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Science and The Downfall of Atlantis

Archangel of Light

It was difficult in some ways to determine what to include in the book The Downfall of Atlantis and what to leave out. We wanted everyone to know about the soulless side of science, the side that has nothing to do with the highest good of the human race, but seeks instead to sink it into the mire. Science is a two-edged sword, on the one hand with genuinely good advancements in health (e.g. saving women’s lives in childbirth), and on the other creatively finding ways to enslave people to pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. anti-depressants) and manufacture new ways of mass murder. This comes down to each and every one of you using your own brains and hearts to decided what is right and wrong, or what deserves your support or censure and causes you to walk away. You always have choices.

In Atlantis, which was so scientifically advanced ahead of you that you resemble the stone ages, science was the religion of truth to be adhered to and celebrated in an unquestioned way. They accepted every “advance” as a positive step and lost their way forward to virtual extinction. These were human beings, the same as you are. They surrendered their discernment, they stopped questioning, they believed they had no right to find out the truth and ask what was being done inside locked buildings. All these things together combined to end Atlantis and cause the death of people exactly like yourselves.

I am the Archangel of Light, and the purest and highest form of light is love. If I can shine light into corners that are dark with slime and maggots, and direct the gaze of people such as yourselves to those same corners then you will know what your individual choices involve. You will know what you are choosing between. For this reason we wrote about the horrors of the Fourth Age of Atlantis. Otherwise we would have been happy enough never to think about the despair and horror of those days again. You stand at a fork in the road right now; you have the power to choose your pathway as individuals and as societies.

This is a time of flux with so many changes and so many possible outcomes. It is the time when the most unlikely result and future pathway could be the one that happens. There could be the outside chance of a beautiful utopian future filled with light, and there could be the opposite; a time of slavery and horror. It’s up to you and how you exercise your choices. I think you’d have more pleasure from the light-filled path. I wish love to you all.

Creating your new lives

Archangel Esmariel, the Archangel of Transformation

I wrote previously about using New Year’s resolutions in a positive way to focus on the changes you wish to bring into your life.  Change is an irresistible force, powerful and strong, and good for you. Is all change good for you? From my point of view it is, because I am the Archangel of Transformation, and changes flow through me. I’m like a pink windsock where change blows through me but never stays with me, and I am flowing with the strength of the wind.

I know that every one of you is different, with different responses to changes in your lives. But change has got a bad press lately, where if a change is made it is seen to be for the worst. It would be helpful to remember all the changes that have led to improvements for yourself and others, and consciously release your resistance to change.

How much personal energy does it take never to change? Do you have any idea of how hard all of you work to keep things the same in your lives and societies? This is the strongest force in the universe we’re talking about. Every time a change happens anywhere in the world you are all affected, and what happens here ripples out to the rest of creation. We feel your changes eventually way out here in the wholeness of space. Everything is interconnected and does not stand in isolation.

Change is flow. Candace’s favourite image of flow is people who are floating down a stream watching as the landscape changes around them and the sun shining through trees overhead. Some float effortlessly, and others are hanging onto the grass along the edges for dear life while the stream tugs at them. Never changing is like hanging onto the grass with all your strength; it takes that much effort. Float effortlessly or struggle to hang on? It’s safe to let go.

New Year’s Resolutions

Archangel Esmariel, the Archangel of Transformation

What do you normally wish for when you form your New Year’s Resolutions? You wish for change to come into your life in one way or another. Change is the most abundant energy in the universe, the most constant, and the one no one escapes. When you begin to think about your New Year and the changes you wish in your lives you all focus on things you want to happen. Most people don’t choose a lot of bad things for themselves. We see this thoughtful process and we applaud you, this is exactly the way you change your lives for the better. You are aligning yourselves with the flow of energy that facilitates change, acknowledging it and willingly seeking to change your lives in a manner of your own choosing. That’s how the universe works with you to manifest change.

I am here at this time of your planet’s story to help all of you to change quickly. It is a hugely accelerating process, getting faster every day. That’s good. That’s what I’m about, and I can help you. Ask me, the Archangel Esmariel, for help to change your lives. The important thing here is to choose for yourselves some good things such as: happiness, love, joy, truth, enough money for your needs, enough work for your businesses, enough health for your families and friends. Concentrate on what you want, not what you are afraid of getting. You also need to allow space for the universe to give you good things, so don’t be too specific, i.e. only wishing for a pair of pink Ugg boots. That seems very little to us and we have so many gifts we want to give you.

What happens to those who only see a black future for themselves or their businesses? They get that future, of course. It may be hard to practice the discipline of thinking positive thoughts, but it is worth it. When you are seeing a black future or say you expect something will be dreadful please consciously cancel, cancel, cancel those thoughts. Then go on with your day and keep cancelling your negative thoughts. It’s the way the universe is set up to work. Those who say this doesn’t work are not in tune with the gifts of the universe and may be looking for concrete, material results. Your surest guideline is to ask for what is in line with your highest good.

Wish away, and if you feel that you missed the boat this year and did not wish on New Year’s Eve, what has that to do with anything? This is a daily exercise, and focusing on good things for yourself is a non-stop process.