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2013, a Year of Transition

By the First Elohim (who looks particularly happy today.)

It’s exciting to come to the end of a year of transition. A year can end on any day you want, but to have everyone take part lends importance to the change-over. When the year numbers change the energy changes too, and this was the most noticeable when 1999 changed to 2000. The Earth travels continually around the Sun and you are the only species on her that celebrate the end of each rotation; it’s your day and highlights for you the change in every year.

Each year has a special vibration or flavour, and 2013 was the first year of a new 26,000 year cycle. Many of you covered a lot of ground in your lives. The Earth also began a process of moving forward with enthusiasm, but her time scale is different. She made a beginning, while you travelled further forward. The Earth’s beginning was like a sprinter starting a race, first the rise upwards to a running position, then the speeding forward. It happens in the blink of an eye for sprinters, but for the Earth it has taken all year. That means she is ready now to cover some ground herself.

When you celebrate the New Year you will be giving her some of your own energy and she will use it to help boost her along. (The opposite would be to cling to the past.) You have no idea what is coming, but when the Earth is upright and  begins to gather speed towards her own changes you will see it. She is not going to whiz around the Sun, she is going to readjust herself to be something healthy and whole. It is more akin to a person changing their outlook on life.

November was quiet and still, December provided a firm footing for moving forward, and the end of  January provides the oomph to carry you far ahead again. We’ve written about waves of energy, where you can catch the wave and ride it like a surfboard. That’s what’s coming, and we want you to be ready to jump on your surfboard and be carried forward. When you slow down and stop you will be a long way ahead. What do you need to do to be ready?

An Energetic Tidal Wave

In a previous blog (www.candacecaddick.com/2013/03/when-will-it-be-spring/) I mentioned a very large wave of energy for the end of April.  We have had a number of these in the last couple of years bringing about change on our planet. Some of them have been focused on Earth, and some of them on humanity. This one is going to be for us.

About five years ago I could see a split in humanity where some of us walked gently on an upward slope and others were below on a path that became increasingly empty. In time it grassed over and everyone who remained walked on the higher pathway. Last April there was a similar wave and people chose either to go ahead on the new Earth, or stay on the old with their old lives. When the old Earth ended these people remained without a planet under their feet. About 46% of the world’s population chose to go forward, with a heavy emphasis on the young. These are the people who will walk forward on the high road. It’s been a bit weird for me, because I can see the physical forms of those who did not choose to live on the new Earth and they have no energy bodies. The other people have energy bodies just as they always did. Those with just physical bodies have an effect only if you give them your energy to use. All the babies born since the 20th of December are fully present on Earth.   

This wave at the end of April is where some of us begin the upward path, and others never notice the energy wave at all and continue to walk straight ahead. What does taking the upward path look like? It’s like standing at the bottom of a wall that is a mile high with wings or a sail attached to your body and the wave lifts you all the way to the top. You go as high as you are ready to go, and it will help if you can tie up loose ends beforehand so you don’t have to keep looking back. Once you have started on the higher path it will be easier for you in every way.


The First Elohim

In recent years there have been great changes for you, but they have not yet finished. This will be the beginning of the end for a few, and there will be others who blossom in their lives. The Earth has lain quietly under the cold of an extended winter and soon she will emerge as the butterfly from a chrysalis. She will begin to fly and you will ride on her back. We realise that you can’t imagine how this will be until she takes off. Anchor yourselves into your love for her and your families and friends, and into solid reality.  Earth will be entering her own phase of fluidity, and that will help you be more flexible. Energy is not stagnant, and you and the Earth will benefit from raising yours by flowing with change.

This is not a time to worry but to be excited and joyful. Life is for living and you will be fully alive and learning about love, life and being human. Those of you who take the high road will have no regrets.

©Candace Caddick

What are Shifts in Energy?

First Elohim

You are going through shift after shift in energy as you ride the Earth around your sun and your galaxy.  Because these begin in the higher dimensions you will not be aware of them until they reach you in the physical world. From our point of view that is almost instantaneous. From your point of view and taking into account the slowness of Earth-time, there is a delay. Delaying something doesn’t stop it from happening. Since April 2012 events have been accelerating.

