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The Magic of Tintagel

Looking out to sea from the castle ruins at Tintagel.

Looking out to sea from the castle ruins on Tintagel.

I visited Tintagel in Cornwall last week, where folklore places King Arthur’s birth. I don’t believe he was born there, but it is one of the places where the energetic skin of the Earth is thinner and she is more accessible to us.

One of the first things I noticed was that Tintagel is the closest point of land to where the real action was taking place: out to sea. Similar to the sea at Land’s End in Cornwall there is a vortex of energy off-shore. The energy rises from the water with the colours and appearance of an aurora borealis, and the island and a small area around is encapsulated under a blister of Earth energy. Sitting on the rocks you are under the Earth’s energy skin and resting against her without barriers. You become connected with timeless space and the limitless potential for action of the larger being that is Earth. Magic is the limitless possibility of making something happen that seems otherwise impossible. Walking on the hilltop you brush shoulders with everyone who has ever walked there from the Romans and dark ages onwards, they are there still as there is no past or future.   

The next day in a forest I came on the same type of experience as Tintagel, where we were under the skin of the planet. The Earth energy is now rising up the trunks of the trees and to walk among them is also below the surface of her energy skin. This connection to the Earth and her limitless possibilities is how the future will be. It’s already begun.

©Candace Caddick

Everyday Magic

Hanson Roberts "The Magician"

 Speaker identified as “the essence of magic.”

“I am the Magician and you are the magician. This is the magic card of alchemy and transmutation; real alchemy where one substance is transmuted into another. Today we are talking about the alchemy of the coming year, 2012 which began on 1.11.11. This is also about “no limits”, about infinity of possibilities and this is where everyone is missing the point. There are an infinite number of possibilities for each and everyone; humanity, the planet Earth, all life, God. Can you shake off your crust of sameness, of expectations that everything must go on the way it’s always been?  The future is blank and you fill it in with the same old stuff. Can you allow yourself, permit yourself to paint your future exactly as you want it to look and walk into happiness? The time is now, it is always now and the future is always blank and available to be whatever you want it to be.”

I drew seven cards for myself during the October Reiki Gathering at Buckland Hall (open to all of those who practice Reiki). This card waited until today to finish the reading, the day of the eclipse in Sagittarius. The Bowman follows his path as straight as an arrow, and the energy for me is about going straight towards my own future now. It’s time to sit quietly and create a life I love to live.