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Stepping Through the Looking Glass

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Over the last three years I’ve been writing my fifth channelled book “Stepping Through the Looking Glass”. It’s become so that the Archangels are old friends now, with different voices and different ways of expressing themselves. I write down their words, and their message is often the same: don’t worry, you are loved, look after the planet. I feel that this message is so important that I need to share it, that worry and lack of love affect 99.9% of the population on Earth. What affects one person affects us all, it creates the environment in which we all live. The books explain our true world in such a clear way! They are books about hope and looking forward to a bright, bright future.

Stepping Through the Looking Glass” is very interesting, with parallels between our time now and ancient Egypt, concentrating on the impact the Atlantean survivors had on life there. There are chapters on magic, and how incredible feats are possible even today when you understand your place in the web of life.  The biggest difference to affect all of us since 2012 is the change in Death, how humanity has re-designed the afterlife to help us in physical life. Our greater human soul has drawn a line and those who are having trouble learning how to treat everyone with love will not be reincarnating. The laws of Karma, so useful for slowing everyone down, have been discarded. Spontaneity and speed are the news laws of rebirth. More help is on the way, as following the waves of Indigo Children and others in the past, being born right now are the Peacekeepers and the new Masters to teach of love. The world of today will not be the world of the future.

The Earth is plugged back in to the universe and is being filled with energy, where before we were running on almost the memory of that energy. It’s the beginning of a new future and advice and guidance are offered here help us understand. The Looking Glass is showing us life on the other side, where our real  world is magical and death helps humanity towards ascension, hope is here for all of us. Why would I not want to write books like these, they’re all so important!

www.candacecaddick.com/books/stepping-through-the-looking-glass/ Available online, on Kindle or from me.

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Death Recedes

By Azreal, the Archangel of Death.

Fear of death and death are two separate things. You all know that your body will die, yet it is greatly feared by almost all of you. Death is no more than a continuation of life in spirit form, or life without a physical body. They are two different ways of being alive, and you’re still you, a soul of light.

Manavgat Waterfall

Think of the many deaths that fill your world, from bacteria to insects to plants and animals. Your world was made for this cycle of life and death, it is part of the framework for physical life here, and one of the basic ground rules. It has a purpose, and for humanity that purpose is rest and renewal of spirit. Your spirit needs a rest and opportunity to consider it’s lifetime on Earth before it is ready to start a new life again. A body can be exhausted, a mind tired-out with thinking, and the soul needs a break in order to draw all the lessons together from life. Life is a whirlwind of activity, and death is rest and peace for as long as necessary.

Who needs the most rest after life? Those who never found a way to live in alignment with their original purpose in being on Earth. That is the most tiring way to live, because it brings less joy. If you align yourself with your passion, your interests and your location you will enjoy your life more, with less stress and discomfort. It’s possible for everyone to live this way, unless a choice is made that takes your life away from joy.

Death is natural and beneficial, while fear is damaging to the planet and soul. Of all the life on your planet only humanity clings on beyond comfort and health. It is safe to accept death.

I watched the poppy wreaths being laid for Armistice Day at the local war memorial, and opened a conduit of light focusing on the removing fear of death. After a while there was a shattering of energy, like a stone thrown through a glass window. First the energy changes, then the physical follows. Candace

©Candace Caddick

Why are so many young people dying now?

By the Archangel of Light

The energy has changed that led to the build-up of a population of seven billion people on planet Earth. The Earth was renewed last December, and your need for seven billion people on her surface has also changed. Going back to the figure we gave in www.candacecaddick.com/2013/09/venice-city-of-flowing-water/, there are approximately 29% of you that chose to come along with the Earth for the grand finale of the human game. That leaves 71% that did not, or about 5 billion people.  These 5 billion people are not suddenly going to die, but there will be no more of them: how could there be? Everyone that is born from now on is born right here on the new Earth. All of those whose feet are on the new Earth are solid with energy and their feet are on the ground. Those who did not choose to come seem to be floating, and they will float away one by one. It depends on who they are and if they decide they want to give up and go. Others look like they’re falling with no where to put their feet, and they look frightened.

2013 has already witnessed a higher number of deaths of all ages than usual, but it is not a remarkable number and there are still new babies being born every day.  But it is the beginning of the rebalancing where the change in energy slowly feeds through to the physical. Remember, first the energy changes, then the physical world. Will it take as long as 3 decades for all of the old Earth people to die? It will happen faster than that, and that means there will be more younger people dying than you are used to.

Energetically, there are the 2 billion that hold energy and vitality, yet they look a little out of focus and not-quite-there-yet. As the others die the energy of the human soul currently spread between 7 billion of you  begins to concentrate in the smaller number of people that have chosen to be here. After a while there will be nothing but vibrant people, and the others that are now beginning to look hollow and faded will have moved on. Some people are acting as energy drains, or humans behaving like black holes. Their higher selves know they need energy and they will try to get it from the rest of you.  The best advice is to judge carefully who you are prepared to support energetically, i.e. family members and local businesses who feel like they are energetically on the new Earth. Otherwise if it is a stranger (and how many of you know your local MP or congressman?) you would do well to use your good energy to support your own plans. Don’t throw it away on supporting old world people or ideas.

A final word, there is nothing to fear in all of this.

Interview with Death

Hanson Roberts Tarot, Four of Swords

Archangel Azreal, Archangel of Death

Death is not the end, but you know this. Death does not solve problems or end them although there is a break in continuity. Life and death do not actually exist but have been created on Earth; they are the same thing and are not divided into two halves; living and dead. Earth dwellers believe in Death and have created a false version of Death that frightens them. They believe the false picture and are afraid of the real event which is a blessed gift to get you out of aged bodies into a new one, and to wind up the current experiences and allow you to start again. Death has been demonized so that people will fear it and be in pain longer. When your loved ones die they are not gone, but they have moved on to something new. It’s a bit like a television show ending and a new one beginning right after.  Sometimes rest can be peaceful after frantic activity.

The deaths of those on the old Earth will happen with little projected change from their original life spans. Their lives will be different, but their deaths will not alter.  Life and death are not to be divided, there is only life. Do not fear or worry about Death, it does not exist in the way you all believe it does.

With great love, Azreal

Whales of Loch Carnan

We’ve all been worried about the sixty pilot whales in Loch Carnan, and were afraid that they intended to beach themselves and die. I thought I would ask the whale consciousness about what was happening and about the potential for all the whales to die up in the Hebrides.

The first problem was that I attached the emotion of sadness to the idea of whales dying. The whale consciousness just told me “It’s normal for whales to do this and die. Whales die.” (Unsaid was “why are you having trouble accepting that whales die?”) So I had to take on board once again, as I’ve been here before with other animals, that they are not emotional about death, their own or others. Death is normal and it happens to every living thing. Why be sad or afraid of dying?

I said that there were a lot of people aware that the whales might die, and that we were all sorry that it might happen because we loved whales. Into the conversation the light grew and spread, as the whale consciousness accepted the truth that some humans loved whales at the same time that others hunted them to extinction. We parted on friendly terms, but I knew that our conversation would have no bearing on the whales in Loch Carnan.  I read today they swam out, leaving one diseased, dead female whale behind.

When I wrote Extreme Weather by Archangel Uriel (http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/05/extreme-weather/) I could see that the whales were terribly important to the health of the ocean, but it was difficult to know how to phrase it while Uriel was dictating the piece.

Animals accept death without emotion, and we are saddened and frightened by it. Some believed that yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world and the Rapture was to take place at 6 p.m. worldwide in a rolling wave of devastation. Those heading for heaven would not die but take their physical bodies with them. How terrified of death are they?