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Humanity and the New Earth

Walikng into the future

By the Archangel Melchizadek

We’ve written a few articles lately about 2012 and the changes that you can expect. The first event was when every human alive on this planet make their choice to go forward in light and trust, or not. That time is past and you all stand by the choices you made on that day in April. From that point on there has been some tension energetically as a gradual split has developed in humanity here on Earth. Some of you have been able to feel this tension as you separate.

The nature of the separation is to take two different roads, and we hesitate to say one is the high road and one is the low road. That could mean to some people that one is better than another. The roads all lead to the same destination, but the experiences of the travellers will be different. But there is a high road, just as there are higher dimensions, and two – thirds of those alive are walking into their futures of light. Since April every action has been to lead them into their own future, and many are making a considerable break with their pasts. These futures are realigning with light, and are placing people where they can (finally!) receive all the good things the universe has always wanted to give them. The remaining months of 2012 will be best used to take steps towards what you want in your individual lives, to position yourselves exactly where you want to be to live in joy. The fact that two-thirds of you are walking this way is good news, but we are sorry that it wasn’t all of you. You are going to find next year has a very different feel to it, and problems that seem impossible to solve now will quickly be dealt with. You won’t be very interested in the old dramas of 2012, but you won’t forget them either.

When you move forward into the new Earth you will make different choices about how you spend your time and where you live your lives. Many of you will begin a process of disengaging with the current problems, shaking off the worry and saying “no thanks.” For a few years there will continue to be international crises, but without the participation of the majority on a different path it will be hard to keep them going.  You just won’t care, and you will leave the fear and worry to the others who took the second road.

Humanity will not always be separate, but you will go through an adjustment period post-2012 where the old is pushed aside and the new world is embraced. It should be an exciting time for you all.