When we say a shift in energy we mean that the vibration of energy arriving on the Earth is rising. If you could hear it, and some can, it sounds like a single high-pitched note in the background of life. When we say the energy is raising the note steps up a half-tone. The next shift is another half-tone higher. Since last April the energy arriving here has raised considerably, and quite quickly. It will continue to rise in half-steps for the foreseeable future until the planet shakes enough to change herself.

Earth receives this bombardment of energy and as it hits she quivers faster and faster. Think of a glass shattering when a soprano holds a high note. Your planet needs to change and the rest of the universe is helping her. We help her because we love her. For all of you living here, go outside and expose yourself to the new energy and be with her, and then the Earth can help you adjust. If you practise Reiki or another healing modality, do your self-treatments and raise your energy that way. This is a time when you could be susceptible to tiredness, headaches, etc. and aligning with the Earth’s energy will help you.

We don’t want anyone to worry about the Earth shattering under your feet like a brittle glass. That could happen at the end of the universe, but that’s still a long way off. She is changing, and you elected to live through the changes because there is nothing more exciting or more fun than a planet in transition.

Dissolving Time Part Two

By the First Elohim

Controlling time is through using your intentions and your ability to create. Time is flexible, and it is one more item in your everyday life you can influence. Because Earth time only exists here you only need to remember there is more than one way of telling time. If you look at time as timeless that is also true, and by believing that you can tap into timelessness as well as the rigid tick-tick-tick of your Earth time you have a spectrum that runs from timeless to everyday. You can be anywhere you like on that spectrum as both exist at once even though they sound like opposites. Pick the way you want time to pass and allow it to be flexible, it will be easier and easier the more you practice.

In the past this would have been very difficult for you, but as the Earth opens up this spring to the universe you will be exposed to timelessness. Some people will scoff and do nothing with this information. The rest of you have the opportunity to play around with time, stretching and shrinking it with the goal of having time pass in the way that is exactly right for you at that moment. Life is not meant to be hard, but a series of happy events. If you can shorten long waits, or speed up slow journeys you will begin to have a feel for serendipity. Life is meant to teach you about yourself, and the way you fit with everything else. Time is one small example of the way you can happily link into every aspect of your life. At the moment you refer to some people as “lucky”, but we can see they accept life as being happy.

We see rigid timekeeping as stressful and unnecessary in many ways. If you could help yourselves with time you could relax and become happier. You put time and timekeeping as the master instead of just part of your life. There is far too much emphasis on something that is an illusion, and that controls you instead of you controlling it. You don’t have to disregard train timetables, but your journey to the station can be altered.

Think of the Elohim, and ask us for help. You can try asking for time to stretch when you are late and trust us to help you. See what happens and keep practicing time shifting. We can alter Earth time for you because we exist here on Earth and out in the Universe at the same time. We are a collective and our relationship to each other is very close, we are separate and one at the same time. Playing with time is not impossible; you are just not used to doing it. Trust us; this is one of the big changes that can work well for you. Time is artificial, timelessness is real. Meditating on time/timelessness would be helpful.

Dissolving Time Part One

First Elohim

The previous blog mentioned that Earth time is linear and it would disappear as the Earth rejoined Universal time. This could perhaps take generations to occur in a uniform manner around the globe. What you will experience is not the end of your calendar, but an individual’s perception of time. Some will see an event dragging out before them endlessly; others will find it speeds by. This sounds like a description of boredom to most of you, but that’s not what we mean.

In the timeless universe everything happens at once except on planets. Time as a dimension was introduced to help souls measure their progress and keep their doings separated from each other. In space we watch, but we are not busy with activities as you are on planets. We do not take action, and time is not necessary for us; it could actually get in our way. When everything happens at once, we can be everywhere at once. We do not “travel”, we exist. Each planet constructs a time dimension to contain the game in progress. They can be at any speed, and all of them are faster than yours. You look like you are moving in very slow motion.

What is the relationship of boredom and time but perception? Two people at the same event could perceive the time passing either quickly or slowly. What we are looking at arriving now on Earth is an even wilder perception of time as the change to Universal time takes place. The Earth is readying herself to rejoin the rest of the universe, and that is also your natural home and you will go with her. Your days are 24 hours long, and there will be more cases of “how did you arrive in two hours when it took me four?!” Time can stretch and time can shrink. In the past if you wanted time to stretch it was possible for some (and is an Elohim specialty), but managing time is going to be even easier and stretchier than ever before. The more you are able to see time as flexible, the more you can control it.