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Fracking and Cracking

By the Archangelic Collective

The safety of fracking is a specious argument (i.e. misleading in appearance, especially misleadingly attractive) made by those who value money over anything else in the world. Fracking cracks the upper surface of the Earth in order to access natural gas pockets. The upper crust is very deep, and AS FAR AS YOU ARE ABLE TO MEASURE, you appear to be cracking only the very top.

Horizontal fracturing

So what? Does any of this matter if the Earth is renewing itself? Looking only at the energy of this process, humans are cracking their home world and increasing the fragility of the surface they live on. They did not ask permission of the Earth to do this, or if it was for the highest good of all. Some people are profiting at the expense of others, in a greedy way. This is dark energy, and immersing yourself, or allowing other humans to immerse themselves, turns away from the plan the greater human soul made when choosing to live on Earth.

On the plus side, the people acting greedily do not realise that the Earth has changed and they are shouting louder and louder in order to maintain their control. The real power lies with those who live on the new Earth and draw their strength and energy from her. We want to encourage you to flex your muscles and stand up for your planet and your future. These others can now be dispersed by a strong breath in their direction.

There are many science fiction books where Earth is a ruined wasteland. These books tapped into the timeline where Earth was destroyed by humanity. That timeline still exists but you do not have to travel on it, you can pick a line that leads to paradise instead. That path calls for love for the planet you live on, and taking every action with love in mind. Living in that way will immerse you in the purest light.

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┬ęCandace Caddick