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The End of Darkness

A galactic centre of light

By the Central Sun of the Galaxy

I start channeling by asking “Who’s writing this article?” then I get a reply, and sometimes it’s not a reply I can even imagine receiving. The Central Sun is in the centre of the Milky Way where the stars shine the brightest. The history of all the stars and planets was covered in my book Planet Earth Today. Channelling is letting go and listening without preconceptions, allowing information to come through without letting my own limitations block it. In order for any star to speak there must be consciousness inside; life is everywhere.

I am the Central Sun, and I don’t often speak with those living on a planet. It is not usually necessary, but in your case I want to infuse some hope. I am the being that concentrates on receiving light from outside the universe and distributing it, rather like a power grid, to all the other stars. You don’t see the lines because you are blind to energy flows.

The universe has been in existence for a very long time now, but it is gearing up to a final peak of activity, followed by a rapid end. You on Earth have little idea of what is happening in all the other millions of galaxies, but I can tell you that it won’t be too dissimilar to what is happening right here. It’s the prevailing energy of the times, and universal energy knows no boundaries. You live on the planet that is holding centre stage right now, and all eyes turn to Earth while she takes her turn in the limelight. Earth renewed herself at the end of 2012 to be ready for the next phase of her existence.

What do I mean by “a rapid end”? This universe was formed as a structured learning experience what seems like a very long time ago to you. I don’t feel the time passing, I just AM. Much has been learned by humanity and nothing truly forgotten, and you are about 98% finished now. That means you have learned about 98% of that which you set out to learn, not that 98% of the years in the life of the universe have passed. So the question you could be asking is “what’s left for us to learn?” (This percentage does not apply to any beings except humanity; I’m writing for you.)

You have learned so much already, what you need to do in 2014 is remember some of the information that you never truly forgot. You once knew who you were and why you are here, and you knew about kindness to others. You knew what it was like to see everyone as your brother or sister, and you knew how to sing to the stars and have the stars listen. Somehow you have been led away from this knowledge and were told it wasn’t important for your lives here. It’s as if pieces of you were chipped away and you became smaller and meaner. But you are not really smaller and meaner, you are still beings of love.

Who do you follow, those who diminish you, or those who recognise who you truly are? Because there are those that make you feel small and weak, just as there are those who build you up. It is important to remember the greatness of your souls and everything you have already learned. The last 2 % of knowledge you will learn will be in pockets of experience that fill in around what you already know. It will include going one step beyond in many cases, as in knowing you love others, then taking the physical actions that help them. Putting your knowledge to good use.

I am light itself.  The rebirth of the Earth is the beginning of the end for the rule of darkness and the grip it had on your world.  To be part of the light it only takes remembering how wonderful you really are.  Your help is needed to push all that is dark farther and farther away.

©Candace Caddick