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New Year Energy for 2018

By the Archangelic Collective.

Happy New Year! New Year, different energy. This year the energy is pure joy, the joy of a planet moving forward to the next new level. If you are not feeling this joy we suggest you drop everything and go for a walk, an ocean swim, skiing. If you don’t know how the Earth is feeling you are spending too much time away from her. When you get out of your boxes you shake off the delusions of life and remember what it is to be alive and in partnership with a planet. And then you begin to remember more of who you are and why you are here.

Happy New Year!

2018 will continue to be a year of accelerated change (faster than 2017)  for the planet and for all those living on her. She has her own ideas of what she wants to achieve and she is reaching for a new goal. The first half of the year is best illustrated by the athlete who is a long-jumper. They run as fast as they can to gain momentum, then leap to land as far away as they can.  Except the Earth will hope to land as high as she can manage. The leap will be around the time of the summer solstice as that energy will help her shift. (It looks to me like a line that suddenly crashes straight down, then leaps up to continue on a higher level. Should be interesting!) She is  moving into position to continue her life according to plan.

What does this mean for you? If you are able to go with her by spending time outside and strengthening your connection, by blending with her energy, you will simply travel with her. The social and political events are small to her, she’s seen it all before many, many times. She is a planet of love and light working most easily with those who exhibit these qualities. The days are coming closer when those who do not practice love in their lives will find the going hard, as if their feet are stuck in tar. They will be living in one of those nightmares where no matter how hard you try to walk or run you can’t move your feet. It will feel like life isn’t the way it used to be for them. Other people will not agree, for them there is no problem – they have balanced their lives and have enough of everything they need without being greedy. They have the additional goals of living and working with the Earth for the highest good of all.  And they feel joy.

It’s not about hanging on while she changes, it’s about enjoying the ride.

©Candace Caddick

Starting the New Year off Right

By the Archangel Gabriel

I don’t usually make an appearance on these pages, but I am making an announcement today. I bring my own trumpeters for a fanfare to catch everyone’s attention. Do you remember Jesus saying “he who has ears to hear, let him hear”? That means that some messages mean more to those who listen with the intention to catch every nuance of meaning, and the real messages are sometimes in the background. Let’s see what you make of this one today!

There are beginnings and endings, and transitions between the two. You’ve had your planetary ending in December 2012, and now you must be in the beginning of the next phase, right? Do you feel like you are in the beginning, or hasn’t it arrived yet? You are in a period of transition, where the old world is literally cracking up month by month. You can see the cracks in society everywhere you look, unless you are isolated by wealth from the chaos around you. What kind of chaos? The economic chaos where you in the West appear to be falling off a cliff. Too many of you have lost your footholds on the edge and have tipped over into free fall. If you dispute this, just wait for a few months and reread this article.

What happens when you arrive at the bottom of a cliff and are still alive and willing to go on? Not all of you will choose to go on, but for the rest of you this is your real new year, new life, and new society. You will walk a little way and start a society you can afford to live in, and it won’t be remotely like the one you were pushed out of. For one thing you will care about the others around you, and help them to have enough. You won’t be dependent on the money the old society uses, because not everything of value costs money. You will find another way to live and be happy. Life will stop being transitional and start being new, for a New Earth.

So to my announcement: I have been watching you in the present, and that for me includes your past, your present and your future. I do not live in Earth time, but in the eternal present. Watching your progress I can see how far you’ve come, and how much remains to be covered before you have your new societies. Congratulations – you have come through the bottom and are starting up the other side!  It was in 2008 when the push for change began. This isn’t a transition without end, and you are using your individual strength to make the changes you want to see. What will happen is that changes will occur faster and faster. To go along with these start your new year with flexibility, hope, integrity, and kindness. These are the qualities that will push you forward instead of hold you back.

Angels are beings of light who rarely incarnate on planets, and we hold all living beings in our hearts with love. We know that when times are tough it is hard to keep your spirits up and have hope, and we want to reassure you that you will come through this transitional phase to a new and happier space. We think you’ve done all of this very quickly and efficiently, and are busy clearing a clean space for your new lives to take place.

©Candace Caddick

2014, Increasing the Speed of Change

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

I posted an article yesterday December 31st on the 2013 energy and its effects.

The New Year of 2014 begins with 7 planets in a Cardinal Grand Cross along with a new moon on New Year’s Day. Cardinal energy  initiates change, and 2013 will seem like a quiet year in comparison to 2014. All the new beginnings of 2013 will continue forward and gather speed in 2014, and it will be easier if you are able to go with the changes. This is a tide in the affairs of man and the planet that no one can hold back. If you had not started events changing last year, it would have been even more chaotic in 2014. Some ideas mentioned yesterday will be built on, and there will be progress on all fronts. To make all of it easier add your own energy and truth into the mix, and hold your own species responsible for their actions. If you do that you are doing the best you can.

2014 may seem a little wild at times, and thinking about anything useless being cleared away for a fresh, clean start may help you make personal decisions and enjoy the ride. Your planet is newly made for you to live on, but you are still encumbered with old institutions. These are no longer of any value to you and a certain amount of upheaval will occur before something more fair is in place.  My best advice is to let go of fear and look for the light in the events heading your way. It won’t be long before the change in energy reshapes your lives.

Each year has a quality of its own, and 2014 looks like a feminine year wearing modern armour. She has a “don’t mess with me” energy, and looks like she means business. Not aggressive, but taking steps to protect herself. When your own actions match hers you will find yourself stepping into the existing flow of energy, adding the year’s energy to your own. If there was ever a year to stand up for what you believe in, this is it. This is how change happens.

©Candace Caddick


New Year baby

We went for a walk on New Year’s Day (in heavy rain, so no sunlight), and I focused on looking at the light coming out of the planet. It was bright enough to make me avert my eyes. I felt she had spent last year gathering information about her current state of being, but now it was 2012 and time to shine out with her own light. Over the past few years I had seen exactly this as the place I wanted to get to, a beautiful planet that was shining from the inside. When I look at her now there is a feeling that there’s noting that can stop her from shining if she wants to. She wants to.

And for those of us who seem to spend all night “doing something” instead of getting a sound nights sleep and wake unrefreshed, has it improved since 1.1.12? I got the information that we were all busy helping prepare for the new year’s energy, just like everything else on this planet. Now that it’s actually 2012 we have more help from more directions, including the Earth, and that makes it easier for us.

Each year that comes in has its own energy, its own personality if you like, and a single year’s span is all the time it has to live.  It is like each year we get a new energy to work with for just that year, but it is more than just an inanimate energy there for our use.  A ‘year’ has its own life to live and learn from – it feels sentient too, and in a year we have the option to work with this new energy/personality and it learns from us for a year.  Then as one year draws to an end, I could feel the energy tailing off and becoming frailer as it faded to a wisp right up to the last moment of the year when there was practically nothing left and then….bam, in comes the new year all strong and fresh and raring to go.  That’s why we have new year’s resolutions and fresh resolve I think; all that new energy is invigorating and exciting and the new year itself (well certainly this one anyway – 2012) seems to be saying “yeah work with me baby, I’m here, I’m ready, let’s go!”