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Observing the Election Energy

By the Archangel Melchizadek.



Greetings to all in this whirlwind Autumn of 2016, on a planet using emotion to heighten energy.  The Spring began (ages ago it seems,) with a calm surface and movement underneath. Then there was the Brexit vote in Great Britain with England voting out of Europe. What did you observe about the energy post-ballot? There was greater movement that surfaced to disturb the status quo, changing the direction for the UK and for Europe. Does it matter which way the vote went? Yes and no. At a time when you had planned to come together you have separated again, lengthening the human game. On the other hand voters were seen and heard and brought their concerns out into the open, these concerns were not new but the central government had not listened. Now they will have to.  The quiet surface is gone, the whole is disturbed and it will not settle back in exactly the same way. Europe will feel the effects of the break-up as a close political partner. European countries have concerns to bring to the surface to do with how their democracies work. You have begun to participate in your own governance again.  Can you continue to do this? Absolutely. In our book Guidebook to the Future we talked about changing your world from the bottom up, and this is a preliminary step. Next participate in your own local governments using this energy of change. Local and regional governments have also failed to listen to voters. This change in energy from partially stagnant into chaos we consider increased energy.

Next up is the American election with two candidates that have polarised the voters. Have you ever seen such involvement in an election? American voting figures had been decreasing. What was the point in voting when it didn’t seem to make any difference to the way you were governed? This year the voter turnout will be high as people vote against the other candidate rather than for their own. A high voter turnout carries a completely different energy from apathy. The apathetic are easy to push around, active voters carry the weight of democracy when they cast their votes. We don’t like the fact that it is hate getting the vote out because we are angels. But God is all things, there is nothing that is not God, even hate. We do not criticise God. Moving from apathy to engagement is a huge jump in energy.

What is the planet going to do with all this movement and flow, and the increased levels of energy? It’s going to change. Hold on tight.

Guidebook to the Future

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©Candace Caddick

A New Era on Earth

Earth picture courtesy NASA

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth.

The Earth has relaxed. This week has been calm, the quivering energy from gearing up for change is quiet and steady now. You live on a planet of light, and among the plants, animals and insects, etc. that ascended with her to the next phase of existence. They are all adjusting to the new vibration.

The Earth is a few days into a process that will take her between six and seven months to fully consolidate. She is adjusting and getting used to her new abilities and strength, and smaller changes will continue to take place until Spring 2016. You can still adjust part-way with her by spending time outside, living balanced lives and celebrating her new life. It’s your best chance to move forward with her.

For humanity, you have had many years of existence that were much the same year by year. Your higher self recognises that this has not worked for you, that it resulted in you missing your first chance at human ascension. There are changes on your horizon, all of which will try to gather you together and point you towards the light of ascension. To us, humanity now looks like many small beings of dense physicality, living on a planet where literally everything else has released this heavy energy and is lighter and  more free flowing. All looks light except people, and the other non-ascended soul group (who are far less numerous than you!) There will be changes, and those who change easily will cope the best. Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, and enjoy the ride.

I was wondering if I had done anything particular to help the Earth ascend, and they said that my work in putting the whole ascension process into my books about the planet helped to hold the energy for ascension on the physical plane. Earthly ascension is the biggest story here, and they spent four books carefully explaining all about it, and our place in the process. It was new to me when I wrote down their words, but I’m pleased I understand what is happening right now. The fourth book, Guidebook to the Future, covers these months of financial turmoil and mass movement of refugees, among other things. It’s a book they wrote to set your mind at ease and stop you worrying.

I’m enjoying the feel of the new energy, the relief of moving through lighter and higher energy is palpable. The Earth looks solid again and no longer shaky. Another change is the clarity now  of the Earth’s energy as it’s vibrational rate has risen.  

©Candace Caddick

Excerpt from Guidebook about Politics and Taxes

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

The Guidebook to the Future covers the current relationship of elected representatives to the electorate, before talking about how it will change. The archangelic authors also talked about taxes in the same paragraphs because government and taxes are intertwined. I thought today would be a good day to finally put a book excerpt up as an article.  This book covers a lot of different subjects and the table of contents is here: www.candacecaddick.com/books/guidebook-to-the-future/

Because everything is changing now, the established political systems across the world will also begin to change. Today countries can have populations in the millions with relatively few people in the central governments. Many of the decisions taken by politicians on behalf of local areas can be counter-productive. People are once again in the position of working for others, this time to earn enough money for taxes and it’s very hard to change this situation. Think about whom is taking advantage of your labour and the associated energy of enforced slavery, the unhappiness of slaves and the lack of light present in those who live off the work of others.

In the beginning of civic government men came together to organise services such as schools and fire fighting. These days it’s been forgotten what tax is for or how to use it. Taxes are to pay for services that benefit the whole community such as roads and hospitals. You live in communities of people, send your tax money away to the centre and have little say in how it is spent locally. This isn’t just about taxes; involvement in your own community strengthens it and you stop being a powerless bystander. The community stands a better chance of getting what it needs when local people participate in organising and choosing services.

