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Using Avebury to Change Earth’s Energy

By the Archangel Michael.

Avebury is a neglected asset on your planet. The great stone circle acts as a machine that can provide the energy the planet and people need at that moment, altering the existing energy and send it out new. I don’t think any of your man-made computers are able to do that yet! Avebury provides the raw material to act, and then is able to act in partnership with humans.

Avebury by Skagman

Avebury by Skagman

There are a number of very large energy waves arriving on Earth from the universe between now and 2025 or so, the most forceful in late 2020. The wave hitting you now is one of these and will have the effect of upping the overall amount of energy on the planet. Once again humanity finds itself standing in a blast of energy while trying to get on with their lives. Imagine you are an insect and someone turns a blow-dryer on you to send you away, but you want to move forward. Maybe you will, or maybe you’ll lose your grip.  Your lives will continue but the background energy will be disruptive.

We Earth angels channelled through a workshop to a group at Avebury last Saturday to use the stone circle and the individual stones. The participants were able to pick up new planetary energy and feed it into the circle so that Earth’s circulating energy carried human vibrations. The change allows the new wave to blend with this altered energy and will make it easier for people to adapt and live their lives. This is only one of the many uses of this sophisticated site.

Avebury changes month by month now. A few of us had a very special day at Avebury on Saturday. By volunteering to do this work we settled this energy into ourselves so that we match it. We now look like pegs firmly placed in a peg board, anchoring human and universal energy. There also looks to be a lot of pegs blowing around without roots. Grounding yourselves will help, as will daily Reiki self-treatments or other energy work. It’s all about carrying a vibration as close to the Earth’s as possible as it continues to increase at great speed.  Candace

©Candace Caddick

A New Cycle of Peace

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth.

You began a new cycle of energy on Earth this month (or more accurately Thurs 28th April), a cycle of harmony and peace. This is one of the subjects we angels are most fond of, yet have the most difficulty convincing human beings can ever take place in their world. How can we say there is a new cycle of peace, what do we mean?


We have talked in the last few months about a wave of energy arriving that is an opportunity for you to relax and receive some help from the Universe. The wave that began at the end of April can lift you and help you on your way to your chosen destination. You can glide rather than struggle on your path. As the weeks’ progress we watch this happen with many of you. Where it is most effective is when you are taking actions, rather than doing nothing. An action has energy that is tangible and can be grabbed just like a piece of wood floating in the sea. Your actions can be lifted forward, connections are made,  and unlikely coincidences take place. This should be fun for all of you.

This same helpful wave holds the vibration of harmony and peace. Your actions are pushed by this harmonic wave. Think about a different type of wave of chaos energy or perhaps disharmony. As that wave rolled through human society did you feel more friction between you, was there an increase in fighting? You have just lived through a wave that lasted 100 years or so, since the time of the First World War. This wave is the antidote, the opposite, and it is far, far stronger than any previous wave for a century. The universe – a place of great and unlimited love – is extending a helping hand to all of you. You eat, sleep and live surrounded now by this wave of peace.

Many of you have felt the switch in energy and it has been unsettling, perhaps you have felt a bit jittery at times over the last month. This wave is enough to cause those feelings. You all need time to adjust in your physical selves, and you will have time it, you are all beings of love in your origins and it is easier for humans to adjust to love than fighting. We estimate this wave of peace will settle down and begin to influence society on Earth in the next two years or so. You cannot continue as you are and live in love, and proceed to align with the love of the outer universe. We are waiting to welcome you home one day.

©Candace Caddick