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Next Six Months to Spring 2015

by Archangel Melchizadek.

You may have a bumpy ride this winter as the energy wavers and picks up speed. Picture a rocket blasting off in Cape Canaveral. It struggles and strains and pushes against the atmosphere, and accelerates straight up into the sky. You are living on a planet that was reborn in 2012, and is just like this rocket, building up speed into its own future. It is steamrolling ahead, unstoppable.

Deep Impact rocket courtesy of NASA

Where do you want to fit into this scenario? Do you want to be standing back waving goodbye, riding on the rocket, or getting blown over by the energy of the blast-off? The volatile energy we see this winter is the result of the planet taking off into it’s next phase. To grab a seat on Rocket Earth you need to rejoin her, focus on her needs and strengths and play your part in all of life here. She takes those who love her in the first-class seats.

©Candace Caddick

Portals To Earth

This article is part three following on from www.candacecaddick.com/2014/09/portals-into-our-past/ and www.candacecaddick.com/2014/09/how-to-see-through-energy-portals/

By the Archangel Melchizadek

It seems appropriate to mention here another type of portal, those that lead you into another dimension. These are fewer in number and they are scattered widely across the Earth’s surface. These are truly doorways, and allow higher dimensional beings to enter your planet’s energy fields. The portals are created by whomever wishes to use them.

The Blue Marble courtesy of NASA

In the distant past portals were not present on Earth, and humanity lived and learned in a game played on a shielded planet, but this ceased to be the case when the shield was damaged. Living experiences vary from planet to planet, and sometimes there can be a lot of coming and going of off-planet beings, but it is part of the original blueprint for those planetary games. In this game humanity opted for a sealed planet with no outsiders. You chose not to see the higher dimensions, and did not wish any interference from any beings you could not sense or see.

Going back to our books Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis (see www.candacecaddick.com/books/planet-earth-today/ and www.candacecaddick.com/books/downfall-of-atlantis/ ) where we wrote about the original plans for humanity on Earth, we mentioned the flaws in the contract between humanity and Earth. This created energy around the planet that was not cohesive, containing many weak points, and this allowed portals to be slipped through the dimensions without being discovered. They have been a source of great harm to you. To counteract, some portals also go to benign dimensions, but the majority lead to dimensions of darkness.

From time to time these dark ones have been closed down but their makers always find a way to reopen many of them, usually at the spot where the old portals were the most robust. Antarctica is the largest of the dark portals, S. Africa, the eastern Alps, Ukraine, Middle East, southern tip of India, NW China, the sea in the centre of the Indonesian islands, Peru, and New York City spreading west through Ohio are many of these. The portals of light are situated over NW Europe, Egypt, NW India, S China and SE Asian countries, Amazon basin, Northern Mexico, and a damaged one at Athabasca River, Canada. All of these portals are many miles across. (These are the ones I can see right now. Please don’t take this as a complete list, but these are many of the largest portals. Candace)

The effect of these portals has been to allow interference in your game here. Your progress has been delayed and your growth stunted, and it’s made it harder for you to reach ascension as a soul group and live with love. There is one way you can neutralise any portal to a dark dimension and that is to support each other every time you see anyone act from love. Be more vocal, sing their praises, repeat the good news and stories about love and kindness. A large number of you open minor portals straight into your homes through your TV’s with murders and acts of violence in entertainment and news. Many of you know this already – think of TV, computer or smart ,phone as an open window where whatever you watch streams straight into your presence. It changes you as you watch, each time you watch. Portals to the dark dimensions do not harm those who armour themselves in love.

Weather Speeds Up Change

Flooded Somerset levels, photograph by Ben Birchall

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Could you ever have imagined either the United Kingdom, or United States under lock-down where you were forced to keep to your homes or neighbourhoods? And yet the last few months have restricted your ability to travel. In the case of flooding in the UK, infrastructure is not going to be fully repaired for years.  You were worried about the coastlines, but the weakening of the inland roads, bridges, railways, river defences, water mains, etc. will only become apparent over the months to come. The Earth herself is remodelling the island by using water. In the course of twelve months many things you took for granted will have changed, and your choices of how to best spend your time will have altered also. To go back to “How fast will change take place?”, you are living through decades of change in one year.