There are many reasons why this does not happen already, including the fact that you are all so busy that it is a relief to hand any job over to someone else. Your lives are not balanced. We’re talking about working alongside others and taking responsibility for the community and environment you live in. This isn’t about service to others so much as helping yourselves by making local choices, sharing and joining together. You are one soul and every action that brings you closer together is going in the right direction.

In the past you tried different forms of government, and many of you in the West belong to systems where you each vote for someone to represent you in the capital. In democracies you are often represented by one person, and many of these representatives do not fully devote themselves to the electorate. For representatives in many countries it has become a very lucrative career with high rewards. The representative becomes distanced from those who elected them, and most of the time is spent with their new colleagues in the capital and not with the electorate. Developing their own interests and career connections within their new community of elected representatives is normal, and they jostle for position among themselves. They haven’t forgotten their constituencies, but they no longer consort with them. It’s become two-tiered, with the electorate one step further away.  Once in power they can be lost to those who elected them.

Today your representatives are the ones who have the greatest influence on how tax money is spent locally. This is one of the main reasons you are represented, to divide up the taxes that were collected. Their own financial interests are tied in with their new position, and their decisions for the rest of you can be based on trade-offs with other representatives. These are some of the conversations we sometimes refer to as taking place behind closed doors. In the end you are told that jobs or money are not coming your way, but you rarely know the real reason why. Politics today, from a dictatorship to democracy exploits the common man in large part due to this central pot of money paid in taxation…

Fortunately this will change, and in some countries is already changing now. Also, Belgium is doing just fine without any elected government at all during the last year.

©Candace Caddick

What’s in Guidebook to the Future

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

When I write a book like the Guidebook, the information is lodged in my head and I continue writing the story of the Earth and humanity with my articles. Lately I’ve been wondering how these (which are current events) read without all the background information that is in the books. There is so much information coming in now that I tend not to repeat myself in the articles I write, or repeat from the books each time I write a new one. I just keep going ahead with something new. For that reason I thought I should write again about this latest book.

The Guidebook to the Future is a channelled book about happiness. So many people are having a hard existence with money getting ever-scarcer that some people are giving up in hopelessness. It’s important to outline another way of living that is focused on happiness and not on a system that fails to provide happiness for all.  Without happiness there is no point in occupying a physical body.

The book by the Archangel Collective covers the years from 2013 through 2040 with new ways of living on the Earth, with a little extra information on new scientific developments and current methods of galactic and inter-galactic travel. A complete upheaval in society, food production, politics and finances are covered in this book. When food is discussed it ranges from the energy of the crops in the fields through to consumption, and how the body uses food with intact energy. This is mainly about the energy native to crops, and what happens to that energy with modern farming practices. How does it affect the farmer? By only being aware of the first three dimensions out of twelve we miss a lot of information using only the human eye.

Two large sections called “Society Turns Upside Down” and “Political and Financial Changes” both cover the years up to 2015, and will be the years of fastest change for us. For me, it’s good to remember that not all change is bad, and our current way of living is only one of many to take place over the years we have lived here. It’s an easy book to read, and is meant to give those who read it a glimpse of what’s coming and how they might choose to act when presented with change in their own lives.

This book was written to help light workers keep going, floating through the changes towards the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all so close now after so many years and the angelic authors want to help us keep forging ahead with joy.

©Candace Caddick

When Change Enters Your Life

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

By the Archangel Melchizadek

The previous blog was written to alert you to how much change you can expect in the next few years. This is going to be remembered as a time when many useless and failed organisations came to an end, and cleared the space for something completely new to grow strong. You have sayings, such as “a new broom sweeps clean”, and you are now in a period of energy where everything is new. This energy is not particularly human; it is a change in the planet below your feet. You are perched on top of a planet that has already changed, but it is still taking care of your growth and development as a soul.

Change brings up a lot of emotions from fear to loss to excitement. You can bury your head in the sand and hope it passes you by, and that your life will stay exactly the same. But what if your life changed and you were happier? Change doesn’t have to result in worse circumstances for anyone, but change brings challenges right into your home. It could be easier for you if you accept that change is inevitable, and decide to flow with whatever is brought your way. That means recognising the snags in your life that keep you from flowing, and releasing them.

We wrote a book about change and had Candace type it up and get it published. Guidebook to the Future was written to help guide you through this period of change, to help you in making the decisions that are coming your way soon. Transition years can be very good, but there is always the risk that you won’t fully participate in your lives.  What do you want? It can be far easier to arrive where you want to be than you currently realise. It doesn’t have to be a hard road, but it must be thought about and chosen. The first step is thoughtful consideration and that begins the process of removing obstacles in your way. It may be the first time you see what’s holding you back from the life you want. Then you know that you need to act to remove, step around or jump over any blocks. Life is meant to be fun. Read the Guidebook, this is too brief a forum for angelic teaching.

©Candace Caddick