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An Interview with the Horses of San Marco

By the horses themselves

Some people interview Hollywood stars or politicians, but I’d already heard these horses looked chatty before arriving in Venice. The horses used to pull a chariot and are more than 2000 years old. They resided in Rome, and sat outside in Constantinople. Captured by the Venetians they were mounted over the front door of the Basilica in San Marco over-looking the plaza, then removed by Napoleon to Paris and mounted on the Arc de Triomphe.  Returned to the Venetians they resumed their perch over the door until seven years ago when they were moved upstairs inside the church. When walking up to them I said hello and saw their energetic heads whip around to look at me; they don’t usually pay attention to the crowds as no one expects them to hear. They speak as one being in four bodies.

(I speak to beings that most people consider inanimate, but nothing is inanimate as everything has been created by God and carries a spark of Him inside. Tables usually say “I want to be outside.” And never make a snowman and then talk to it as it is heartbreaking. All those tiny drops of frozen water become something else when used to create something new. )

First, we were not created by the Romans; we were made by craftsmen in an autonomous city near Egypt and placed on a municipal building. The people were very proud of us as we shone in the light, and we came from them and were not created by a rich man for his palace. The Egyptians captured us and later we were taken to Rome itself by conquering armies. Our time in Egypt was spent gracing the entrance of an Alexandrian palace, and we were much admired for our true-to-life beauty. The world was young, we were young, the colours seemed brighter and our bronze coats shone in the sunlight. We are a little over 2000 years old. You may think that air does not change, or it is only because of pollution that the clarity disappears.  The air you breathe has energetic pollution, a darkening dirt of negativity that clouds your planet and makes it harder for you to live. It is hard for you to be happy when you are blind and as you turn to reach for the sun there is nothing but cold fog. This is what we have witnessed over the millennia, and the fog has grown colder and more difficult to see through. It draws away love and isolates you from each other, and as you wander lost some people begin to grab from others in their fear that they will never have enough.

You have lived through centuries of war, and war increases this feeling of un-love and your expectations for your lives has changed. Now when you hear of the murder of innocents in a far-away land you find it difficult to connect to your brothers and sisters who were killed. You don’t see them at all, and you feel no family connection. Those shot down in Nairobi are in reality as close as your own parents and children, but you don’t feel their loss personally.

We have seen the invasions of our city, Egypt, Rome, Constantinople, and Venice. We witnessed the running and fighting crowds each time as we are outdoor horses, and being beautiful we have always been cared for when captured. Not everything we have seen is death and destruction; there have been pageants and children playing. The energy of the pageant clears the air for a little while and it is a very positive event; a celebration of life and good things. Children playing are our favourite, for the pure joy they emit dissolves darkness. There is nothing the dark angels can do when faced with children playing.

We could say much about all we have witnessed in the past but your understanding of your present world is far more important for keeping all of you from peril. The danger has not yet passed and you will need to embrace love and turn away from the cold fog of separation. We say this in love for we have watched you so long that you feel like family to us.

©Candace Caddick