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Grounding on the New Earth

By Archangel Michael.

Humans have been grounding themselves during meditations and energy work by sending down a long anchor deep into the Earth. We angels do not teach this method ourselves, as it tends to be done without asking the Earth’s permission. It is also unnecessary.

The Earth herself grounds life on her surface. It is easiest to see in farm animals, where the energy of the Earth rises up four legs and blends with the animal’s energy. The animal is held onto the ground by the Earth a bit like a magnet. Lambs leap and run, but always with the energy of the Earth cupped around each one to catch them if they fall. Humans have neglected this part of their relationship with the Earth and most often have no Earth energy rising through their bodies. When people remember their relationship with the Earth the way they live with her is changed.

We want you to practice being present in your lives, from being aware of where you are and who are with, to paying full attention to your actions. Most often to ground yourself, all you need do is return to full consciousness in your daily life. You can also deliberately ask to have the energy of the Earth rise up through your legs and fill your body with energy.  If you work with the Earth, being filled with the Earth’s energy will make it easier, and you will be genuinely grounded and “magnetised” by the planet.

Grounding is important in channelling, meditation and energy work. You are here on this planet right now, and your work is at its most effective when you are 100% grounded. It can be tempting to float away and have dreamy out-of-body experiences, except this is your highly prized opportunity to work within a physical body, and you work best when grounded. At that point you connect what is above to what is below, and the Earth will support you as you reach to the stars.

©Candace Caddick

Living with Your Higher Self

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I am the Archangel Melchizadek, and I have something to say first about planets regenerating themselves. First take a planet (a member of the family of planets); it chooses to incarnate as a physical being, one you can see and touch. Does this mean that it somehow only exists as something you can see and touch, or is the planet that originally had the idea of incarnating still exist? From my point of view the central core existence of your planet is energetic and the physical manifestation is secondary. A planet’s soul is eternal, and the different shapes it takes are to facilitate learning for itself and for other soul groups.

Your moon looks like a rock circling in space, and you do not see the exquisite beauty of the being holding that rocky form. But you can feel her every month as she waxes and wanes. She tugs at your heart and brings truth and emotions closer to your surfaces. Do you think a rock could do this? It is a quality of the soul who took that rocky form that helps the residents of Earth with their emotional truths. Some of you have seen this beautiful being already, and all of you have the ability to see her if you choose to.

A human body houses a soul, and when the soul leaves the body the body is dead and does not reanimate (exceptions to this are very few and happen immediately following a death. The “light at the end of the tunnel” observations arise from these exceptions.) When a body dies what happens to the soul? It does not die never to return. It dies and comes back one day as someone else ready to begin a new life as a baby. The person you knew is dead, and one day your physical body will be dead, but it is not the end for you. “The greater human soul” is very large and wise, and you each contribute to its knowledge and wisdom. Your soul, your higher self, is present with you at all times attached to your physical body, but so large that it can’t fit inside a tiny human body. You will never get all of your higher self inside your physical body, think of just your little finger filling a walking and moving body. I am telling you all this again now to reassure you in a time of change your full self is enormous and wise and part of you. It is not your brain; it is connected to your heart. There is a voice you can hear when you listen and turn off the chatter of your brain, and that is the voice of your complete and higher self.

Some of you are barely grounded and your higher self looks like a balloon on a string, where the thin string is the only thing attaching your soul to your bodies. Meditation will increase the attachment and draw you back down into your hearts. When you have mediated and cleared your mind your relationship to your attached soul will be balanced, your wisdom will be more accessible and you will see everything more clearly. When you are seeing clearly you can choose your direction with greater ease and confidence. Nothing is more important than being present in your bodies at this time of change.

©Candace Caddick

Using Meditation to Find Your Heart


By the Archangel of Light

The human mind is a busy place and rarely, if ever, still. The effect of this is to take your attention to your head and your thoughts, and some of you are out of body and far above your heads, while others have a tenuous connection at best. The many thoughts rise up like a helium balloon, looking a lot like those thought bubbles you see in cartoons, only far larger. At those times you are not present in your bodies, but you could learn to be.

The purpose of meditation, no matter which form of meditation you practise, is to quiet the mind and allow yourself to reconnect to your hearts. The mental, emotional and spiritual bodies sink towards your physical self as you learn to let thoughts go, and you achieve a mind where thoughts do not stick. A sticky mind is an obstacle to allowing your thoughts to flow, and flow is moving forward without effort. The opposite of flow, stagnation, is what we angels try to prevent.

When all your energy bodies occupy the same space in your physical body you are strong, and your legs walk forward supporting your body. You’re often walking around in weak bodies with no energy; it’s all above your head. We wrote before about humanity incarnating here without their hearts because they are tender and you were afraid of them being hurt. Many people live lives that are heartless and unfeeling, and it’s time to reconnect to your heart rather than your head. The head was meant to serve the heart, not the other way around. After a time you will find that you are focused through your heart more and more, and you will think and act in accordance with the love that resides there. You will feel life occurring through your hearts, not just analysing it with your brains. You will once again be living as a whole person and living the life you planned for yourself.

3 Tips for 2012

Light Body

The new energy of 2012 has been very exciting and very strong. The energy looks like a stiff breeze blowing horizontally past us as we go through our daily lives. There are three things we’ve been practising here to help cope with the force of this universal energy.

  1. Meditation. I am not a regular one for meditation, but it’s a lifesaver at the moment. You are a large energy body anchored in a physical body. That’s your home here on Earth, that physical body, and if you didn’t have one you wouldn’t be here. You have a large energy body, or soul, and all you may have managed to squeeze into your body was the equivalent of your big toe, you would look like a balloon pinned to the planet by just your toe. Some people of my acquaintance are not very grounded or present in their lives – they’re always thinking about something else. Meditation is one excellent way to put you firmly back into your body, in the present, and making sure that as those strong energy winds blow past you this year you are anchored in your body. Those winds have just begun, and they are going to get stronger and stronger. It looks like meditation daily at least until the end of February is necessary.
  2. Detox (Oh, no – not detox! How boring!) Your body is being asked to work hard this year and the more toxic you are the harder it will be for you. Would you never clean your house?
  3. Reiki self-treatments, or whatever equivalent you may practice. If you practice Reiki this year is when it really comes into its own to help you keep pace with the changes that are happening daily. This is how you make it easy for yourself, and can look forward to a good outcome.

I looked ahead at this year, and the only thing I can say for sure is that there are so many possibilities that you can’t predict exactly how it will unfold from January. Change because of the energy, yes, but events will set pathways in motion, while other pathways will be choked off. Wait and see.