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The Big Story: Spring 2011

by Candace Caddick

There has been only one topic of conversation outside in the natural world these last few months. The birds have been singing about it, the squirrels are chattering it, and the tree roots have been drumming it through the soil. How can we be the only ones who have no idea of what is coming? I had to ask my cat what was going on and get the blank incomprehension of “you don’t know? How can you not know what is going to happen? Pet me.” So what is going to happen? I ask. “It’s the end/beginning.”

Every spring the trees wake up and the flowers and plants rise out of the soil. The baby animals and insects are born and life takes a great leap from sleepiness to aliveness. So what’s so different this year?

This is the year, the first in many, many millennia that the Earth herself is waking up.* Think of it like this, we humans have been riding in an ocean on the back of a sleeping whale. The whale wakes up and takes off, choosing her own path and making her own decisions. We hang on for the ride and try not to fall off.

How embarrassing is it to need to have my cat explain this to me? We humans are so disconnected from the rest of life.

*Planets asleep covered in Planet Earth Today.

Woodland Tapestry of Life

Archangel Melchizadek

It snowed today, enough to coat every branch and leaf in white. Each holly leaf could hold an inch by itself in its thorny cup. A white blanket was laid down to snuggle under and take a winter’s rest. That hush you hear in the woods after the first snowfall is more than the silence of sleeping animals. It’s the annual rest for the plants, hibernating like the warm blooded woodland residents. There’s an end to the constant chatter of the plant kingdom.

But you say you don’t hear plants talk?

Most of you are so used to hearing the continual rumble and speech, from the lowest sounds from the largest tree roots to high piping sounds of the smaller, younger plants that you ignore it. You all have the capacity to hear and understand the sense of what they are talking about. It’s quiet now in the winter latitudes, and you will have a chance to listen in again in the spring.

In the spring the sounds are of a vast excitement, the bluebell bulbs are reining themselves in, trying not to burst through the soil before it’s their appropriate time. They can’t wait to get up there and flower to be part of the whole life of the woods, each part indispensable. They weave between them a tapestry of life made up of every plant, animal and insect. (Especially the insects, who go-between and unify the others.)

Where do you humans fit into this picture, and how do you relate to the rest of the life on this planet? You are 99.99% left out of the picture. You work with very few other life forms and you walk through your lives as if you are the only ones consciously alive.  You could not be more wrong. When you think of angels do you think we only work to help you, and communicate with humanity? We work with all life in this universe, we help all who ask us and your fellow life forms on this planet have asked us for help. They find it increasingly difficult to maintain life here as the planet is degraded through your activities. We know that many of you do not support this planetary degradation. What are you going to do about it?