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Defeating War

By the Archangel of Death

Ukraine, Iraq and Palestine – who is being killed in these conflicts? Does it meet with your approval that children, women and non-combatants are dying? Are you letting a few power-hungry factions turn your world into a graveyard? What is going on?

Malaysian Airliner MH17 wreckage in Ukraine

A face you are familiar with in the West is Russia’s Vladimir Putin, you know him and see what actions he takes. You hear his justifications and excuses as he exercises his personal power. There would be no war in the Ukraine without his consent. Now picture this same type of personality living in Iraq and Palestine, the leaders of these fighting movements use personal power in exactly the same way. Would they be in positions of power at all without conflict? Or would there be others who were not war leaders?

But you don’t live in these countries so how can you change what’s happening there? War is terribly important, and the misery caused by war can’t be contained in one little area. The energy of despair flows outwards and around until the whole planet is coated in it. You walk through this energy every day and breathe it in. The sadness of the wives and mothers is your sadness also.

There are ways to change the world around you. Your personal weapon against the darkness of despair is light, and light is love, joy and hope. You, either alone or with others, need to work as hard at love as they work at hate. You can create a little patch of light to live in where the darkness is not so dense, and act to counteract the darkness. Filling yourself with light (as in a Reiki self-treatment) spreads it outwards in a limitless stream, and it amplifies and rebroadcast light out around the world. The larger the group is that heals together, the greater the light is amplified, and the more light spreads, the less energy there is to support war. First there is the energy, then the physical follows.

©Candace Caddick

Fracking and Cracking

By the Archangelic Collective

The safety of fracking is a specious argument (i.e. misleading in appearance, especially misleadingly attractive) made by those who value money over anything else in the world. Fracking cracks the upper surface of the Earth in order to access natural gas pockets. The upper crust is very deep, and AS FAR AS YOU ARE ABLE TO MEASURE, you appear to be cracking only the very top.

Horizontal fracturing

So what? Does any of this matter if the Earth is renewing itself? Looking only at the energy of this process, humans are cracking their home world and increasing the fragility of the surface they live on. They did not ask permission of the Earth to do this, or if it was for the highest good of all. Some people are profiting at the expense of others, in a greedy way. This is dark energy, and immersing yourself, or allowing other humans to immerse themselves, turns away from the plan the greater human soul made when choosing to live on Earth.

On the plus side, the people acting greedily do not realise that the Earth has changed and they are shouting louder and louder in order to maintain their control. The real power lies with those who live on the new Earth and draw their strength and energy from her. We want to encourage you to flex your muscles and stand up for your planet and your future. These others can now be dispersed by a strong breath in their direction.

There are many science fiction books where Earth is a ruined wasteland. These books tapped into the timeline where Earth was destroyed by humanity. That timeline still exists but you do not have to travel on it, you can pick a line that leads to paradise instead. That path calls for love for the planet you live on, and taking every action with love in mind. Living in that way will immerse you in the purest light.

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©Candace Caddick

Why Waves of Energy Occur

By the Archangel Melchizadek

You’re receiving a wave of energy during at the moment in January, and I want you to be clear about what they are and how they happen. Waves and flowing energy are a natural and normal way to move forward, while rigid stagnancy is not. The universe is a very fluid place that has much more in common with water than dry land, and has movement and is never, ever still. An angel of light is depicted in your artwork as a solid being with wings, but we are fluid and variable, we shine and move through the dimensions as flowing light. The closer you come yourselves to light the more you flow, and the more flexible you are.

The opposite of flow is stagnant energy and it has all the qualities you see in a pool of still water. It can be the breeding ground of insect larvae, it may smell and putrefy, but it doesn’t flow. Because we are the essence of flow and movement we don’t like stagnancy. However we will not go so far as to condemn it because all was created by One who is greater than we are.

If you equate light with love and flow, then stagnant is dark with fear and hate. When you try to work out what kind of person you are dealing with, are they spontaneous and changing or rigid? That’s all you need to observe to know who you are dealing with.

