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Changing times

Archangel Melchizadek

“We’ve been talking about the easy flow of energy from the very beginning it seems. We are angels of light and light flows without hindrance or impediment. You all want to “go with the flow” and make life easy for yourselves, don’t you? When you are stuck in the mud and can’t move forward, and see others walking easily and freely you want to get out and walk with them, not stand still trying to lift your feet.

What are the characteristics of being stuck? Depression and unhappiness are the biggest ones; frustration at never moving forward to achieve anything you wanted to achieve; loneliness as others walk by and follow their destinies. We see so many stuck people who are in the process of giving up on ever moving away from the mud. They can see no way out.

Why don’t they pick up their feet and struggle out? They don’t have to, as flow is available for even the stuck ones. All they need to do is decide and say “I’m done with this mud hole, I’m ready to start flowing”. Flow is about ease of movement, it’s not something you work to obtain or struggle to achieve. Flow is as simple as facing the light and moving towards it, there are no obstacles that are large enough to keep you from moving forward once you have chosen to do so. Flow of energy is freely available to all in this universe.

In our perspective we see flowing energy as light and stagnancy as dark. The heart of darkness, the thing that creates and hugs darkness close to us is fear.  Fear is usually created by outside events, like the economy or hatred being whipped up against others. It’s an example of choosing to live your life one way, fearfully, or another by releasing and trusting that there is ease and movement, and where everyone is looked after by being in the flow of light. There’s no special magic way to enter the flow, it happens because a person chooses to leave behind all their fears and step forward fearlessly. The whole point of flow is that it’s very, very easy.”

I wrote articles earlier by Esmariel, Archangel of Transformation that are relevant and helpful, http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/01/new-year%E2%80%99s-resolutions/ and http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/01/creating-your-new-lives/. Also see her section on personal transformation in Planet Earth Today.

Extreme Weather

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

You have probably noticed that some countries are experiencing extreme weather conditions, and tiny earth movements. These two things are not the same. We want to talk about heavy rain, high winds, and drought.

Heavy rain is a direct consequence of higher atmospheric levels of CO2 altering the balance between what is above, and what is below. Your air composition has changed; that has changed the oceans and the land (which is slower to change being more solid) is caught in between. You tend to notice what affects you personally, so if it only rained really hard over the oceans you would disregard it. The connection between the air and the ocean is fluid and active, with a constant exchange between them. CO2 is absorbed by the water, and water draws up into the sky. We see it as one large water-bearing body with more air at the top, and more water at the bottom. The air and sky are the watery part of your planet and the air part is above the land. You live on one of the water planets.

We wrote about the desertification of your vast oceans in Planet Earth Today, and you are altering the base of your water system. As the oceans absorb ever more CO2 and the coral reefs die and the dependant life dies in the oceans it results in stagnation. The vast shoals of fish that have been eaten used to stir the water adding energy to the base layer of water. The more energy, the more lively the environment and your planet was designed to have an energetic ocean with a wispier air layer. The air allowed the ocean to discharge some energy, but the ocean was energetically balanced. When you have a well-stirred pot in the kitchen there are no lumps or unstirred areas, and it doesn’t burn. The ocean was like that.

The air used to siphon up water to drop it on the land to water the green plants. There was balance, the bottom was stirred, and the top was calmer. The heavy-weight part of the system is no longer moving the way it was designed and like a spinning top that is wobbling the air is no longer acting as it used to. This is what the Earth looks like when stripped of the ability to balance herself.

The most useful place to direct your efforts at stabilising your weather are the oceans, and restoring the oceans to life. At an estimate I would say they are now eighty percent dead compared to their former selves. The steps to take involve hugely reducing fishing, carbon emissions, and sewage disposal. A complete about-turn on these practices will make a start, and trust the intelligence of those who are native to the oceans to look after it themselves.

Current events in North Africa and the Middle East

Archangel of Hope and the Archangel of Transformation

How do you see the uprising of the citizens in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East? There are two things to notice here: first, how change works, how nothing in your world or the greater universe works in isolation. Second, how change is good and desirable in itself.  You have been witnessing normal energy flows in these last few weeks, where one event has triggered another. It would have been unlikely if the Tunisian uprising had occurred in isolation. Instead you have an outward flow so that these countries who share similar authoritarian dictatorships all feel the energy of change and that energy alters their countries.

