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Why Crystals are Prepared to Help You Now With Heat

A quartz crystal

By The Crystal Elders

Many of you are very interested now in heating yourselves with crystals, particularly as your heating bills rise. You will need to work with the crystal consciousness to blend with our heat. The only way to approach this is through community, feeling that you are not a single being looking for inexpensive heat, but a connected member of a greater web of life. As you connect outwards with others you will reach a point where your motivation changes, and you become concerned that a very large and important member of the web is being drained of oil, natural gas and coal. See the difference of approach? If many of you were to heat yourselves without burning gas the need for destructive practices like fracking would end. There would be no market for such an expensive (in every conceivable way) product. This ability to tap into heat is something you once knew, but have forgotten. Helping you now with heating is a way to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and allows you be warm with a wholesome energy.

One person (this author) is trying to raise her energy and be warm in her writing cabin. It will only take one person to make a crack in what is a solid wall of ignorance. Like the magpies in post-First World War Europe, once one bird learned to punch through and drink from doorstep delivery milk bottles all the magpies could do it for thousands of miles. You also have this ability as Roger Bannister famously demonstrated in 1954 when he ran the first 4 minute mile. After that the mile was often run in under four minutes. This is to do with the collective consciousness and the way messages spread without deliberate effort or speech.

Although we are telling you this, we also want Candace to know that her efforts will have a larger effect than she knows. She is keeping her heat diary because to go from A to B can follow a far different path than first imagined. After it is all understood and ready to be explained there will be more to write about it.

No pressure then.

©Candace Caddick

Heating Houses with Crystals – excerpt from Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I’ve been working on heating myself using crystal energy, especially now that I’ve moved to a house where I have a separate wooden building in the garden to write in.  Immediately I was told to keep a heating diary and wait to write about it until I’d figured out how it is done, and that this is now something that we can do. Meanwhile, here is what they wrote in Planet Earth Today about heating with crystal energy, and wouldn’t you know it, the answers are all there – but I understand them better now. I am persevering with learning how to do this in my own life. Candace

Under the continent of Atlantis lived the crystal kingdom of sentient crystals, living their lives as crystals do, in a continuous exchange with the planet.  The role of this kingdom was to clarify earth energy as it passed through each crystal in a two-way flow.  The energy that the crystals passed to the planet was made up of the energy showered onto the outer planetary surface from the stars in the universe, combined with the energy of the species that lived on the surface.  The flow back through the crystals was of the love and nurturing energy of the planet.  This energy was grounded into the crystals and released back to the life above.  Here was a partnership of life, crystal life and planet that allowed all to grow and share the experiences of each other…

…The crystals drew energy from the earth and lived on pure universal life force energy; they contained this energy in solid form.  Because the life energy was concentrated in the crystal kingdom the crystals themselves were a source of power and energy for the new humans, instead of fossil fuels.  They had played this role before for the other soul groups that had finished their games and moved on into light.

The quality of their energy and light was of the highest quality, the frequency of their vibration was strong enough to radiate out and be a source of fuel for the farthest flung dwellings.  This energy caused no diseases as the modern forms of vibration can, but was a source of completeness and wholeness for the land and people who lived on it. Crystalline energy was of the Earth, and the Earth’s energy was from the universe.  Universal life force energy comes from the Creator of this universe.  It is the energy that provides life and connection back to the Source.  Every planet and star is connected and nourished by this energy, every life form lives because of it.  It showers down onto each and every planet at all times.  You think here that you have life because of the Sun’s light reaching the Earth every day. The Sun itself lives because of the energy of the Source of all.  There is more to life than scientific explanations.  Life has life energy, all life is connected to this energy, and it connects all living life forms in the universe in an unbreakable bond.

You are approaching a time when the crystal energy will be renewed…When that day comes the way of seeing your lives will have changed so that you are ready and able to accept this energy and partnership with the Earth once more.  That day will not come upon you suddenly, but will be part of a renewal of your commitment to the health and well-being of this planet you live on.  Until that fundamental change has filtered through your lives and ways of living here the crystals will not be providing you with energy.