Waves of energy occur as heartbeats across the universe. They are the impulse outwards of life, and the drawing back in afterwards. Your hearts do the same, as does your planet with Spring and Autumn. The trick to catching and using a wave of energy is to be flowing, changing and being spontaneous yourself. It’s not about finishing a task, but instead severing your anchors so you can be lifted up and deposited further along. For some reason humans find this hard to do as it involves a total commitment to trusting that you will always be looked after. You will always be looked after and it’s safe to let go and follow your heart.

©Candace Caddick

Trees Waiting For the Next Step

By the Tree Consciousness

Last year I wrote about trees listening and waiting with their attention focused on the sky in www.candacecaddick.com/2012/06/what-are-the-trees-listening-to/ . I’ve been visiting some of my favourite old trees and tuning in to them. Usually at this time of year they are awake and happy to have a chat about life, the universe and everything.  They like to watch children play and be part of the world. Not this year; they are all focused on what is coming to Earth in Mid-May.

Trees:  We’ve been focused on the centre of the universe for over a year now watching for the flash of light that is coming. 2013 is a year when event after incredible event takes place on Earth, and the one we are waiting for is this big flash. The Earth is reborn as a fast-growing baby planet. She has changed on the inside and the outside will change also. She is generating the change from the inside out; it’s the life on the surface that will respond to her last. It really is as if we all lived on one planet, and another planet was slipped under our feet when we (and you) weren’t looking. She is incrementing change as fast as possible so she can move forward in the direction she intends to go. Think of it as a high-speed turn on two wheels, rather than slowing down, signalling and waiting for the light to change before moving off in your car.

We are beings that move so slowly you can’t see us walk or bend. Some of us have lived many times longer than your short human lifetimes, and we can see all the dimensions. This means we are able to watch what is happening around us, and see what is in the higher dimensions at the same time. This flash of light is higher dimensional, and when it comes and wraps around the surface of the Earth then the outside will change quickly to match the inside. We are so excited about this nourishment in the form of light – and you know how plants love the sunlight.

For humanity, if you are someone who desires light and change, it’s on its way. If you have something to hide it will be exposed. If you live a life that you know right now needs to change, implement changes as quickly as you can. Once this flash of light hits, everything will accelerate yet again.

The New Post-Olympic World

London Olympic Stadium at night

Archangel Uriel

First, I want to say that humanity has done more, jumped higher and run faster than anyone ever expected. Some of you who have been involved as spectators to the Paralympics have noticed that something very special has taken place over the last ten days.

The first Olympics brought together men and women of every colour to compete as equals, and that was an ongoing development from the previous decades. What was different was that for the first time the audience was colour-blind, and Usain Bolt is as big a hero as any to come out of the Olympics in recent years. The Olympics came of age with women’s sports showing how exciting their participation can be, and their games have a different quality and finesse to the strength of the men. When you begin to look past a person’s sex and the colour of their skin you find someone just like yourself – human.

These sportsmen and sportswomen were beautiful people who had trained for years and for hours every day to come to the Olympics and compete.  In other words they are worthy of your admiration. Are you still interested in reading about the antics of someone who is famous because they want to be? Who have no claim to fame other than they strive for your attention? Can you walk away from them now?

The second half of the Olympics brought together sportspeople who have imperfect bodies and minds. They train just as hard and run almost as fast as the able bodied. When you look into their eyes you can see beyond their bodies to their souls so much more quickly. Their races and sports were just as exciting as the earlier Olympics. There is one big new development – that is these people are no longer invisible. When a group of people is invisible you have discounted and pushed them aside as being of no value, and that means you think they are sub-human. There are no sub-humans. These people are a healthy part of you and capable of living enjoyable lives. They need to be visible and have fewer obstacles to their own success.

We write a lot about the flow of energy. You had a group of disabled people sidelined and stuck in meaningless lives. I think every one of the 2.5 million tickets holders who saw what they could do will never see them as incapable again. Those of you in the areas that were able to watch these athletes have changed, and your world has changed.  What was dark and stagnant now has light and flow, and you allowed some of the people with the greatest disabilities to thrill you with their skills and hard work. Your hearts were touched, and you bonded with the hearts of others. It’s been a time of happiness.

One day you will remember that you are all one, and it started with the London Paralympic games.