to do this they developed their many wires as infants and were barely aware of them.

We would love to see you practice regularly and not give up until you have created a forest of wires to connect you to the Earth. You are cheated of ease and comfort by being disconnected.

There was a comment on the last article about connecting to the Earth energy through the yoga mudras. There are many ways to connect and different cultures have achieved connection in diverse ways. The important thing in every case is to practice until you have come home, back to a full connection to the Earth. Remember the Earth is now reconnected to the Universe, when you have integrated with her, you are a conscious part of everything.

Mamta, I would love to hear if this works. Another way I have of heating a room is to lift the flame from a candle, divide it into 4 and put it in the corners of a room with the request to burn big and bright and heat the room. That often works, it’s a case of higher dimensional flames heating through all the dimensions.

©Candace Caddick

Steps Towards Heating Yourself with Crystal Energy

Crystal Energy or Earth Energy?

By Candace

There are steps one can take to learn how to heat with crystal energy.  Recently, I have been working out how this skill can be relearned for humanity, since crystal heating was withdrawn before the end of Atlantis. The reasons for withdrawing it then are not present at the moment and it is safe for the planet and for us to be reminded again how to do it.

First, it is not the crystals themselves that are doing the heating. They are conduits for the Earth energy and amplify the energy as it passes through them underground. They are conscious beings and they are willing to do this for the Earth and for us.

Second, this energy is not for heating the air in your houses until it is warm, it is about heating YOU so that you are always warm wherever you are. In order to do this, you need to align your energy with the planet’s energy; in the beginning the effort involved made me feel tired.  I am an experienced channel and I am used to focussing and holding my vibration at a high level for periods of time so I can hear clearly. My channelling practice time has allowed me to do this for longer and longer periods, at higher and higher vibrations. I have been practicing this new skill of being warmed by crystals and would stay warm until I did something like sneeze, then I would be cold immediately.  I have been writing in an unheated garden office and leaving the heat off until I would suddenly feel cold.

When practicing being warm the force of the Earth would fill me and I would be full of energy, and that allowed me to have enough energy to the tips of my fingers and the end of my nose and be warm. It wasn’t heat at all, it was connection to the largest energy source available. Think about the elderly and how they have an extra sweater on, they are cold because they don’t have all the energy they need.

As I was practicing this, I kept thinking “How am I ever going to be able to pass how to do this on to others?” I am working out a practical way of creating a short cut, an enabler so that anyone can do this. The guides I work with are giving me a way of doing this for others. Meanwhile, there have been some other insights.

I asked a typical squirrel “Are you warm? Do you make all your own warmth?” It replied “You must be joking! It’s not possible for me to make all my own heat.” What they have is insulation in the form of fur. They are connected to the energy of the Earth and are not trying to go it alone. What we learn from animals is to wear enough layers to insulate ourselves so the heat doesn’t escape. Then I noticed how easy it was for cows to draw up energy twice as fast because they have four legs. The animals and birds, etc. are like little pegs plugged into the Earth, and we are not. We also need to be little pegs plugged into the Earth, and this is more than grounding during a meditation. We used to know how to live like this. The alternative is to keep doing what we are doing, digging up and taking bits of the Earth so we can burn it and be warm.

The big story is why we need to live connected to the Earth, but that’ll be the next blog. Meanwhile, just have a go by thinking about yourself, the crystals, the Earth and your close relationship with them and permit the energy to flow up your legs. It’s going to take some practice and may be as long as a week before you get the hang of it.

©Candace Caddick