Follow-up on the Crystal under Chicago

By the Crystal Consciousness

In July last year I wrote about the giant crystal under Chicago and its continent-wide role helping the planet and humanity. http://www.candacecaddick.com/2012/07/the-crystal-under-chicago/ . I’ve received a question asking for an update.

Your questioner is correct that the crystal withdrew during the first half of 2013, and the change she has noticed in the people of Chicago is connected to the absence of light provided by the crystal.  A long time ago Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” These are all aspects of love, and darkness does not directly feed into love. Darkness will result in love in the end of course, but through a pathway of pain. Light is a blissful expression of love.

Before the renewal of the Earth in December 2012 crystals deep in the Earth were in crystalline forms. You never met us this deep under the surface where we were as large as skyscrapers. But now, we have altered our way of being deep in the Earth. Your friendly surface crystals are holding shape for the moment, but we have released our physical form and are spreading electron by electron through the dirt of the Earth. We say electrons because we are energy again right now. This does not mean we will never change again, but this is an easy way for us to travel and relocate. We are on the move.

The crystal under Chicago held the North American continent intact under a bubble of energy. This stability allowed humanity to build the nation and society of their choosing without interference in the form of volcanoes or earthquakes. Times change, and static conditions no longer serve the greater human soul of light. Instead of holding firmly in one position we and the Earth are relaxing our grip and allowing a little wriggling to happen. The crystal under Chicago is the first of the major crystals to withdraw. Other crystals you may find under cities are serving another purpose, usually connected to providing light in a specific area.

Crystals are benign and powerful, and we are here to help you. If we withdraw it is to continue helping you in another way. We see a period of absence for the largest crystals that could last enough years to allow some serious continental changes, and when the changes are complete it may be beneficial for us to stabilize the Earth again as we did in the past. In our opinion stability does not provide as many opportunities for growth as change. This type of change and activity will take place over many years.

©Candace Caddick

The Crystal under Chicago

Chicago Skyscrapers

I’ve been staying in Chicago with friends and a small crystal that is fond of road trips. (Crystals need to ground on the Earth after airplane flights.) I could see this giant crystal under Chicago, once my little crystal had pointed it out. The crystal was so large it looked like it was wearing the entire city of Chicago and suburbs like a hat.

By the Crystal Consciousness

Underneath the city of Chicago is one of our key crystals, large enough to hold the energy for the entire continent of North America. We sent it up from the centre of the planet some time ago when the energy of the United States began to undergo rapid change. Some of you may be aware of the old days when things seemed simpler and people enjoyed mixing more together socially. It has been present under Chicago around one hundred years.

One of the first human responses to the crystal was to develop skyscrapers. The first skyscrapers were built in Chicago, and they are structures that allow the crystal’s energy to be focused upwards and outwards. The crystal energy extends into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and covers the whole continent of North America. Under the ground we extend our energy to enclose the continent in a bubble. We have been holding this continent together in this way. When the planet changes in December this year the Chicago crystal will withdraw and you will have to wait and see what kind of city it is then, and what kind of country the United States becomes. There are too many variables this year to predict any kind of outcome. It’s time for humanity to live as a soul of light.

Why did we put a crystal there? Chicago is central to the land mass and the human population needed to be stabilised. We are a soul of light and Chicago exists directly overhead so the light comes up there through your feet. All cities are connected to our light whether they are directly overhead or not and only a few benefit from having the crystal directly underneath. We find it interesting that you were aware of us and built skyscrapers quickly to work with our energy. We create a field of light to counteract darkness wherever we are able.

Crystals are able to help you in your search for stability and knowledge of the light. We are keepers of planetary knowledge which is easiest to impart to you when you sleep. For this reason we urge you to keep crystals near your beds at night.

Both And I Saw a New Earth and Planet Earth Today have chapters on crystals for further information.