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New Year Energy for 2018

By the Archangelic Collective.

Happy New Year! New Year, different energy. This year the energy is pure joy, the joy of a planet moving forward to the next new level. If you are not feeling this joy we suggest you drop everything and go for a walk, an ocean swim, skiing. If you don’t know how the Earth is feeling you are spending too much time away from her. When you get out of your boxes you shake off the delusions of life and remember what it is to be alive and in partnership with a planet. And then you begin to remember more of who you are and why you are here.

Happy New Year!

2018 will continue to be a year of accelerated change (faster than 2017)  for the planet and for all those living on her. She has her own ideas of what she wants to achieve and she is reaching for a new goal. The first half of the year is best illustrated by the athlete who is a long-jumper. They run as fast as they can to gain momentum, then leap to land as far away as they can.  Except the Earth will hope to land as high as she can manage. The leap will be around the time of the summer solstice as that energy will help her shift. (It looks to me like a line that suddenly crashes straight down, then leaps up to continue on a higher level. Should be interesting!) She is  moving into position to continue her life according to plan.

What does this mean for you? If you are able to go with her by spending time outside and strengthening your connection, by blending with her energy, you will simply travel with her. The social and political events are small to her, she’s seen it all before many, many times. She is a planet of love and light working most easily with those who exhibit these qualities. The days are coming closer when those who do not practice love in their lives will find the going hard, as if their feet are stuck in tar. They will be living in one of those nightmares where no matter how hard you try to walk or run you can’t move your feet. It will feel like life isn’t the way it used to be for them. Other people will not agree, for them there is no problem – they have balanced their lives and have enough of everything they need without being greedy. They have the additional goals of living and working with the Earth for the highest good of all.  And they feel joy.

It’s not about hanging on while she changes, it’s about enjoying the ride.

©Candace Caddick

What’s in Guidebook to the Future

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

When I write a book like the Guidebook, the information is lodged in my head and I continue writing the story of the Earth and humanity with my articles. Lately I’ve been wondering how these (which are current events) read without all the background information that is in the books. There is so much information coming in now that I tend not to repeat myself in the articles I write, or repeat from the books each time I write a new one. I just keep going ahead with something new. For that reason I thought I should write again about this latest book.

The Guidebook to the Future is a channelled book about happiness. So many people are having a hard existence with money getting ever-scarcer that some people are giving up in hopelessness. It’s important to outline another way of living that is focused on happiness and not on a system that fails to provide happiness for all.  Without happiness there is no point in occupying a physical body.

The book by the Archangel Collective covers the years from 2013 through 2040 with new ways of living on the Earth, with a little extra information on new scientific developments and current methods of galactic and inter-galactic travel. A complete upheaval in society, food production, politics and finances are covered in this book. When food is discussed it ranges from the energy of the crops in the fields through to consumption, and how the body uses food with intact energy. This is mainly about the energy native to crops, and what happens to that energy with modern farming practices. How does it affect the farmer? By only being aware of the first three dimensions out of twelve we miss a lot of information using only the human eye.

Two large sections called “Society Turns Upside Down” and “Political and Financial Changes” both cover the years up to 2015, and will be the years of fastest change for us. For me, it’s good to remember that not all change is bad, and our current way of living is only one of many to take place over the years we have lived here. It’s an easy book to read, and is meant to give those who read it a glimpse of what’s coming and how they might choose to act when presented with change in their own lives.

This book was written to help light workers keep going, floating through the changes towards the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all so close now after so many years and the angelic authors want to help us keep forging ahead with joy.

©Candace Caddick

Christmas light

Archangelic collective

It’s so joyous, this time of year. We watch you as you think of others, buy presents for family and friends and celebrate the birth of one of the greatest beings in the universe born right here on your planet. Jesus was love, and you remember him and focus on it at this time of year. Love makes it stand out and be cherished by all of you in the Christian religion. Those who are not Christian also have their own times of celebration and love.

We look for you to remember that you are all one human soul, and any time some of you remember that you are one, even if it is not all of you, you increase little connection webs to help draw you back together. There are different ways to do this, and we’ll only speak about this one today. Your generosity at Christmas means that most of you are giving and receiving presents at the same time, in joy. This loving act changes the energy for that one day. Don’t you wish every day could be Christmas? You are responding to the change from daily life to one of love and joy. It is the most wonderful day of your year as love draws you closer together. Your thoughts for days have been to give something to others that would bring smiles to their faces; loving thoughts to make others happy. It’s a step in the right direction; not all present-giving is just negative commercialism!

To make every day Christmas Day you only have to continue to live with this thoughtfulness for others, with love and joy in your hearts, and generosity. You all respond to this holiday’s energy, as it takes you a step closer to each other. To us you seem so lonely and you need not be so.

Love and light!