These countries have been held in stasis for decades, with an unchanging ruler and unchanging political structures. Their economies are based on pumping and exporting oil, sold to the same clients who burn gasoline and petrol without changing their habits. When change blows through this oil region and changes the political structures it will change all of the people who are connected to these countries. Those countries consuming the most oil will be closely affected by their changes, but how will those changes manifest? Now is the time to stop thinking “Oh, no. Fuel prices will go up!” When did they ever really go down? You will not be burning oil forever as it is a finite resource. You have been pumping oil for around one hundred years and you’ve used up most of it now. So fast, it’s as if you were gorging on the planet’s oil. Change happens, and travelling and heating your homes with oil will end, not today but not so far off in time either. When these desert countries have pumped their last oil they will enter their next phase. It is because these uprisings are the beginning of the next phase (even if that is a few years away) that we are writing now; Hophriel, the Archangel of Hope and Esmariel the Archangel of Transformation. Their next phase will be different because they have changed their countries now.

Stagnation is the opposite of change, and energetically speaking it looks grey or black to us, the angels of light. We are all about flow and progress, about not hanging on. These citizens of North Africa and the Middle East bravely stirred up enough energy to change their countries, and crack monolithic, institutionalised stasis. So much energy has been used to maintain the status quo, and so many weapons. They weave together in a web of pain, and in these webs are fat spiders swollen with more money and goods than they can ever use. Throughout this spring there will be more change as one event inspires another and as change is one of the attributes of light and love, we write now in hope. Throw the chips up in the air and let them fall where they will, then do it again until everything is flowing, swirling and dancing.

Science and The Downfall of Atlantis

Archangel of Light

It was difficult in some ways to determine what to include in the book The Downfall of Atlantis and what to leave out. We wanted everyone to know about the soulless side of science, the side that has nothing to do with the highest good of the human race, but seeks instead to sink it into the mire. Science is a two-edged sword, on the one hand with genuinely good advancements in health (e.g. saving women’s lives in childbirth), and on the other creatively finding ways to enslave people to pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. anti-depressants) and manufacture new ways of mass murder. This comes down to each and every one of you using your own brains and hearts to decided what is right and wrong, or what deserves your support or censure and causes you to walk away. You always have choices.

In Atlantis, which was so scientifically advanced ahead of you that you resemble the stone ages, science was the religion of truth to be adhered to and celebrated in an unquestioned way. They accepted every “advance” as a positive step and lost their way forward to virtual extinction. These were human beings, the same as you are. They surrendered their discernment, they stopped questioning, they believed they had no right to find out the truth and ask what was being done inside locked buildings. All these things together combined to end Atlantis and cause the death of people exactly like yourselves.

I am the Archangel of Light, and the purest and highest form of light is love. If I can shine light into corners that are dark with slime and maggots, and direct the gaze of people such as yourselves to those same corners then you will know what your individual choices involve. You will know what you are choosing between. For this reason we wrote about the horrors of the Fourth Age of Atlantis. Otherwise we would have been happy enough never to think about the despair and horror of those days again. You stand at a fork in the road right now; you have the power to choose your pathway as individuals and as societies.

This is a time of flux with so many changes and so many possible outcomes. It is the time when the most unlikely result and future pathway could be the one that happens. There could be the outside chance of a beautiful utopian future filled with light, and there could be the opposite; a time of slavery and horror. It’s up to you and how you exercise your choices. I think you’d have more pleasure from the light-filled path. I wish love to you all.

Creating your new lives

Archangel Esmariel, the Archangel of Transformation

I wrote previously about using New Year’s resolutions in a positive way to focus on the changes you wish to bring into your life.  Change is an irresistible force, powerful and strong, and good for you. Is all change good for you? From my point of view it is, because I am the Archangel of Transformation, and changes flow through me. I’m like a pink windsock where change blows through me but never stays with me, and I am flowing with the strength of the wind.

I know that every one of you is different, with different responses to changes in your lives. But change has got a bad press lately, where if a change is made it is seen to be for the worst. It would be helpful to remember all the changes that have led to improvements for yourself and others, and consciously release your resistance to change.

How much personal energy does it take never to change? Do you have any idea of how hard all of you work to keep things the same in your lives and societies? This is the strongest force in the universe we’re talking about. Every time a change happens anywhere in the world you are all affected, and what happens here ripples out to the rest of creation. We feel your changes eventually way out here in the wholeness of space. Everything is interconnected and does not stand in isolation.

Change is flow. Candace’s favourite image of flow is people who are floating down a stream watching as the landscape changes around them and the sun shining through trees overhead. Some float effortlessly, and others are hanging onto the grass along the edges for dear life while the stream tugs at them. Never changing is like hanging onto the grass with all your strength; it takes that much effort. Float effortlessly or struggle to hang on? It’s safe to let go.