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Have you ever seen a giant?

Flooded stream

By Candace

Friday was a nice day here, so I went for a long walk in a wood nearby where there had always been a pretty stream flowing through some green lawns. Because of the recent flooding this valley had filled with water, and although the water had receded the grass was half-dead. The banks of the stream had lost definition and been washed away.

Walking near the stream in the mud I was aware of a lot of elemental energy, in fact there seemed to be someone really large very close by and its energy was very noticeable. I stopped and looked for the source*. Towering high above me was a very friendly giant. The trees close by were maybe thirty feet tall, and he was a good four or five times that height, so maybe 120 to 150 feet tall. I could see he was working, so I asked him what he was doing and he turned me towards the ruined banks of the stream. He was rebuilding the banks energetically with large boulders and lumps of earth. First the energetic repairs, then the physical will be able to fill in the blueprint later. He was not dredging the stream, but restoring the banks.

Every time I’ve met a giant they are making repairs either in a drought or flood, by moving the earth around so the flow of water is optimal. Giants aren’t always this tall, either. Elementals enjoy being spoken to, and the giant and I parted with a friendly hug.

Elementals work tirelessly for the planet, and they are content in their work. Lately they have altered their roles from gardeners and groundskeepers to repair work. There are a number of new elementals who are holding parts of the planet together thereby minimising the damage caused by fracking, mining, and explosions. They are in the soil, weaving their limbs through the dirt and holding on. They are doing this because it is in the Earth’s best interest that they do so. And yet, they see us with love.

The following are some new elementals for today’s needs:

Elementals who spread Earth energy like bees spread pollen

Ocean vitality elementals

Air vitality elementals

Water vitality elementals

Earth vitality elementals

Vitality in this instance means to keep these parts of the planet alive.

*Normally I see what every  human sees, but if I can feel the energy of a higher dimensional being I stop and specifically look for the energy I can feel. I say to myself “I want to see the source of this energy”,  or “see who’s here”, and then I can see it. It’s the same with energy around an object, or the coming weather, or anything outside of the lower three dimensions. I have to focus on one thing and look. Try it!

©Candace Caddick

Living with Trees

Shepherds of the Trees

Shepherds of the trees are larger than the mature trees I have around my house. The name describes what they do, rather than what they call themselves or how they look. They don’t look like big humans.

“You interact with trees and they appear to be so strong, so indestructible, but we see the marks of stress and strain. These trees have been propping up a world gone mad, a society of humans that has no contact with the natural world they live on. The trees have been bridging humanity and the Earth. There have been sacrifices of being cut down and thrown away or burnt up, and they have been dissected into planks and made into lumber for your houses and furniture. This last is what we wish to speak to you about.

Put your hand on a piece of wooden furniture and drop your senses into the wood itself. Can you see the tree as it was before it was cut down, with its leaves or needles waving in the blue sky? That tree is present in your home because you have a part of it inside with you. Go around your house and look at all the wood, and remember there is hidden wood inside the soft furniture, under the carpets, around the windows and in the structure of the building itself. Even brick houses use wood to hold up their roofs. The wood in your homes carries the energy of the trees when they were alive, and the energy of trees is love. You are living inside a forest made of a variety of trees.

Now we are working with the trees that live on the outside; we are healing them, repairing their hurts and smoothing out their energy. The Earth is beginning a process of renewal, and we are helping by renewing the structure of these trees, the largest members of the plant kingdom. We make ready for the next stage. The next stage for the trees will be one of strength and health, of holding their ground and supporting ley lines. They will act from strength where up until now they have been acting from sheer force of will, love and a refusal to give up and let the Earth down.”

In my book The Downfall of Atlantis  the levels of ley lines are described and their relationship with trees. This post refers to the lines level with the top floor of a double-decker bus, although trees also anchor the lines on the surface of the planet. It’s always nice to ride through the ley lines.