Next  year, is it going to be more of the same? That depends on how you respond to this year’s changes. You could a) try to restore everything to the way it was, or b) be more flexible. In b), we could see a new list of priorities put into action based on what you might need in the future. The list could be very forward looking, and we would like to see the emphasis on your localities. There are no threats here, but if you thought you were in for the same amount of rain and wind, would you be pleased to see the exact same flooding problems? Perhaps you could make a start on new ways of doing things that included balancing the planet you live on. One truth – you can not hold back the sea. The sea will rise and fall to suit the planet’s needs, and it’s not balanced yet.

The ability to be flexible and listen to your inner voice has always been a sign of human evolution. You are very adaptable and right now you are facing one of the big pathway choices in your time on Earth. Either move backwards to what you have always done, or move forward along on a new path.

In all the talk of snow and rain, don’t forget the droughts in Pakistan, California, etc. and the massive heat wave in Australia. Candace

©Candace Caddick

Why Waves of Energy Occur

By the Archangel Melchizadek

You’re receiving a wave of energy during at the moment in January, and I want you to be clear about what they are and how they happen. Waves and flowing energy are a natural and normal way to move forward, while rigid stagnancy is not. The universe is a very fluid place that has much more in common with water than dry land, and has movement and is never, ever still. An angel of light is depicted in your artwork as a solid being with wings, but we are fluid and variable, we shine and move through the dimensions as flowing light. The closer you come yourselves to light the more you flow, and the more flexible you are.

The opposite of flow is stagnant energy and it has all the qualities you see in a pool of still water. It can be the breeding ground of insect larvae, it may smell and putrefy, but it doesn’t flow. Because we are the essence of flow and movement we don’t like stagnancy. However we will not go so far as to condemn it because all was created by One who is greater than we are.

If you equate light with love and flow, then stagnant is dark with fear and hate. When you try to work out what kind of person you are dealing with, are they spontaneous and changing or rigid? That’s all you need to observe to know who you are dealing with.

Waves of energy occur as heartbeats across the universe. They are the impulse outwards of life, and the drawing back in afterwards. Your hearts do the same, as does your planet with Spring and Autumn. The trick to catching and using a wave of energy is to be flowing, changing and being spontaneous yourself. It’s not about finishing a task, but instead severing your anchors so you can be lifted up and deposited further along. For some reason humans find this hard to do as it involves a total commitment to trusting that you will always be looked after. You will always be looked after and it’s safe to let go and follow your heart.

©Candace Caddick

How Does the Earth’s Transition Affect You?

By the Archangel Melchizadek

With thanks to friends who ask the right questions.

The Earth in transition is a temporary phenomenon as it changes from a planet that looks like it’s half-dead to a planet that is young, vibrant and full of life.  It took the light-bath in December 2012 to jump-start the process for Earth and with the help of the elemental kingdom it continues for a while to come. The final date is not fixed, and if you want to assist the process it will be quicker. Humanity would work in the first three dimensions to block new pollution and clean up local areas. Much has been done over the past decades and there is more that will have to be done before the Earth is clean.

A planet shining with light from below her surface will support those who choose light. We keep saying this, and did not realise that even Candace could not entirely see what we meant. The Earth is a hologram, it is energy. Where it has slowed its energy into solidity or matter, you are able to live and walk but that does not stop it being energy. In your science fiction movies you occasionally see a person suspended in an energy field, and when the field is turned off the person drops to the floor. You are supported in the energy field of Earth’s hologram. She does not get turned off. You are protected from many bumps and hurts by her for your entire life, and you don’t even realise it. She protects all life on her surface in this way. (I did see this with lambs, that they were cupped in energy as they leaped. She protected them from falls and helped them to leap higher.)

You were protected in this way by a weak planet, and now she is strong. What leap do you want to make in your personal life? Can you let go of the fear of results? Do you see how different life could be if you relaxed into that force field of protection, and use your innate creativity and skills to move in any direction you please?  Life is supposed to be pleasant and adventurous, with lessons learned along the way. You do not need to be ground down by worry in the process. Think of those who commit suicide and how hopeless their thoughts must have been. We feel so sorry for them. It’s not necessary now, and it never was necessary to live in hopeless doubt and fear. You’ve all tried living with fear, try living with the confidence that everything will be alright.

©Candace Caddick