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Glastonbury Healing Day

What can I add to the previous channelling? We sat on top of the Tor in the sunshine as visitors knowing that when it was time we would go down to the tree line and begin work. I was remembering that when you are in a place you can let go of the veil of time and see all that happened there in the past. I watched the boatmen punting on the lake that used to surround the Tor. I wanted to see Arthur’s last battle and suddenly the basin was filled to overflowing with armies of the enemy, and I was looking at the forces of the Shadow of the East. These were the men who overran the ancient post-Atlantean civilisations in Europe, and in their eyes they were the heroic warriors conquering land for their people. They had no knowledge or love for the Earth.

Then later we watched the soldiers of light come forth, and my guides were so excited! They plan these things carefully and work hard to make it all happen. I had gone to Glastonbury on one of the last days I could schedule and still fit into their timetable of events for the year.  Finally we were thanked by Arthur for our help and I could look at his face. He was man in his thirties with scars and toughness from a life of desperate battles, continually being pushed back and back. He was a warrior king who always did everything asked of him, no matter what the personal cost.

On the way back we stopped by Woodhenge and I have never spent enough time there to really work out the detail of what is going on. As you walk into it you sense the ground fall away; you can see your feet on Earth but the reality feels like you are walking in space. Standing in the centre surround by blackness and stars, I could hear the stars singing. I could see the universe around me and look down on a little, tiny Earth.  I don’t believe I’m the only person to have noticed this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t build Woodhenge there just to mark the spot where the universe is present on Earth.  Woodhenge is very close to Stonehenge with all its blazing light rising up, while Woodhenge draws in and down. I need to go back for a quiet meditation and picnic there one day.

The next scheduled healing day is the 11th of August for some ocean healing on a beach in West Sussex.  There’s a lot of energy building for it already.

Glastonbury Healing Day

Glastonbury Tor

I’ve put up a flyer for a day at Glastonbury on 26 May 2012 on my Calendar page. I’m reproducing it below:

The area around Glastonbury Tor is energetically active and vital to the process of rebirth that is taking place in 2012. The Tor looks like it is in a stage of transition, and the cracks in the higher dimensions are shining with light from the Earth. This is a visit to assist the Tor in opening and releasing light cleanly for the Earth’s highest good.

When the top of Glastonbury is opened the veils that are held there will drift away and we will begin truly seeing the world we live on. This is one step at the right time in that process.

These days are always great fun spent with a like minded group of people. The healing is vital, and we go to the places we are asked to, at the time when we can do the most good. The Earth is changing and we are able to help.

Healers and non-experienced people welcome.

Please contact me on the “contacts” page if you would like to come.

Day is from 11 to 5 to allow for travelling.

£20 not including food

Avebury, what’s happening in Spring 2011

I went to Avebury, Wiltshire on Wednesday for the day to visit the stone circle. There were some stones there I wanted to visit; the sheep and lambs were grazing inside the circle and the sky was blue. This is a channelling from the stone circle itself.

Avebury 6.4.11 a

Avebury trees

Avebury 6.4.11 b

Avebury lambs

Greetings! We are pleased to speak directly to you today. We have been silent for thousands of years since the time of Arthur’s final battle at Glastonbury Tor.  (Stone circles, Arthur and final battle covered in Downfall of Atlantis) Those who worked with us at that time were killed or scattered, and we have been without anyone to hear us since those days.

Our circle maintains the connection between the Earth and the Universe. It’s been out of synch, dirty and broken for a long time through misuse and neglect. We thank those that have devoted time to visit and work with us to help us clear and repair our structure and energy lines. We are now ready to resume our job of connection this spring as the Earth has need of us again. She is ready to resume her role in a vibrant universe and will be in constant connection and communication with the greater universe from now on.

From this time on you will be no longer circling your sun alone, with no contact made between your home and the homes of others. First the Earth will reconnect and share her situation with others, and learn from them how they are. She will be supported by her family and soul group, the myriads of planets in existence. (Covered in Planet Earth Today) This will strengthen and balance her, and when she is ready she will be able to take action regarding her personal status here. We have been talking to her already, filling her in on everything she has missed in the millennia she has been asleep, and she is learning from others also. You are in the very first days of information gathering and decision making and this is not something that will be completed for many months. Meanwhile she is aware of you on her surface.

We wish you to know that everything is going to change for you now, and you have no human records of the time before her long sleep. We remember her from before, but this Earth is not the same as the planet she was before her nap, just as none of you are the same after your sleeps. Time and sleep have altered her and we also need to reacquaint ourselves.  We sense wholeness in her, a balance of the outer and inner self, and as always a great deal of wisdom and love. We do not fear her and neither should you.