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Avebury in Summer

By Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

In the summer months it can be very pleasant among the stones at Avebury Circle in Wiltshire, and many families visit with their children and picnic. All who come are spending time in an area of heightened energy, adjusting and rebalancing themselves to the Earth’s latest level of energy. Their energy will have shifted and they will find their lives more in alignment with the planet they live on.

Avebury by Skagman

This Summer there is an increased speed to the spinning circle in the higher dimensions. Avebury spins to send Earth energy down the ley lines in the same way the heart pumps blood into the arteries.  Flow and energy are needed everywhere, to push stagnancy out its accustomed pockets and create change in every corner of the globe.

This intensification of energy is most easily felt at Avebury. Do you want to change something in your life? Are there areas of stagnancy you’d love to shift? Pay a visit to the circle and prepare for transformation.

“I am the Archangel Michael, I write these workshops to take people through the healing aspects of Avebury step by step so they can begin a process of change that can last for months. The energy of the Earth needs to be incorporated into your own energy so you can live more healthily, with greater balance on its surface. It is essential that you are able to connect with the Earth in your day-to-day lives. You cannot thrive without her.”

I run workshops to Avebury where I take people through the higher dimensional gateway to enhance the healing experience. Each time I go I have benefited from being taken one more step along my own pathway. Last Saturday I visited with a stone that’s good at opening up the third eye, After feeling distracted  by events at home over the past twelve months, it gave me a spring clean and another upgrade. The enhanced clarity is welcome!

Next Avebury workshop is 16 September, see www.candacecaddick.com/calendar, please also see the testimonials page.  Follow-up Avebury workshop on 14 October.

©Candace Caddick

What’s It’s Like Inside Stonehenge?

By Candace Caddick.

Last Saturday was my long-awaited date inside Stonehenge Circle, a place that is only open to those who pre-book a spot months in advance. I arranged to take a group into the middle on a beautiful May evening, and we went in through the higher dimensional gateway to the circle. Walking under the first set of stones was like going into a separate place, similar to walking through a mansion into a different room. There was enough energy coming up from the ground inside to make my hair feel like it was standing on end.



The Earth energy begins to be felt once inside the circular ditch surrounding the stones, but once we were inside Stonehenge the stones seemed even larger through holding so much energy in their bodies. They clarified the energy rising from the ground and held it inside the circle. Depending on where I stood inside the circle there was a different view, and each of these was showing a doorway into somewhere else.


mushroom water fountain

Stonehenge is where the Earth’s shield emerges from the core, and it appeared like one of those water fountains that looks like a mushroom (picture). We changed the flow to a spiral, and as the threads spiral out every being or object is caught and woven into the shield, involving all of us now in the energy shield of the Earth. The old mushroom shape looked so simple in comparison, and suitable for a three dimensional world. The new, more complex shield works better on a planet evolving to a higher level.

I’m looking forward to being in there again in September. There’s one place left on the day if anyone is interested.

©Candace Caddick

Beneficial Side Effects of Crystal Heating

Earth Energy

I’ve been practising aligning with Earth energy in my unheated garden office. I start by saying “it is my intention to align myself with the Earth’s energy, and I ask the help of the crystal elders to amplify and focus the energy into me”. Whoosh, up it rises through my legs until the tip of my nose is tingling and I’m warm. Then I sit and type for a couple of hours. My office stays below 9 c, which is as low as my thermometer goes, and it is quite chilly. However, I don’t feel cold enough to put the heat on. I wear a T-shirt, sweater, zip-up fleece and jeans. I’m a little worried that it might get damp there, but so far it’s ok.

So have I mastered it? If I have, then it is just a matter of practice. The next step is to get my daughters over here and try a group warming to see if we can heat an entire room. I’m sure it’s possible.

In the last month I’ve noticed other changes. I am aligning with Earth energy, and I feel like a small bump on her surface. There have been subtle shifts in my physical body that have started, so it’s gone beyond energy fields now and straight into the physical. The shifts I notice have been towards balance in every way, and away from imbalance. I can feel changes in shape on my body with my hands. I’m aware that I’m aligning with something very good for me.

What if the Earth’s axis were realigned, and she travelled upright instead of tilted over? I don’t think it will be that long until we find out, maybe twenty-five years or less. Animals are more sensitive to the Earth’s lack of balance because they are always connected to her.  The Earth needs balanced and loving life on her surface to help her get upright again. If you can’t connect to her with love, but see her as a cheap form of heat you are missing the point. The connection needs to be made with love, as a child to its parent, to be able to cope with the energy she provides. Only the heart is large enough to allow this energy through.

I would like to thank my friend Reiki Master Mamta Nanda for her thoughtful comments on heating with Earth energy. If there is anyone else out there who would like to comment it helps me by directing my attention to another aspect of the subject.